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  1. maybe I should group together:

    - Nato

    - Spidersilk

    - Job

    - and Northern Powerhouse


    work with someone more gameplay-friendly to give the maps conventional and tested monster placement and re-release them together as a sort of weird level pack that might get more eyes on it than they individually ever could?


    dunno giggle
    anyone else feel weird when a single map release just sinks without trace when you put a lot of work into it? at least an intrepid idgames trawler might one day dig 'em up and reassess 'em

    1. Catpho


      I feel for you yakfak. It's your choice. I personally like these levels in their current super artsy direction, though their complicated "combat puzzles" are understandably a bit hard to digest for people who are acquainted to the faster and simpler run n gun style. Also too much awesomeness to soak in! Though a "Yakfak the way someone else did it" does sound pretty cool.


      P.S Spidersilk was the most spidery map to ever spider. Luved it. 

    2. yakfak


      catpho :3 you support my stuff a lot, thank you


      maybe I should just keep making new stuff instead of moping!