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  1. Wonderful project, as usual :D Good job OTP !
  2. Hem... Not to brag on this, but I'm not playing a map if I can't have a minimum of 35FPS. I HAVE 6 FPS 90% OF THE TIME. It's just literally UNPLAYABLE despite my high-end machine here. What are your settings when you played this map ? Have you at least finished it ? Also, the mapping quality is near zero, it's truly atrocious. You jump in the water ==> ESCAPE, NEW GAME, the ammunition here is non-existant at all. Tell me. I appreciate those challenges, but this is plainly ridiculous here. What did you honestly try to achieve while doing this ? Also, 100% items is just 100% stupid compared to 100% secrets. Just my 2 cents here. Also, as crouching is allowed, I'll abuse that.
  3. Doom 2 MAP07 UVSpeed in 00:04. Also can be registered for Realist and Pacifist. lv07-004.zip
  4. Doom 2 MAP32 No Monsters in 0:15 no32-015.zip
  5. Ch0wW

    3 Heures d'Agonie 3 ! [Finally Final!]

    Just a fair warning for those downloading the RC1, 2 errors have been reported : - Finishing the MAP30 on PRBoom+ seems to crash the game. - Playing DEMO2 on PrBoom+ also seems to crash the game. You have been warned. :) Also, we have a testing server on Zdaemon: play it on zds://
  6. Ch0wW

    3 Heures d'Agonie 3 ! [Finally Final!]

    Wadlink is http://dl.baseq.fr/doom/wads/3ha3rc1.zip .
  7. Ch0wW

    The DooMed Speed Demos Archive returns!

    Heretic: As there's the Heretic-N existing, you need to use the HERETIC.COM unofficial executable (meaning you can only record demos on DOS). Categories are exactly the same as Doom: UV-speed, UV-Max, NM-Speed, NM-100%. Hexen: huge problem there. Recording demos on Hexen has 2 problems: 1) The game engine will randomly crash, throwing a Z_CT: error. 2) Like Heretic, recording demos will be desync'd during playback, or the engine will crash once changing level/hub. With JCD, we're recreating a DOS executable making us able to create demos that won't crash after leaving a level/hub, on solo/multiplayer. Yet, we have fixed almost everything (meaning no compatibility breaks with official Hexen), but we still can't fix the Z_CT problem, crashing randomly on any possible lump. (Devs will probably be needed to fix this together) However, the "demos" possible on Hexen. Every class should have 3 categories: easy%, UV%, and NM%. Using ZDoom for both games is definitely not allowed. You can use it on speedrun.com if you wish, but officially, the time won't be acceptable. Also, the fact it has different physics compared to official Hexen.
  8. Ch0wW

    Tech Gone Bad

    A few visual mistakes, but otherwise a shotgun-prefered map, completely classic, with wicked secrets to find. I love it! Also, congrats Romero, you finally did every map for DooM - Episode 1!
  9. He's often on Zandronum, even though the competitive activity isn't very active those days. Also, to get these wads: ► idl_201x.wad ► blkrsectf1.wad + blkrsectf1_fixes.pk3 Kudos to Wad-archive and SickedWick for hosting those PWADs.
  10. Ch0wW

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    Yet a simple miniclip about a great player you already know here.
  11. Yo o/ I've -re-played some DooM64 recently, and I had something really... Strange, to say. To keep it short, I've played Map06 (Alpha Quadrant), and that really sucks given its difficulty, way over the other maps. Anyway, I grabbed that blue key, and run through the exit, and decided to get that Megasphere I left (secret #01). Problem, is that part of the map next to the exit closed down (was that a normal behaviour?). After moving a lot around the level, only a small part of the level opened (revealing that cute "I SUCK AT MAKING MAPS" placeholder texture), making me able to thankfully finish that level. I shortly redid the map, thinking it was a sector that'd close down, but absolutely nothing was done the second time... I recorded that evidence by pure chance: So my question is the following: Has anyone of you have been, one day, unable to finish a map by the most strange and unexplicable reason on a sudden map change on DooM 64? Thanks in advance guys o/
  12. Ch0wW

    Valiant.wad - now on /idgames!

    We did a Zandronum server on Valiant a few hours ago. Feel free to test it by the way! It's a really enjoyable wad, difficult, but really fun to play, with lots of nice ideas! 10/10 would continue playing it
  13. E3M6 with JCD in 0:06 + E2M9 with JCD in 0:07 Both runs are on Coop - UV Speed. udoom_coop.zip
  14. Ch0wW

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    Here is mine: it was about the FDC #13.
  15. Ch0wW

    First-try Demo Contest #13

    Demo sent! That MAP03 is a pain. I've died about 4/5 times in the whole demo! (Total ~= 21 minutes, "ingame" = 10:27)