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  1. I would see sentry turrets in TNT evilution like in the rf's Ultimate Doom Episode "Mapgame" or Half-Life games , it would fit well with the tech-base atmosphere and the large presence of hitscanners. Static enemies would definitely be a good add for me. (See at 21:00 in the video.)
  2. Month 10 Day 08 I play until I die or intentionally stop. I don't comment the wad where I died/stopped. [1] travis8.wad by Travis Johnson (1996) A Deathmatch map for Doom 2 where the combats lie on the exclusive use of the plasma gun. I love how the beige and black textures contrast (and the red color as well). It reminds me of Bauhaus architecture but in a rudimentary way of course. I stop here for today.
  3. Roofi

    I don't enjoy Doom anymore.

    For my part, I appreciate Doom as much but in a different way. I can't spend hours on it as a simple player anymore, that's why I do mapping, reviews or longplays which allow me to have a much less passive way of enjoying Doom. As for my taste, I'm always happy when high quality wads come out today. However, there are no longer any great classics that I like to play over and over again. I can't count the number of times I played Hell Revealed, Alien Vendetta or Kama Sutra. On the other hand, the big modern wads leave me quite indifferent. I like to play them the first time, but I usually don't play them again. I played Eviternity , Sunlust , Valiant or Ancient Aliens only once for instance. They definitely have their qualities but I have the impression to feel less the "spirit of Doom" (highly subjective) when I play them. As the others said, tastes change, that's normal. For my part, I like to remember that Doom is a game that will soon be 30 years old, so I'm more interested in the 90', 2000 era.
  4. Month 10 Day 07 I play until I die or intentionally stop. I don't comment the wad where I died/stopped. [1] HCHURCH.WAD (Church of the Heretic) by Jeff Buckland (1995) A puzzle-oriented Heretic map taking place in a satanic church. I didn't like this map because of its progression. The colored doors are needlessly hidden behind "doors" which actually consist to lifts. However , the worst thing resides in the mandatory use of the wing item. In order to obtain the blue key (the first key you get in the map), you must unlock a secret which contains a wing item. The item allows you to go through a located high up stained glass . If you don't know what you're supposed to do, you're stuck and you've not choice but typing noclip. Once you get the blue key, the rest becomes more intuitive fortunately. You must use the wing item again but the author grants you several ones. On my path , I found. I saw blue holes indicated by blue arrows that I didn't understand their purpose. I think the level has decent aesthetics though. It's the main asset I can underline about this map. Grade : C- [2] A Superior Front End by mortlgrn@sonic.net (2000) Instead of reviewing it, I just copy-paste its purpose. [3] Refinery by Phil Memmer (2007) The start of this map is obnoxious. Indeed, all the walls you see are lifts which are lowered by walking on linedefs. Also, in order to leave the room, you have to take a specific lift in order to reach an upper part. So, except the stupid beginning, the level was great for me. You notably explore a wide outdoor area with a cement maze inlaid in the ground. The rest consists to a dimly lit refinery. I like the relaxing gameplay with the use of weak monsters. Grade : B I got bitten to death by an army of spectres in ARCADE ( A TributE To ArcadE GameS )
  5. This. Mountain of fire was one of the best hell-themed levels I have ever played. Also , Bury my Heart Knee Deep , a huge vanilla Doom 2 map featuring a metroidvania progression and more than 50 secrets.
  6. Month 10 Day 06 I play until I die or intentionally stop. I don't comment the wad where I died/stopped. [1] Paradox 2 by Tom Mustaine (2006) Paradox 2 could be renamed as "Town of the Dead Deathmatch edition". Indeed, you can cross two faux-3D overlapping bridges as in Requiem map 13. This kind of cheesy mapping trick always has a place in my heart so I found this brownish small map beautiful. Also, according to the text file, this level was made in 1998. I got slowly crushed after grabbing the RL in Twisting Halls
