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  1. I don't know Duke NUkem very well , but this track is very spooky and depressing. It sounds like a music from a Resident Evil game. But this also one of my favourites.
  2. Yep , the map 32 could be a perfect exemple of "Brutal Bonus Level" like Go 2 it or Playground from Hell revealed 2. In reality , this map is not that hard , if you manage to catch the invulnerability sphere at the beginning with an arch-vile jump. There are a lot of impassable linedefs which make the level rather easy. This is by far my favourite map of the mapset. I recorded a max demo on this map. I also recorded an uv-fast demo in 21:07
  3. 13 - I recorded a NM-speed demo in 0:11 months ago. This map has two exits and archviles are useful to reach the hidden one. :)
  4. I just finished Syphon Filter 1 , the soundtrack kicks ass from the beginning to the end. I can't wait to play the second episode of the PS1 trilogy.
  5. No real photos , but I like treetop villages , it gives me a lot of inspiration I have made a map months ago with a similar theme. I will not share my wad here but just a screen.
  6. Boss musics become more badass as long I progress in the game.
  7. Jessie was one of Wilou's ex-girlfriend. :D
  8. Yep , this run was totally blind.
  9. Dead on map 07 , a group of arch-viles blasted me while some monsters were eating me. :( This is a good and fun mapset , I see that Forli got a lot of inspiration from Sunder , Ribbiks maps and co. Secrets and the BFG in particular were very useful. In fact , some traps are very nasty. I almost died because of AV trap in map 03 and in a Cacodemon trap in map 06. The architecture in each level is pretty massive , the map 07 is very similar to Sunder's map 10 "The Cage".
  10. I globally agree with your reviews , this level lacks terribly of interesting traps and variations in the detailing. I started Doom mapping thanks to 3 heures d'Agonie 3. This was my fifth level for the project (I have made 7 levels for the project but we kept four of them) , I was still not very familiar with the builder so that making a simple trap took me a lot of time and I had a lot of problems with textures misalignments. Indeed , the grey startan was overused and that one was particularly hard to align than others textures However , I wanted to make a gameplay similar to E1M1. The lack of traps was intentional in this level but now I realize that this is maybe too simple and kinda boring , even for a MAP 02. I've made a lot of progress since I've made those maps so now I always put at least some little traps to keep the player in suspense . Also , the title "Atterrissage" is very random and means nothing but the level was originally named "Base"... xD Thanks for your feedbacks in all cases. It's cool to see so many people paying a lot of attention to small beginner maps. :)
  11. A badass boss music.
  12. Oh cool ! I will follow this thread closely. :) It will be cool to read some reviews of my very first maps.
  13. Yeah ! :D
  14. Yes , I should but I'm too lazy to do it and I also died in Endgame's map 06. :) I will wait the next wad and will be more careful the next time. !