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  1. InfraRed

    What do you think about DOOM's Lore?

    Could it be a galaxy-brain play that original Doom's backstory was so virtually non-existent that they choose to make it equally meaningless in 2016/Eternal by creating an overcomplicated meth-rant that virtually renders it non-existent to a lot of people?
  2. InfraRed

    Quick Rant

    People on internet being mean? I don't believe it. Also, I just wanted to see if this account was still kicking.
  3. InfraRed

    Do you use the same nickname ingame?

    Yes. Next question.
  4. Shareware release on some gem of a 386 running 3.1 that needed a disk to boot it to dos because there wasn't enough ram to run it otherwise. Also, PC speaker only...no sound card so I never actually knew how it sounded until I got the SNES version.
  5. InfraRed

    Free look

    perhaps i should have been clearer on the point i was trying to make on the XBLA topic even though i did say MAP!!! I still like sparking discussions regardless. for the record, i've never had any reason to even touch a mouse while playing doom at any point and in any incarnation.
  6. InfraRed

    Doom II XBLA Now Released!

    not in the slightest. when you're looking at the map, you can't freeroam around the map. this is the pain in the balls. mouselooking in doom totally skews everything and i've never felt a reason to even touch a mouse while playing doom.
  7. InfraRed

    Doom II XBLA Now Released!

    I wish they had put as much effort into this as they did Perfect Dark. Either way, its essentially another in a long list of ports, and i got it mainly for the new levels and when im hungover and want to play lying on my couch rather than in a computer chair. The no freelook on the map is a pain in the balls, however.
  8. InfraRed

    How is multiplayer done these days?

    i have the wrong version of doom2.wad and im not sure how i can check what version im at on Vista. sorry for all the hassle, but these are just things i've forgotten over the years.
  9. InfraRed

    How is multiplayer done these days?

    P.S. im also gettin 0 servers found. i hate to sound annoying here, but i'm really kinda lost on this. the only thing i ever played was zdaemon.
  10. InfraRed

    How is multiplayer done these days?

    thanks for the heads up. im getting skulltag now. generally what wads are played? are any of the Dwangos still around?
  11. I bailed off Doom after Doom 3 was a pile of shit. Do people still play Zdaemon with zdoom? or is there a more popular way of doing this shit now? forgive my ignorance, but i've been out of the loop for about 3 or 4 years.
  12. InfraRed

    Did you find Doom 3 scary?

    i thought it was completely repetitive and lame. it was just about as bad as the movie.
  13. InfraRed

    What the Christ [Zdoom problem]

    yea it worked perfect for me as well on my other system also running ME. and downgrading didn't work either =\
  14. InfraRed

    What the Christ [Zdoom problem]

    and none of the above worked =\.....someone please help...i've been doomless for 3 months!!!!!
  15. InfraRed

    What the Christ [Zdoom problem]

    yea...im running ME. its an OS on nightmare difficulty.