  7. I want to create a little thread about the way people take screenshots to present a map or a wad. Sorry if "Incidental" or "Scenic" doesn't mean anything tangible, but roughly I could spot two ways to take screenshots: "Incidental" refers to screenshots taken in game, without trying to capture the best angle, as if the player was normally playing and hitting the screenshot button at random moment. Most of the time, the player's statbar and weapon are visible. Example: the back of the Doom 2 box is full of them. "Scenic" corresponds to screens taken from a specific angle, in particular to highlight the aestheticism of a map. Any screen from the cacowards is a perfect exemple of "Scenic" for me. For my part, I prefer the "Scenic" screens for their visuals, but they make me feel a bit distant from the map, as if it were a work of art to contemplate rather than a map to play. The "Incidental" screens seem to be more action oriented and when I see them, I feel more involved as if the screens were whispering to me "Play it, you'll have fun, look at me killing monsters !
  8. Month 10 Day 05 I play until I die or intentionally stop. I don't comment the wad where I died/stopped. [1] BASCO00.wad by James Echenique (1996) A Heretic Deathmatch level which takes place in the enclosure of a castle built with grey bricks. You can find many weapons in the small pool located at the centre, but the author scattered them everywhere too. I stop here for today.
  9. Month 10 Day 04 I play until I die or intentionally stop. I don't comment the wad where I died/stopped. [1] Danzig for DOOM ][ Deathmatch by Map16 - B. Weldon Map17 - B. Vannatta Map18 - B. Vannatta Map19 - B. Vannatta Map20 - B. Vannatta (1995) Danzig2 consists to a pack of 5 DM maps for Doom 2 taking place in various places such as marble/brick fortresses or a warehouse containing pile of crates. Each level has an exit which is unlockable by activating a timed lift. Also, a handful of zombies populate those maps for the only purpose of annoying the players during the deathmatch I guess. Anyway, what striked me the most were the visuals. For maps released in 1995, the design is modern. The authors, and especially Vannatta brought a particular care to the texture alignment and the architecture. The result looks polished. For instance, you can see a lot of rounded wall corners which help the maps looking a lot more smoother. In the warehouse, there is an area where you can walk on crates. The mapper used the right textures so the texturing looks consistent. The beige color stands on beige crates and the grey color on grey ones. And I died in the first room of SargeBaldy Speedmapping Compilation #1 , after being chased by an army of pinkies.
  10. Month 10 Day 03 I play until I die or intentionally stop. I don't comment the wad where I died/stopped. [1] MST 3000 Sound FX (for DOOM or DOOM 2) by David Lloyd Rabine (1995) A sound wad which compile funny quotes from "Mystery Science Theater 3000", a science fiction comedy series created by Joel Hodgson. Nothing special but I love the "Push the button Franck" each time you press a switch. The author said he made it through all his tapes. I just realised how tedious making a simple sound wad was during the 90's. Also, David Lloyd Rabine works for the NASA, pretty glorious. [2] Warehouse of Evil! by Owen "Sarge Baldy" Lloyd @sargebaldy (2004) An underlit warehouse which contains 44 monsters and 3 secrets. Despite, the reasonable monster count , the level may be deadly for the most unaware. Ambiant darkness doesn't play in your favor ,ammo is tight and I didn't find any armor during my playthrough. Don't miss your shots too much or you're likely to be screwed. The map isn't ambitious but the music from Doom E2M2, the darkness and the traps manage to create a successful creepy atmosphere. In spite of the simple detailing, the level has decent aesthetics. I like it. Grade : B [3] Gore Galore (for DOOM 2) by Ian Springer (1994) Gore Galore One of the rare Doom 2 custom maps released in 1994 and despite not being a good DM map, it's definitely worth playing singleplayer map : Gore Galore features a quirky progression and gameplay. You must venture yourself inside a kind of underground base and sneak among cramped rocky passages. As any 1994 map, the map doesn't have any logical progression, you open many doors leading to rooms containing monsters, goodies or both. The author was generous (especially about blurspheres !) so I didn't feel frustrated during my whole playhtrough. However, Ian Springer created some challenging parts. For instance, you must kill a cyberdemon at the outdoors areas without getting stuck by the numerous trees, or in the pentagram-carpeted rooms, you have to kill a series of revenants before confronting a single vile. Also, near the end , you press a lot switchs without knowing what they do and beware of the surprise crusher at the very end. I enjoyed this map. Grade : B Two Mastermind perforated me in Aarrghh!
  11. Roofi

