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  1. Roofi

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Those perfectly stacked rocket boxes make me feel very comfortable
  2. Roofi

    TimeOfDeath wads and their demos

    I recorded playthrough demos on Ultra-violence without saves on Eternal Slumber Party. Have fun watching them. :) DEMOS
  3. Roofi

    Graphically beautiful wads or eye candies

    Eternal Slumber Party 1 and 2
  4. Roofi

    MAYhem 2018 - Orange Version!

    Sorry , I edited the link. It should work now.
  5. Roofi

    MAYhem 2018 - Orange Version!

    I didn't know how to do , so I opened the compilation and edited my map . I also corrected some multiplayer issues. https://www.dropbox.com/s/71fcde40pbswtw5/MAYhem18O.wad?dl=0
  6. Roofi

    MAYhem 2018 - Orange Version!

    The problem is still the same on my map whereas I corrected it on the last version
  7. Roofi

    Level design tropes you use

    https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/Bizarrchitecture I love levels with a semi-realistic architecture so my levels usually have a weird progression.
  8. Roofi

    How do you come up with good ideas for maps?

    I steal take some ideas from other maps and I remake them in my own way so that they are the most unrecognizable as possible.
  9. Survived in 4:19:00 but without secret levels. Category 2. DEMO
  10. Roofi

    I will make the most impossible wad ever

    It already exists. https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/100112-chill-pill-silly-complevel-2-mod-that-turns-any-wad-into-chillax/
  11. 90 : Cool vanilla tricks ! 00 : More detailed maps 10 : Lot of GZdoom stuff which make Doom a totally different game.
  12. Roofi

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Heroes' Tales

    +++ Mayhem 2018 : Orange version + Insertion
  13. I recently played Degrassi and some other Tod's maps. He put many secrets just to improve your platforming skills so they are completly useless for the average player.
  14. That's weird , I totally think the opposite. Adding secrets in my levels is one of my favourite thing in doom mapping. However I agree that secrets must be interesting to explore and could make the balancing a bit harder but I don't really care , better to have too much than not enough. Secrets incitate me to explore a lot more closely each corner of the level and know it more in details than if I simply play the level without looking for them.
  15. Roofi

    Personal Wads.

    There is not everything but you can check that list : https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Alexis_Jeanson_(Roofi)