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  1. "◈" (Kama sutra map 30)
  2. Map 12 : Armageddon Valley A cute little level which reminds me a lot of Dystopia 3 because we start in a sort of broken down vehicle right in the middle of a canyon. We must explore this canyon by using a very narrow underground mine. The level is not hard at all , the SSG is overpowered and important secrets are not really hard to find. This map has a good adventure side despite its size , I would liked a slighlty bigger map to be honest but whatever.
  3. No if you play on Nightmare , the chaingun and plasmagun are far more useful.
  4. Map 11 : Hello , Cybie ! A very cool action-oriented little map. This level is not very hard if you know at least how to dodge cyberdemons' rockets , the BFG9000 is very helpful but you have to attack closely to finish them without wasting too much ammo. Not a really hard fight in fact , but I liked the idea to make their footsteps audible before the fight , it keeps the player on stress. Nothing exceptionnal in terms of aesthetics except the room behind the blue key door. I liked the little computer and the kind of treadmill. I digged the very dynamic music used which gave me the Memento Mori vibe. On the other side , I found the ending pretty weird. I don't know why I am supposed to die whereas this level is in continuity with the next level but it doesn't matter because I play every level on pistol start anyway.
  5. Each time you enter in a new arena.
  6. Map 10 : The Tech Towers A fantastic level to close the first episode of Reverie. This map is one of the longest and also my favourite along with map 08. I loved nearly everything in this map although the first rooms are quite weird because of instant-lift abuse. I also thought we will have an another cramped level but not at all in fact ! The progression is linear , you must collect 6 keys in a determined order but ammo and health are quite scarce as usual , therefore you are likely to explore the level to search some secrets. As previously said , there is a lot of height and the player explores a lot of tech towers interconnected with bridges or platforms that he must jump on without falling. However , you can also explore the bottom part of the level , no annoying damaging floor will kill you but be careful ,some arachnotrons and mancubus keep this large zone. This level gave me the Requiem vibe , maybe because of the music but also because the navigation in the buildings is very narrow compared to the exterior. Some buildings contain nasty traps , I barely died at the blue key's trap and others that I can't exactly remember. The layout is very complex but teleporters should help you to find easily your way. My quick review of the first episode : I like this wad but to be honest , a lot of levels are very generic and so , few maps are really memorable. (Map 08 and 10) . Some maps are too much linear to be really interesting or too much cramped although there are interesting traps , an old-school but pleasant detailling , a fun gameplay in general. I really like the new textures that perfectly fit with original doom's textures and the music is very rhythmic as in a lot of old-school wads. I just hope the future maps will be more complex to show more of valkiriforce's mapping skills. :)
  7. I removed some useless details , joined a lot of sectors and corrected some errors too. You should not crash with the new version. CI_v2
  8. Indeed , I tested my map again in Dosbox and there are few areas where you can have VPO . I'm removing some details , you will have a new version of my map today.
  9. What message did you get? I tested my map several times with DOSbox and I never had any problem. It could be VPO because I remember that I had to remove some details because of VPO. I will correct my map if needed.
  10. Map 09 : Fracture While the previous map had a joyful atmosphere , that map contrasts frankly with its spooky ambiance. Furthermore , this map is much shorter and difficult. The bestiary isn't very various , you will meet mainly chaingunners , revenants and mancubus. The level is quite hard as long as you have not found the rocket launcher. Mancubus and revenants prevent you to easily stroll in the map and therefore you must force the passage but some chaingunners are viciously hidden to kill you quickly. I liked this level after all because the layout is non-linear , so you can use multiple ways at your disposal to dodge monsters' attacks. By contrast ,the end of the level is very easy. The bunch of zombiemen and the two viles too much occupied to resurrect the previously killed zombies may not cause a lot of troubles. I agree with galileo , a nice filler map after a long and complex level.
  11. Map 08 : Triplet II One of my favourite level of the mapset for now. There are many reasons that why I love this map : Non-linear , adventure-focused , creative puzzles , traps , lot of secrets a layout that makes you want to explore... There are too many things to say. I will give a list of my favourites in this map : 1) Yellow key area - The main lift which you must raise or lower in order to acces to the different rooms of the area. - Small enemies placed on sectors that go up stairs after pressing a button. - 3D bridge ! - The path to take to go to the giant metal room. 2) Red key Area - The cute litte passage in the rock at the beginning - The unexpected fight with the cyberdemon in the building (Fortunaly , he's very easy to kill) -The horizontal sliding door at the building's entrance - The corridors after you killed the cyberdemon , the level globally contains very nice details. ... 3) Blue Key area - The puzzle of the four colored teleporters - The marble faces which instantly reveal a monster when you approach them ... The hub is very well done too . When I grabbed the megasphere , I was expecting a very dangerous fight or something else but it was just some chaingunners lol.
  12. I don't know but someone called Stockie made a promising first map. I think he could be an interesting mapper.
  13. Map 07 : Lazarus I didn't like this level a lot , partly because I'm not a huge fan of traditionnal "Dead simple" maps but especialy because this map is quite weird. The beginning of the level is useless in my opinion , too much narrow because of the overuse of 64 pixels wide corridors . The mancubus area is the most difficult part of the level , the shotgun guys can kill you easily and the health is rare . Fortunaly the megasphere's secret is very easy to find. The arachnotrons' area is very basic but I had a lot more fun to kill them.
  14. Map 06 : Sledgehammer I liked this one although it was a bit too much linear. Nothing special to say about the theme , it's an another metal/brown base themed level. The use of switchs is rather original , I liked the switches behind vines and also switches placed behind doors which must be triggered with your gun. The gameplay is straightforward , no monster should cause a lot of trouble except some parts where the difficulty is slightly harder. Some parts remind me directly Doom 2's levels , blue key's section ressemble a lot map 25 of Doom 2. The theme is also similar to Doom 2 map 06 without a Spider Mastermind under a slow crusher (Maybe after who know?) .