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  1. Impromptu Minidido

    I will try to do a map : 1300-1399 please.
  2. What are you listening to?

    Good arcade music
  3. Things modern mappers do better

    Maybe better architectures thanks to more sophisticated builders and no vanilla restrictions.
  4. The DWmegawad Club plays: Eternal Slumber Party

    Same , I have a lot of work because of approaching exams , I will perhaps just try to complete maps that I never managed to finish without dying for my personal reviews (However in French) : 03 , 05 , 15 , 21 , 23 , 29 , 31 and 32 .
  5. The DWmegawad Club plays: Eternal Slumber Party

    Map 07 : Forest of Undesirables Size : Small FoU was also one of the first ToD's maps that I completed , a few years ago. I tried to record a demo today but I died at the last trap three times a row , so I shamefully gave up. A litte and almost totally abstract speedmap with only 100 linedefs and triangular sectors. Why not totally abstract? Just because you can vaguely recognize some trees which are also made of triangles. This map should be called "Abstract Forest of triangles" but Undesirables refer without doubt to monsters. ToD's maps are known to be really weird but the very stringent rules makes the case worse. Also , note the "FIREBLU" texture used for the sky. Combine all those things with the very sleepy and calm music and you got a dreamy level once again. ToD has the talent to make overworldly levels without using custom textures. I liked the gameplay but I found the beginning really annoying. Also , as said before , you can unintentionally push monsters to the unescapable pit with your BFG which is kinda frustrating in uv-max run. The grey lift goes really fast so you must jump really quickly before it raises. No specific thing to say for this level , spam with your BFG and grab megaspheres when your health drops dangerously. I will add that the rare switches you must press between tech pillars are just linedefs and not sectors . It's also the case in "Stares" (map 17). Also the progression isn't really intuitive : the first time you must go near a specific megasphere , next you must "lower" the bloodfall sector and eventually you must use the tall blue towers as lifts in order to go on the upper area... Source of the music :
  6. The DWmegawad Club plays: Eternal Slumber Party

    Map 09 : Supernib Size : Large No demo again , but I also completed this map in 2014. I didn't remember of the last nasty traps near the end and I died. This map is by far the craziest and the most sanguinary map ever made by ToD. Of course , Nostril caverns contains more monsters but the gameplay differs completly. I consider this level as a continuity of "Much Obliged" but on steroids. Your principal mission consists to clear ridiculously overcrowded rooms again but this time you must not kill 2000 monsters but 6500 ! Hopefully , a very useful BFG9000 is granted to you just where you begin. As said before , megaspheres are really scattered and numerous everywhere so that you have always at least one available near you. The level is globally a lot less harder than it looks. However , the last rooms prove to be really unfair when you play for the first time because a lot of viles and cybies brutally attack you in a closed area and megaspheres become surprisingly more scarce. This level lacks of dynamic light in fact but I didn't notice until I read your reviews because I find this map really ugly in general to be honest. I like abstract architectures but this one has nothing particular contrary to KSP for instance. But making an aesthetically beautiful map has no really interest when 6500 dead monsters prevent you to enjoy the weird texture usage . :D Also , the layout is maybe a bit too symetrical. In all cases , I really liked this level , brutal but fun fights. No tricky and useless secrets to find and also an enough clear progression to not be bored between each battle.
  7. The DWmegawad Club plays: Eternal Slumber Party