    T-Square MIDIS

    Hi all ! I'm not a composer but I want to share a zip containing lots of midis from the Japanese jazz-fusion band "T-Square". This zip file has been lying around on my dropbox account for a long time but I remembered that I found this file on an old obscure Japanese website after spending hours searching for midis about this band. Honestly, I don't know if this site still exists so I share it for preservation purpose and I think it could be interesting for mappers. T-SQUARE MIDIS DOWNLOAD A midi of "Faces" among the selection in order to show the quality of the compilation
  12. Month 10 Day 02 I play until I die or intentionally stop. I don't comment the wad where I died/stopped. [1] Slaughter speedmapping by Zoltan Schmidt "@Katamori" (2011) I already played that map during Month 3 Day 04. I played on Dosbox instead of crispydoom and it made the outdoor combat zone funnier because I like when things start to disappear because of vanilla limits. In any case, my opinion remains the same after playing a second time. The abundance of ammo and megaspheres makes this map short and easy and therefore a lot of fun. Grade : A- [2] Excessive Carnage by Edgar Roman (1994) Yep, this old DM map contains a ton of health, weapons and ammo, your nearly swim in it. I like the pseudo-futuristic theme thanks to the use of blue and grey tech textures, especially the computer ones at the western part of the map. At the centre, you can see two classy tunnels made of light textures. It's maybe the most remarkable detailing in the map. [3] THE AQUADUCT by Adam Stevens (Shrew X) (2014) Aquaduct figures among the old Heretic wads uploaded almost 20 years later by Ettingrinder. The Aquaduct was made in 1996 and indeed, the simple visuals is an obvious proof. The Aquaduct holds its name for the scenery of green bricks and water you will see on each map. Beside that, each map contains few monsters , especially the last one which only has 5. About the progression, it's accessible since you have to find keys in order to open clearly marked doors in a determined order. However , the second map require a specific use of the fly item. If you forget to collect the green key located at the end of a cramped corridor, you can't beat the level without typing "kitty" (which is the equivalent of noclip). You only have one fly item and if you don't use as intended, you're screwed. I think it's the only idiotic design choice in the tiny mapset. At the end, The Aquaduct possesses simplistic but decent visuals. It's a short and not headscratching adventure. Grade : B- I got killed by a ghost imp in Tantrum 2
  13. Roofi

    Which Doom map are you?

    I am Fortress of Mystery because I exist despite my uselessness
  14. Month 10 Day 01 I play until I die or intentionally stop. I don't comment the wad where I died/stopped. [1] RING OF HAVOC - ENHANCED by Matthias Worch (1996) The zip contains 2 files , the original Ring of Havon by Bevins and the enhanced version by Mathias Worch. ROH looks like a blend between Doom 2's map 11 and map 20 because you can create an infight between the cyberdemon and SM located at the centre of the circle-shaped courtyard. Your mission is to explore few sections next to the "Ring of Havoc". I played the enhanced version before the orginal. Concerning the original version, the absurd number of megaspheres, BFG, invulnerability spheres and ammo make the level totally unchallenging. At least the vile's trap was not frustrating and even fun. Bevins stupidly placed the mandatory yellow key at the corner of a deep damaging nukage pit. I took 3 minutes to find it. About Worch's map, aesthetics improvements were minor. They can be seen especially in the first room since the weapons and ammo now stand in small caches instead of lying on the grounds. Beside that items are a lot more balanced and the level became therefore considerably harder. it actually remains child's play except at the blue key's part which require door camping in order to kill the vile in a secure way. The fight irritated me because of the tight corridor, the resurrected barons and the fast-opening doors which can only be opened manually. In the end, I think it's a good little map, nothing very memorable but seeing the SM and the cyberdemon killing each other is always something fun. Grade : B Shotgunners killed me in nasty ambush in BLOOD ON THE WALZ
  15. Roofi

    Eurovision 2022

    Congrats to Ukraine for winning Eurovision 2022
  16. Roofi

    MAYhem 2022 - MEMENTO MORON

    @Xulgonoth Played your level few days ago , on UV with saves , very nice puzzle-oriented mansion level, way better than the original level which I like too. There are little puzzles that caught my attention: I took at least 30 minutes to beat your map but I never got bored. The progression and the puzzles are well integrated with the mansion knowing that you can go through the kitchen vents or jump on the crates in the garage for example. You have to interact with some furnitures as I mentioned above like some tiny crates or even a TV. Also, the level greatly exploits verticality, especially about some secrets accessible via the windows. The vile section was a thing. I quickly understood how to pass this section but I highly doubt higher ports such as gzdoom allow wallrunning. Aesthetically , the result is pretty impressive for a speedmap. But I recommend a better alignment of the textures in some places. Sometimes it looks really messed up and detracts from the aesthetics. Some exemples : Also, I found a tiny visual bug, the revenants in the pit can be seen before they pop-up (the screen is not very relevant , but I saw a revenant's hand moving in the floor.
  17. Roofi

