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  1. wonder if it'd be cheeky to withdraw my megaproject entry cos i wanna keep modding it
    actually i already have been modding it lol
    the grindy stumbly elements remain but the cops appear about four minutes thirty seconds after you grab the initial chaingun, without which you would be in absurd trouble, and the cops are the biggest room of zombiemen and ss soldiers i've ever placed
    i super saturated the palette too and made the blue range somewhere between pink and purple and i wanna add my own "you win!" music anyway

    hey i was so hopeful about the megaproject rules this year but im too flaky to follow them haha
    i guess i don't agree with the idea of finished art


    edit: my first dalliance was an attempt to get the level to fit the zekhmet resource pack but changing over eleven thousand lines and a bunch of finicky placement that has stopped making sense in retrospect made me kinda rethink that whole concept