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  1. A rain of keys ! Watch out for your head !
  2. Improved uv-max in 34:31 I did in this order this time : Oxyde --> Datacore ---> Oxyde ---> Jambon --> Wilou ---> Roofi ---> Franck ---> JC
  3. Map 03 (Realms of Shades) : Difficulty : Medium FDA Yep , the first rooms looks very sexy compared to the rest , light gradients make every level so more beautiful but it must be really tricky to do without an advanced software like doombuilder. Also , who says a lot of gradient says a lot of linedefs. ROS's levels are pretty large so making those everywhere would probably be too much for vanilla restrictions. I agree with Memfis for the kamasutra-like gameplay , I found it similar to "Miss Sporty" (Map 15) but in a larger and less detailed version. The player explores a big base with varied but weird rooms. The zone where bars come down on both sides reminds me a lot the swimming pool's part from KS map 15 , perhaps because it uses a lot of textures ressembling ceramics in this specific part. Also , you can note that this wad uses wall textures for floors. It's interesting because you can do it only on zdoom if you don't want to import new textures. This map was a drop down in terms of difficulty even if the beginning was pretty tough because you don't know that the slime pool doesn't damage you... No cybies , a lot of larges spaces allowing you to move freely , superabondant ammo , a very useful blue armor near the beginning... Same as the previous level , you can visit the base in the way you wish. I prefer this wad than UAC ultra for now. ROS has a more varied and better gameplay despite its antiquated graphics.
  4. Map 02 (Realms of Shade) Difficulty : Medium FDA Well , I can describe easily this level : bare aesthetics but interesting and eccentric gameplay ! The difficulty is surprisingly high , far from impossible but UAC ultra was a piece of cake compared to this. As memfis said , a LOT of monsters populate the level and also we already meet two cybies. Some monsters can be dangerous like the chaingunners sniping you from a distance or the cyberdemon guarding the yard which can reach you by the windows. As you can see from the layout , everything is very pretty squarish but on the other hand you can freely explore the level as you want. The non-linearity constitutes the strenght of this city-like map. It was really fun to explore despite the ugliness. However , I loved the design of the room in the North-West and a lot of vanilla tricks which contribute to the eccentricity of the wad. For instance , I liked the transparent lift you use to go out of the secret with the spider or even the way the blue key was perched. The trap with the Cybie and the bunch of caco/pain elementals was my favourite part of the level , it reminds me a bit of "Umbreion Nils" from Tangerine Nightmare when you reach the last room.
  5. Some hell maps from Eternal Slumber Party use relaxing music from Japanese roleplaying games. You should check the map 05 , 15 or even 28.
  6. 3habonus uv-max in 37:36
  7. Map 01 (Realms of Shades) Difficulty : Medium FDA I agree with some reviews. I'm also pretty mixed on this level. In fact , you know this wad has aged at first glance because everything prove to be weird , for better or for worse. In fact , I like how distorted and incoherent the layout looks , there are a lot of variations in shapes : circles rooms , long corridors , the very high room with slime... At the beginning , you must fall in a kind of hole guarded by shotgunguys for instance. None of the mappers of today would dare to make maps with a so eccentric progression. The first map is quite long and tough. Many monsters populate the first rooms and also I did't expect a slaughter-like battle when you reveal the "secret" with the RL. Revenants can be dreadful at times but I like how they are perched on their invisible sectors . I love those 90' effects , the 3D bridge is my favourite above all. Secrets are sometimes cryptic to find , I wanted to find them all but I accidentally walked on the exit line. Another thing I like is the fact that the layout loops. You finish the level exactly where you started. It's a shame that the author kept the levels unnamed... Also , contrary to some people , I always like when a DOom 2 wad uses music from DOOM 1. Another point , this sky is one my favourite. It's from the first Doom if I'm not wrong. A few new textures were used altough it doesn't render very well in general to be honest. However , the wad was made 20 years ago , it was very good for its time !
