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  1. I sometimes listen this remix when I'm driving on a highway.
  2. I started mapping in 2016 so I made a few maps for now. :) 1) I created four maps for the project "3 heures d'Agonie 3".Those were my first maps. Some screenies : 2) Not related to Doom , but I've made a big map for Chex Quest. The map is called "Spyro's Stellar Base" (a very weird name lol) and contains more than 1000 ennemies. This map has a lot of various places like a big city or a spatial area. 3) I created a map for "Doomworld megaproject 2017 , it's called "Corrupted industry". This is vanilla-compatible and the goal was to recreate the feeling of Hell Revealed 2. 4) I made an another HR2 style-map later which take place in a jungle/mountain map. This map is bigger and longer but still vanilla-compatible. 5) I'm currently working on my map for the french project "Tangerine Nightmare" that I've nearly finished. However an another map was supposed to figure in the project but I've cancelled it for various reasons. So , there is a screen of the cancelled map ( maybe sad , but I don't regret it).
  3. The spidermastermind. It was peacefully strolling in its arena until a nameless guy suddendly come to kill it.
  4. It looks very cool Mikami !
  5. I love this music , it reminds me of Sonic Adventure.
  6. Same , creating a coherent lighting is one of the hardest thing to do in Doom mapping according to me.
  7. Best : 12 Worst : 9 because of pain elementals and low ammo.
  8. This map is easy because of absence of hitscanners.
  9. The simpsons : Hit and run is a game I have played a long time ago. I decided to play it on emulator and the music made me very nostalgic , especially rock music. It was a very fun game.
  10. Spyro the Dragon space marine
  11. I'm listening Silent Hill 2's ost again