    MAYhem 2022 - MEMENTO MORON

    @A2Rob, played your map on UV with saves. Awesome tribute to "Seclusion" , I even recognize some references to Map 03 thanks to the chaingunner trap on the bridge leading to the blue key ! I like how you managed to combine a moody atmosphere with a fast-paced gameplay . Aesthetically, it's very clean and the boat which is now way smaller than the cargo in Seclusion was cute. I appreciated the double-secret in order to reach it. This level has several fun parts , here are my two favourite : - The chaingunner trap where you can easily survive thanks to the invisibility sphere and the plasma gun, - The last combat which demonstrates the power of the RL. Edit : I just realised I confused map 03 with map 04, so your map reminded me a lot more of "Cargo Depot" Some remarks : - The double switch is weird here, I just recommand to lower the sector. - 3 Spectres failed to teleport (Yellow key's trap) . The door opens but the raised sector prevent them to teleport. I recommand to lower the floor and block them with the ceiling.
  18. Month 9 Day 31 I play until I die or intentionally stop. I don't comment the wad where I died/stopped. [1] MACVILEWHORE'S SUPER DUPER YAY sound wad by @MACVILE_WHORE (2001) A gzdoom-compatible sound wad which replaces a lot of sounds by Doom 64's sfx. The author added sounds from other games as well, like the sound when you get an armor in Serious Sam for instance. Indeed, thanks to the gzdoom compatibility, the author was able to add custom sounds for specific items. However, it doesn't help making the file more worth downloading. The audio quality is unpleasant. It's like he placed a microphone against a speaker to capture the sounds. Well, MACVILE was 14 years old and according to the text file, he had "voracious sex with a hot 16 year-old asian girl, newbie trasher, hardcore skid, and THE BEST DAMN COFFEE MAKER IN THE WORLD." Exciting. [2] Hell Gauntlet. by John Cartwright (2014) Thanks to Hell Gauntlet, Boom-compatible Plutonia slauhtermaps became a thing. It replaces Plutonia map 03 and feature a little more than 1300 monsters. Don't use Doom2 or you'll see nasty missing textures. The beginning was weird and frustrating. You start in a room where few monsters guard 4 megaspheres and a lot ammo but where are the weapons? I spent 10 minutes before figuring the out where the most important weapons knowing, the SSG, RL and BFG were. So I took my time creating infights betweens cacodemons and imps. Once you found all the weapons you need, which were just "hidden" in a dark corner located near the spawn, the real fun begin. Most of the amusement simply come from the fact you've way more ammo and health than needed and how the biggest fights can easily be cheesed. Indeed, you camp behind bars, small windows or oddly placed "block monsters" linedef which prevent enemies from reaching you. Expect to meet a shitton of uneffective barons. Also, the layout doesn't present a lot of consistency, It looks more like random shapes which had been merged together so don't expect elaborated traps or closed-arenas which might force at least to find a strategy in order to win. Most modern slaughtermappers and even regular mappers will find this level badly built. I think they would be right and wrong at the same time. Sometimes there is nothing better than killing lots of enemies effortlessly. Those who want to speedrun can speed up the process on their own and increase the risk to get killed. Aesthetically, despite the custom tree sprites and the grandeur of the scenery, the level has nothing eye-appealing. It evens look rudimentary because the textures often don't match together, especially those coming from Plutonia. Anyway, I love this map even though the beginning annoyed me. Grade : A [3] Dead Outpost by StupidBunny (keegancovey@gmail.com) @Stupid Bunny (2010) It's a large level indeed, I took 35 minutes to kill the 500 monsters and escape the outpost. It replaces Doom 2's map 28, so it