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  1. maybe i really will try and shake off that "I'm a rubbish and obtuse mapper" funk
    i'll have twelve new midis by november and am tempted to try and map an episode for them
    even in Doom 1 you can get good gameplay based on berserking imps/barons/baldies and BFGing cybies/cacos
    and then use the spiderdemon, lost soul, zombieman, demon monster slots for custom enemies (and I think I'm becoming a fairly good DeHacked animator :))))))

    realizing my aesthetic is definitely Original textures, new props and enemies, new music with very long notes, hand-to-hand combat rules, cave complexes disturbed by industrial outposts that have unclear purposes. i hope to force it to be a viable theme which means something cos it is not an easy "pretty map" archetype lol


    also worrying about putting up another EP on bandcamp for money so soon. i need money though even though it makes me feel wretched and ungrateful