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  1. Doom5.wad
  2. I continue my map for Tangerine Nightmare
  3. John Romero reveals Doomguy's identity
  4. Map 13 NM-speed in 0:11
  5. Map 16 UV-speed in 0:07 : Map 02 UV-speed in 0:15
  6. I'm currently playing Tomb Raider on PS1. The musics which play when you are discovering new places are very relaxing and mysterious.
    Funny wad , BFG zombies are a bit overpowered xD.
  7. I want to talk about wads that use music which differ from others. By that I mean music that is distinguished by its genre, its style or something else. Or else it can also be an artist who has participated in a particular level. It can also be a wad which use music used nowhere else. I will talk about wads I have in my mind to illustrate. First , I want to mention Hell Revealed 2. A lot of wads uses metal music but HR2 has very unique metal music. Indeed, these musics were composed by the same person (thyrbse) and were designed for the midi format. Similarly the style is different, the music is infernal and generally darker than what one usually sees. Sam Woodman's compositions are minimalist and eccentric on the other hand but easily recognizable. Then , I want to mention "The Talosian Incident" which uses a very atmospherical music composed by David Shaw. When you compare to other wads that use quite dynamic music , you feel very lost when you hear David Shaw's ambiant music. It gives a creepy and calm atmosphere. At last , I want to mention "Mars War" by Nathan Lineback. This wad is not very known nut it has the particularity of using tracks modules instead of midi format when playing on advanced ports like zdoom. By cons, these same musics are in mid format when playing with .Exe or ports like prboom.
  8. Died at map 10 in a deadly stupid trap. I took a wrong teleporter and died in toxic liquid. Great and easy mapset , but the tenth map was pretty hard because of low ammo/health
  9. Thank you for your feedbacks @Veinen and @StormCatcher.77 ! I watched your FDA and it's true that my map is not really hard. I was very generous with ammo and health. :p
  10. I posted my map without modification of course , I will add more details and textures included in the pack.
  11. The mancubus' death sound , it's so gore.
  12. Try "3 heures d'agonie I , II , III" , made by the french community.