explain the use of the sky from Inferno episode. I greatly enjoyed that one. The simplistic music , which notably uses bagpipes, bring a heroic ambiance thanks to the military tone. Enemies hordes increases as long you progress in the map. Most of the encounters remain straightforward thanks to the possibility to camp and create infights. However, I want to warn players about one thing : ammo is tight and you may get screwed if you waste them too much. Due to the linear progression and base interior's narrowness, it's sometimes impossible to bypass some mid-tiers monsters. For instance, there is a corridor filled with arachnotrons you must kill in order to progress. Fortunately, ammo tend to be plentier once you obtain the yellow key but I advice you play slowly and create infight as much as possible. Also, the blue armor secret saved me against a vicious ambush involving chaingunners. The map features an elaborated architecture at some places. I like the red cavern filled with lava and guarded by some mancubus which perforated a big wall of the techbase. The light textures contrasts with the ambiant darkness in an elegant manner, especially in the gigantic dark room where the megasphere is. Beside that , Dead Outpost consists to an ordinary tech base, slightly more detailed than a vanilla map. Thanks to the music, the hordes of monsters and the ominous red sky, Dead outpost represents a quite memorable epic adventure. A tad more ammo would be a plus. Grade : A- [4] DEADCAGE.WAD (for DOOM2) by Shawn Smith (with a large amount of help from Peter Tomlinson) (1996) DEADCAGE is nothing more than a circular caged arena but it didn't prevent Shawn Smith from adding new cheesy sounds, a music and even a new sky which represents realistic snowy mountains. All those elements make the level look a lot less bland. The arena consists to an upper and lower area. You can find a hidden plasma gun hidden in the bloodfall located at its centre. [5] WOODEN.WAD by Andrei Romanov (1996) The title doesn't lie, Andrei Romanov cut down a whole forest to build his big cabin. Apart from the omnipresent wooden textures, I like how he emphasizes on the small stairs, sometimes they look more like ramps. [6] 30 Doomed Keens by Mohammed Firas "Hitboi" @Hitboi (2021) While seeing the first room with all those hanged commander keens and the barrels to blow them, I expected to play a silly gimmicky joke map. However, the gameplay became a lot more traditionnal just after and it turned to be a pleasant small straightforward map instead ! I didn't play TNT 2 devilution yet but I can say the black, brown and red textures match well but aesthetics are more than secondary in this level. What I enjoyed the most in this map were the secrets. All of them are so easy to find and rewardful , it's very satisfying. You can obtain at least a rocket launcher and a soulsphere thanks to them. Grade : B+ [7] Ninja Duel by Nick Anderson, aka @Electronic Samurai (2006) A gzdoom-compatible DM map that has the particularity to take place in a DOJO made of stock textures (You can build everything with IWAD textures!). As a ninja, you now have a whole dedicated arsenal. You have smoke grenades, shurikens, bows , pole hammers and even a dragon launcher which seems acting like the original RL but the explosion generate beautiful confettis. Honestly, I wonder it's playable. It looks more like a test room than an actual DM map. [8] I See You by Doug Carrigan (1995) "I see you" unfolds in kind of greenish sewers. One thing I can affirm : I can't see much in "I see you" because of the darkness and the monotexturing. A lost soul managed to hit me among giant outdoors in Whare15.wad
  19. Hello ! Submit your demos for Mayhem Orange and Purple here. IDgames links : Orange Purple Here is my first demo : Mayhem Orange , map 20 uv-max in 21:07
  20. Dark Resolution 2008 Map 10 - A midi rendition of "Pull Me Under" by Dream Theater , one of the best midis I have ever heard for a hard map.
  21. Roofi