    Map 08 : "Much obliged" Size : Medium No demo for this map but I finished this map for the first time in 2014. I tried to complete this map again but I died at the part where cybies are separated with pillars. I think the same as Catpho , a fun and relaxing slaughtermap where you just need to keep the left click pressed and use megaspheres when you health drops below 100HP. Nonetheless ,Some parts are quite tricky but nothing insurmountable. It's one of my favourite ToD's levels thanks to its simple and pushy gameplay. It was also the first map I have ever played from ToD. A slaughterfest in a very squarish map , it reminds a lot of Rosewater Park indeed. However , you will play with the BFG 99% of the time and maybe 1% with the useless rocket launcher which you can pick up if you go on the right side at the beginning. In fact , this map proposes a non-linear progression but I always completed this level by securing the left part of the level first. I consider this level as a jokemap due to the fact that every room is filled with monsters until the limit of the possible. Some monsters are stupidly stuck , I think about Cybies and Spider masterminds on stairs. Also , the gimmick which consists to heal the player with megaspheres reach its paroxysm , you can find them in every corner so that you don't have to worry to lose a lot of health. :p One thing I really appreciate in this level contrary to a lot of ToD' maps is the possibility to get out of deadly pits. Generally , ToD tends to put unescapable pits in his levels but he was very fair this time : a lot of stairs , teleporters and also radsuits help us to not be killed by green liquid. Nothing to say about the architecture , I don't think you will be able to admire it because of all dead corpses on the ground. :( On the other hand , there is nothing much pleasing than walking on all the monsters you previously killed. The music comes from Alundra , I discovered this wonderful game by searching the origin of ESP's midis.
  8. The DWmegawad Club plays: Eternal Slumber Party

    This is how Doom must be played : on a super shitty computer !
  9. The DWmegawad Club plays: Eternal Slumber Party

    Map 07 : KSP Size : Huge I did a uv-max today considering that I already finished this level a year ago. DEMO Oh god this music , I love it so much. It fits so well with the abstract style of ToD's maps. Each time I hear this music , I feel transported in a weird pleasant dream. It was actually used only in KSP and Nina Dobrev II but I sometimes do "IDMUS" to listen this beautiful music while slaughtering hoard of monsters. Despite that , I found this map pretty boring , I consider it as a foretaste of Nostril Caverns which is by far my least favourite map in the pwad. Also , does anyone know what "KSP" mean? Klonoa Slumber Party? (The music comes from Klonoa games heh) Indeed , the major gimmick consists to repeat the same trap for X times. At the beginning you must kill hoard of imps which get bigger and bigger. I admit that the concept is really interesting because you must shoot well placed rockets in order to not run out of ammo. Globally , all the RL/Normal BFG's part is interesting but at a certain point you will obtain a pink BFG which has infinite ammo and the map will start to be boring. It's boring because giving an infinite ammo BFG is overkill in my opinion. Fights show to be interesting when the player can run out of ammo while killing the freaks. "Thanks to" the pink BFG , you can easily hide and shooting at will so that big battles become very quickly cheesable. Of course , in a case of an uv-max , you will lose a lot of time if you proceed like that but it could have been a lot more interesting by just scattering cell charges in the main arena and fighting with the white BFG. The Stairs' trap and the part with the Chaingunners and the chaingunners stay dangerous , even with the pink BFG but everything stays quite straightforward. ToD was very generous with megaspheres again. I agree with Catpho on the fact that this level have a really more pronounced dreamy/abstract aspect. We walk indeed in a kind of cavern with a "garden" decorated with a lot of marble structures and a tall building of stone where you get the special BFG. I really liked the aesthetics contrary to the gameplay. I loved also the rooms with a star carved on the floor. As long as I play ToD maps , I tend to think he's really keen of geometry. He assembles a lot of simple shapes to make more complex structures. The spiral shaped path on the right was made with pentagonal rooms only for instance. Also , I see a snail when I look the layout. The spiral seems to be its shell xD Original version of the music :
  10. The DWmegawad Club plays: Eternal Slumber Party

