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  1. noticing the way super creative people put out these major level sets humbly and comparing it to the way I put out a single highly idiosyncratic level and demand it be taken seriously as art hee


    i am a doofus sorry everyone

    1. yakfak


      also please listen to this


    2. Fonze


      I like the call for teamwork among postmen, but I didn't like that hope for a greater wek was hinted at, but never reached. I assume the cats worked with the giraffe to hold the wek back from delivering only the half of his mail that he deemed to have a purpose. All that red tape, postwek can't even do his job how he interprets it.

    3. yakfak


      giggling a lot right now

      i was rambling on teh topic of "trauma via twitter" but i like how you better involved the npcs than i did