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

    Your level has textures
  22. Roofi

    MAYhem 2022 - MEMENTO MORON

    @NoReason Played your map on UV, really cool tribute slaughtermap of AV/HR . Some encounters were brutal but easily manageable and most of the map was a breeze Aesthetically speaking, I really dig the use of lava which contrasts with the dark area. It was one of AV29's landmarks (with the hanged imps as well !). I also like the lava tunnel which serves more as a transition to the final part instead of a dangerous combat zone filled with tons of revenants. About the caged-fight directly inspired from HR's map 13, I died several times because of the cyberdemons located on both sides. However, I still think your version of this trap remains a lot fairer than the original thanks to the greater room for manoeuver. If you only focus on the cybies projectiles until the BFG is unblocked, that trap isn't a big deal anymore. I also appreciate the variations in intensity. The big fights are separated by long moments where we face few monsters in large spaces, which allows us to breathe and admire the scenery. I've one remark, I think those brick textures could be better aligned. @Lizardcommando, I talk about the grey textures located under the doors. Ticking "Lower unpegged" prevent them to move each time you open a door.
  23. Roofi

    MAYhem 2022 - MEMENTO MORON

    So , I started testing maps. I play them in a random order. Here are my comments about @gabirupee's contribution. I play on UV with saves. A small mysterious map with some violent fights. The use of the Secret of Evermore music is an excellent choice ! The main difficulty of the map lies in its progression because you have to find the switches located in the secrets to progress. The first two secrets are extremely easy to find thanks to the automap. The one in the flooded crate room took me longer. I eventually unlocked the secret by chance. So, expect an unconventional level design. To be honest I thought at first that the map was buggy before I realized that discovering secrets was mandatory. The toxic liquid, the traps involving some viles and mid-tier monsters as well as the limited ammunition require an accurate play. I had a lot of fun cheesing the yellow key trap by hiding behind the grid, in a secret area. In addition to the mandatory secrets, there is an unofficial secret trap with an arch-vile guarding a plasma-gun. For my part, I managed to finish the map without the PG. Aesthetically, the "open sewer" theme is well done. The darkness and the duality between brown and green matches with the music. About @Lizardcommando map : A straightforward tech-base leading to a subterrean cavern. I had never played MM2 before so I don't know the inspiration in this map. Anyway, it has a real 90's feeling thanks to the simple detailing and all the doomcute. Indeed, you can explore toilets, offices and even a cafeteria! The gameplay would perfectly fit for an early slot , even if the end of the map proved to be tougher because of lava and darkness. Knowing a little the style of MM2, I expected a mazy level but the progression was intuitive thanks to the realistic approach. I like the fact of exploring real places instead a series of abstract and unmemorable rooms. In any case, I like this map. I found it relaxing thanks to its light-hearted atmosphere and accessible difficulty. I have some remarks : - "Lower Unpegged" should be ticked on all doortrak textures. The moving doortrak textures make the map looking unnecessarly amateurish. - Ammo was tight for me in the cavern. I ended the level with only 5 bullets even after searching the last remaining clips. Also killing a baron with a single-barreled shotgun in the dark was more grindy than hard. I recommand to add a little more ammo here and here or just replacing the baron with a hell knight since the map is not aimed to be challenging.
  24. Roofi

    Doomcute thread

    My vinyl player
  25. Month 9 Day 30 I play until I die or intentionally stop. I don't comment the wad where I died/stopped. [1] (A Lost Soul?) by (Quineotio) @Quineotio (2020) "A lost soul?" is a gzdoom-compatible map taking place in a large tech base devoid of any life form, or rather almost. You press "TAB" and you see only one monster resides in that place. What is it? A terry trap? A cyberdemon? Also music disappeared and each noise produces a disturbing echo in order to make you feel even more lonely. "Seek and ye will find" You have to find the right path to take. Considering how complex the tech base is, you're likely to get lost. However, you can savor all the efforts brought by the author on the aesthetics. Each area worths to be visited : the underground cavern filled with lava or the strange "tree" room. Moreover, Quineotio built areas you can see but not access in order to favour immersion. I loved the way Quineotio created the elevators too. Instead of lifts you can press with a simple button, he created sequence of actions. Moreover, the metallic sounds produced by the arachnotron and the Mastermind have been ingeniously reused to simulate a large elevator that lands on the ground or malfunctions for instance. All those details contribute to a satisfying feeling of progress. This map represents for me an unique experience. Each time you manage to go further in the base, the suspenses grow. I wouldn't qualify this wad as an horror-game because you can't see disgusting elements such as blood or corpses and you have absolute no risk to die (except if you fall in the lava or drown in the water maybe.) However the emptiness made me feel both relaxed and uncomfortable. The sentence you read at the very beginning ""Seek and ye will find" " haunted me. Now, let's talk about the end I will put in spoiler. I don't think this idea is really authentic but it's devilishly effective in creating a brooding and mysterious atmosphere. This map is a hidden gem. Grade : A+ I stop here for today.