    Map 06 : Smedley Size : Medium DEMO I didn't finish neither Map 05 nor map 03 yesterday . However , map 06 is one of the maps that I completed the last year. So here is a demo with a review ! This is the Tod's Map01 remake of Doom2 and I think it's one of his strangest works but also from the whole doom community. Its strangeness makes me love this map. In fact , we have a ridiculously overloaded with monsters quakish remake of the first map of Doom2 and moreover ; a lot of cryptic secrets to find . Yeah ! EVERYTHING proves to be weird in this map. First of all , all the cramped areas were filled to the maximum with monsters , health and ammo. Seriously , "Go 2 it" looks peaceful compared to this ! Just for instance : a lot of revenants guard the first corridors , dozens of cyberdemons and other monsters keep the outdoors , the original green armour secret's room is now a sanguinary rapefest.... You can find a few invulnerability spheres but you should use them at the good time , especially for the "green armor room" as mentionned before. However , ammo and health are crazily plentiful and you obtain all weapons (even the bfg) at the very beginning (if you manage to pass the cyber just next to you). The weirdest things in this level are perhaps the layout itself but also the fact that at least 1000 ennemies can be killed only by finding some secrets. Secrets represent also one of the main interests of the level. In my demo , I was far to discover them all (I finished with nearly 40% secrets found) because finding the secrets initiates optional fights and the map is enough tough... But some secrets can make the map easier because you can kill monsters in a more unconventionnal way. I think about the secret which is accessible with an AVJ near the spawn. Although we are not forced to discover the whole to finish the map , the progression stays very obscure. You must kill the romero heads hidden in the two pillars at the beginning. It doesn't look like an exit and nothing indicates you that you must use your keys here. You actually need two keys to "open" those pillars : the blue one can be found very quickly but the yellow is situated in a secret area only accessible by shooting a tiny switch behind a little wall. And as usual , nothing indicates you how to find the yellow key too. So , this level will give you a little Eternal Doom vibe. A lot of "eye switchs" are scattered in the level. Find them all and you will maybe find some useless zones where you may be killed by XXXX cyberdemons and arch viles. However , a hidden puzzle with a piano must be solved in order to make an uv-max on this map. ToD got a lot of inspiration from Silent Hill again because there was a similar puzzle in the first game (in the school if I'm not wrong). I like Quake's textures but I acknowledge that this map is not particularly beautiful , it looks rather gross to be honest but whatever , we are here to kill a shitload of ennemies. :D For those who liked the music , here is the original version :
  11. The DWmegawad Club plays: Eternal Slumber Party

    The map 05 is one of the hardest for me and also one of the longest along with Escaping the spiral labyrinth and Nostril Caverns.
  12. The DWmegawad Club plays: Eternal Slumber Party

    Oh dude , did you check map 05? :D
  13. The DWmegawad Club plays: Eternal Slumber Party

    Here is a quick uv-max I just did on Map 04. ToD did a really good time on it (4:XX). https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/341887866705674241/419835562049011712/Roofi_ESP_04_813.lmp
  14. The DWmegawad Club plays: Eternal Slumber Party

    Map 04 : "Rosewater Park" Size : Small DEMO An another level recreated from an another game. As previously said , it's one of Tod maps inspired of Silent Hill games. More exactly , "Rosewater Park" comes from Silent Hill 2. The first game on PS1 was my favourite for my side although SH2 was a pure masterpiece with its creepy and melancholic atmosphere. I found on TOD's Ftp some screens which compare the likeness between the map and the original game : I agree with Catpho on the fact that the music completly contrasts with the melancholy provided by the real Rosewater Park. I don't reproach it because it fits very well with the dynamic gameplay instead. The level is in a fact a little slaughterfest accompanied with a lot eccenctricity. First of all , this map can be very hard if you don't know some tricks to grab the BFG earlier for instance. I never finished this level normally to be honest , I always did the AVJ near the rocket launcher to reach the TP which lead to the BFG. However , I think it's widely possible to finish it without tricks because ammo and health are plentyful (but also monsters !) and secrets are useful and , fortunaly not mandatory. Also , an other interesting thing in this level was that you can climb a lot of low walls and tiny ledges to reach the secrets or just walking around. Moreover , you must stay on a very tiny sector in order to be at the same height of the romero head. (You can't shoot at him from below). In call cases , I like when mappers make the environment climbable. It doesnt look like it , but the layout was almost completely made of square sectors . In fact , only the wooden structure with the rocket launcher proves to not be square (And the Romero's head sector but you can't see it in game...). The stock textures make Rosewater Park a lot more colorful that it should be. However , I think that you can add a fog on zdoom but it doesn't matter because this level is supposed to have more comptability. I liked the black "sky" which was constantly used in Time of Maps , it gives the same feeling of loneliness iof Silent Hill. A very cool map but my favourite is "Brookhaven Hospital" (MAP 12