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  1. testingpool15.png.ccea640d20d25c61d357bdeaba421287.png


    im a fairly slow mapper, it's taken over a week of sessions to get to this point
    possibly cos I test as I go so I can actually beat the things I make at all

    not shown: some fun untagged secret areas with no combat, about 9000 shading sectors or mechanical sectors. we're at 15k sidedefs for a map which takes me about 13 minutes to visit everywhere and kill everything. like a decent pseudoclassic map except that it's got a gimmick monster selection: just imps, demons, chaingunners and twenty archviles while most of the ammo you find is for the rocket launcher and chaingun. so the viles can sometimes resurrect monsters at the right time to put a wall between them and your rockets. all that's left to make is an optional last fight you can access if you return to the exit room holding the blue keycard! the map's called testing pool, I wanna write a plot to go with it, make a miniwad with text after beating each map, and also redraw the portrait to be a furry dog girl so no-one'll play it blind on stream <3

    1. yakfak


      using mostly 90-degree walls cos I kinda wanna re-embrace the inbuilt light shader; so much of my stuff has been cave mappy with jagged edges everywhere but I'm admitting to myself I've never really known how to make that look good =P

    2. yakfak


      I also chose fairly high ceilings and the most deadened liquid texture (BLOOD1) so that the map could be an exercise in subtle lighting - there's such a big popular school of design in Doom now which mainly accentuates the sky and the sea below it and I feel there's already enough authors who can do that better than I ever could that I need to improve my own style so that it doesn't get blown away by all that.


      again: train station full of blood aesthetics