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  1. Roofi

    Your favorite Map Authors/Mappers?

    - Death-Destiny aka the master of deadly ambushes. - Likka Keranen , one of the pioneers of cool 3D vanilla tricks. - Yonatan Donner, Haggay , Jonas Feragen... all the people who bring to us Hell Revealed 1 and 2. - TimeOfDeath , the Picasso of Slaughtermaps and russian girl wads. - Nathan Lineback with his cool megawad "Mars War" and his very unknown compilation of Ultimate Doom maps (Megawad.wad but the maps were not made by him). - Gusta for the cute vanilla furnitures and memorable maps. - Stanley Stasiak , the author of CASTEVIL.wad , a massive complex UD map with more than 40 secrets. - The czech authors of "Beyond the Hell". The wad is bad but I must applause of how dickish the traps are.
  2. All ennemies's attacks become hitscan instead of projectiles.
  3. I have Christopher Lutz's maps in mind , you should check his remake of the third episode of Doom 2.
  4. Roofi

    The Constructive Criticisms Thread

    Hell Revealed 2 : . Very minimalist decors with stock textures that are appreciated by purists but hideous for today's maps enthusiasts. . An interesting mix between the atmospheric or eccentric music of Metabolist and the metal music of Thyrbse. . Maps proposing interesting and rather memorable gimmicks but which have badly aged on the whole like the first opus. . The official sequel to HR2 which has an atmosphere radically different from the first opus. It could be given another name.
  5. I think it depends on how you use the monsters as well as their characteristics as it has been said. For my part, I don't have a problem with that. On the contrary, I think it touches a small variety in the gameplay. I tend to think that too few people think about making static enemies such as turrets. I liked the turrets in Mapgame for example, Doom doesn't have any static enemies in its bestiary that I know of.
  6. Roofi

    Underrated WADs

    TimeOfDeath maps in general for slaughtermaps but not only. Its style is not suitable for all audiences, but most of its maps are quite underestimated for my taste. Some maps are genius in terms of evolutionary layout and eccentric but fascinating progression. In terms of wads, I'm especially thinking about : - Nina Dobrev 1 and 2 - Cassie Steele - No Health maps that provide a good challenge - The Room Below - Peter Perv Private Place (PPPP.wad)
  7. Join sectors. You don't have to make ugly long narrow corridors to create teleportation rooms thank to them and it's useful for detailling.
  8. Roofi

    What popular megawads do you think are overrated?

    BTSX for me. Especially episode 1. I do not question the skills of the mappers, nor the quality of the music and textures. On the other hand, it lacks of variety in the themes and the maps are not so memorable eventually. I mostly played in episode 1 and the techbases ended up boring me. Even if it's one of the biggest vanilla project ever released, it will never surpass classics like Alien Vendetta, HR or Kama Sutra in my opinion. However , I wait lot of BTSX E3 , I saw some screens and the themes look a lot more varied !
  9. Roofi

    The First Song Of Each Metal Genre

    The ancestors of death metals , just listen to those authentic death growls
  10. Roofi

    The DWmegawad Club plays: MAYhem 2020

    Map 06 by Arno A large and particularly detailed manor house to explore. As in map 37, sector trees add a real identity to the map! The main quality of this map is its architecture. Map 07 by Arctangent A rather conceptual level made in only 9 sectors. The gimmick with the lifts particularly highlights the limitations of the project. A rather tense level with a good placement of monsters. Special mention for the cyber end that surprises! Map 08 by Revenant A map with a style similar to the Ultimate Doom maps but with a very Doom 2 exterior scenery however. Like the map 06, we meet more and more mid-tier monsters as we advance. Map 38 by Solmyr A rather fun challenge map with a cyber on a pillar. The most difficult section is the one where the soulsphere is. Map 39 by SergeiRocks100 A level with very rudimentary graphics, probably a first baby map. On the other hand, I had a lot of fun in this series of challenges. I also approve of having to kill barons with the SSG. Map 40 by Gerardo194 This level is quite messy in singleplayer although being quite fun. The layout and the placement of the objects make me think a lot of a Deathmatch map. The position of the enemies is very random.
  11. A bit useless but I share just in case. Before making my demo, I made my own HRMUS. I chose the music according to the memories and feelings I had on each map. The original HRMUS does not cover all the music, so I wanted to have a complete OST. Most of the midis comes from the wad "180 minutes pour Vivre". HRMUS_ro
  12. Roofi

    The DWmegawad Club plays: MAYhem 2020

    Map 04 by The_Slovinator A more compact and dangerous tribute to "The Focus". I like it! The traps are efficient, the addition of mid-tiers and height differences are a good variation. Map 05 by DavidN A level with a very Ultimate Doom style with mid-tiers monsters of Doom 2 which become more and more numerous. Nice, the main circular room makes me strangely think of E1M4. Good use of the pipes by the way. Map 36 by Joe-ilya Small hike in a very classical universe similar to the original IWAD. A rather easy level but some slaughterish passages sometimes a bit tough. The last trap with the arachnotrons is smart. Map 37 by Impie Sector trees, grass and rhythmic music add a real cute tropical atmosphere to this map. Memorable and I love it.
  13. Roofi

    The DWmegawad Club plays: MAYhem 2020

    Hi! I use Slade or just the doomwiki
  14. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/618103035280752673/751602777339461753/Ro_HR_26.lmp Died at map 26 (Sorry forgot to take a screenshot) , Category 2. My demo last at least 6h !!!!! Just very short comments on each map Map 01 ----> Map 10 (I played those maps so much that they were incredibly easy) Map 11 ---> Not hard , just longer (and oh , the first time we meet the BFG !) Map 12 --> Easy , the Cyb is skippable Map 13 --> The famous trap may be just hard or totally luck-based depending how you use the items. Map 14 --> Harder than M13 imo, way harder , even on continuous play. I just don't like this kind of map. Map 15 --> Nothing Really Special , I didn't take the secret exit. Map 16 --> Cool map for chilling and SSG spam a lot of barons. Map 17 --> Pretty Straightforward but has some very dickish "little" traps. Map 18 --> Killing the teleporting cyb , was maybe one of the most scary task I had to do in my run. Globally , I found this map long and boring. Map 19 --> Nice filler map Map 20 --> Is there a mandatory AVJ here? I reached the exit by doing it because I suspected that. Anyway pretty beautiful map Map 21 ---> This map is just boooooooooooriing , but nice concept. Map 22 --> One of the masterpieces from Hell Revealed. Map 23 --> I loved this map but beware of the very very dickish trap (even worse than map 13 !) Map 24 --> Do I have to comment this map? :) It was a lot easier than in my memories though. Map 25 --> Nice easy filler map Map 26 --> RIP (but the map itself is a masterpiece)
  15. Roofi

    The DWmegawad Club plays: MAYhem 2020

    Sorry if I'm going too far , I do the normal and bonus maps at the same time. Map 33 by Walter Confalonieri This level reminds me of the very old D!zone maps with a simple architecture and a varied progression. I liked this map for its desert theme and its standard but straightforward gameplay. Map 34 by Impie A cute vacation center located in the middle of the space. The level is surprisingly difficult because of the lack of ammunition. A nice challenginglevel. Map 35 by Hawns Braks A map truly focused on exploration. The beginning is quite dreadful because of the darkness and the lack of armor but becomes progressively easier. I really like the transparent doors!