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  1. Thanks :D That seems true. Gonna wait some more. There's always stuff to do, I won't be bored ;)
  2. unfa

    Can someone use model renders for sprites?

    Maybe there is someone here who can draw these skins...
  3. unfa

    Freedoom mp3 and ogg music

    Hey! I was looking for Freedoom music too! I don't know how to convert or play the .mus files (I'm using JACK Audio Connection Kit - whatever I hear I can record). Has anyone any clues or links? :)
  4. Hi! As this is my first post on this forums, let me shortly introduce myself (you may just skip to the point - *) I'm unfa. I'm a fanatic GNU/Linux user, a hoobyist/amateur musician making electronic music and writing funny songs with passion and love. For living I record and produce audiobooks and such. -The above image links to my recent production- I recelnty got into a phase for Doom and all that's related with it. I've been playing some Freedoom months ago, and I want to play much more in my free time :) I found this project while searching Ubuntu repositories. I wanted to extract Freedoom's soundtrack (music) for listening purposes (I think this music is really nicely done!) but I couldn't play .mus files. Insead - I found .au files and found dsbossit.au - the file that in Doom 2 was scary and antmospheric. Knowing what's that I quicly reversed it and changet it's speed to hear the original. What I heard was funny, but totally off the theme. Also very noisy and badly distorted (not to mention it wasn't normalized) *THE POINT: So I sat down in my home studio and gave it a shot. I didn't think of any other words but the original "To win this game..." and this is a result of my first try at this topic: http://www.freesound.org/people/unfa/sounds/180922/ or http://unfamusic.com/5h1+/dsbossit.zip I'd like to know if you like this, and if I could do something for this project as a sound guy. Pax!