  8. Map 11 : Sick (UAC ultra) You are tired of your adventure , the heat of hell makes you sick in the long run. Do not give up , the end is near ! Difficulty : Easy The final level was ridiculously easy compared to the previous one. The first viles represent a little challenge but all the rest is finishable hands down. The layout shows very well the linearity of the level , you have to survive in three sections before reaching the final boss. Killing the ultimate monster was maybe one the easiest thing you have to do in UAC ultra , the original Icon of sin was way trickier. Its attacks are pathetically weak , they are equivalen to a static imp on very fast mode .Needless to say that dodging imp's fireballs is not a hard task but on the other hand this boss reminds me a lot of bosses from Contra games. I love the way it shoots projectiles from its mouth but it has a very limited firerange so that it attack only if you are in front of him. In all cases , I liked how we acess in its body to destroy its heart. I took some minutes before understanding how to remove barriers (you must shoot on red membranes) , I also liked the design of the boss in general. A boss modeled this way remains more in the memories than a classical IOS on a wall. 40oz and Superjamie transcribed very well the monster drawn by chronoteeth and Slug in a DOOM wad. However , one thing that I found pretty weird is the fact that the music of the final map is also used for intermission. I enjoy the track but it becomes repetitive over time and inedequate for the situation.... Map 12 : The end (UAc ultra) Difficulty : / You pilot slowly but surely your spaceship from your confortable seat. You just want to clear your mind , contemplate the stars and also read the flying credits.. You just finished UAC Ultra , well done but what next? The last boss was just a minion of the real enemy. Global Opinion of the wad : To begin , the wad is really cool , an unique ambiance , awesome aesthectics despite repetitivity , a very accessible difficulty... Some levels bored me a bit to be honest because of the easiness. That's why this episode is appropriate for a not experienced player contrary to Tangerine Nightmare which ended with really tough or complex levels. The difficuly doesn't exceed Iwads , I even found DOom 2 harder than this. It uses the boom format but everything stay pretty close to Doom. There are new monsters in fact , but they are reasonably used. The first levels were quite random in my opinion , but levels become more memorable as long as you progress in the wad , the tenth map is my favourite by far and it's also the hardest. Favourite maps : 10 , 09 , 05
  9. Map 10 : Skagway (UAC ultra) Difficulty : Hard Woah , what an awesome slaughter map , it was fun and unexpectedly difficult. The previous level was clearly the calm before the storm. Indeed , the high ammount of ennemies (nearly 400 monsters) and the lenght make the level a great penultimate one. The progression reminds me of HR2's map 29 "Hell cauldron" but in an easier version. The music makes me think of tasty Orange juice from a tangerine hell. Yep , this level proves again that "Astral Dreadnought" is an awesome track but overused. However , as previoulsy said , the sonority is not exactly the same. I died once in this map because of a stray rocket at the end. A big gap of difficulty separates the Base part and the crater sections. The beginning looks very straightforwad with some tougher traps here and there but serious things begin when you fall in the hellish crater. The first thing is the fact that you must always wear a radsuit in the crater in order to not lose your health , so that you are forced to hurry. Secondly , a lot of powerful monsters populate the rocky zone, you are likely to take more damage and I don't think I saw any armor except the blue one at the beginning. A BFG was generously given so that the crater constitutes the funniest part of the level. In contrast , the tech base's parts are quite boring because of lack of difficulty. I rated this map as "hard" because of the last trap. In reality , killing two cyberdemons and arachnotrons seem not to be a big challenge when you have a BFG in your hands. However , the cybies tend to replicate to the spiders' attacks so that it can be very easy to be hit by a stray rocket. Killing infighting monsters could sometimes be as dangerous as killing monsters with an invisibility sphere. Also , ammo and health are quite scarce in the last arena , make sure to conserve enough cells before engaging the last fight. In general , the architecture was enough to make the adventure exciting from the beginning to the end. I don't think the last map will be as awesome.
  10. Map 09 : Counteraction Terminal (UAC ultra) Difficulty : Easy Things become more hostile as long as you progress in the infested base , the dramatic music indicates you that the end of this adventure approches. The level is more fear than harm. It's all the same not the easiest level for sure but every fight was designed to be soft as usual. A lot of bosses reside in the base : 2 cybers demons , 2 Spiderdemons and also 2 Haymakers. Nevertheless , the 2 cybies are a piece of cake to kill thanks to spacious fight zone. The same for 2 SM , the trap looks tricky but you can easily make them infight without risking your own life. The two haymakers are not really tough monsters but the last trap could be considered as dangerous . The progression is very linear , you must collect 3 keys in separated areas. Despite its linearity , I really liked the architecture which seems to be more varied in this map. The outdoors zone with lava is my personnal hit but I also enjoyed the circular room at the beginning and also the SM's room . I also like when a map bring gameplay's variations by alternating small surprising traps and imposing fights. In fact , a lot of successive little traps keep the player on stress before bosses's battles.
  11. Here is my first run on Tangerine Nightmare ! Map 07 Uv-max in 16:39.
  12. Tangerine Nightmare is now on idgames !
  13. Map 08 : Worst case scenario (UAC ultra) Difficulty : Medium "Worst case scenario" is the name of an album composed by dEUS , a belgium rock band. There are interesting easter eggs in this map showing that 40oz is keen of Rock ! It's an interesting level where small rooms encircle a huge room. This level shows up to be harder than the previous despite some weak boss fights. In fact , the beginning is pretty tough because ammo have a tendency to be quite scarce. Also , we obtain the SSG tardily so that a lot of monsters must be killed with the Shotgun. An automap is generously given on the route , but pointless because the rare secrets are really easy to find. You will meet a Spider Mastermind and a Cyberdemon , but tbh those fights are completly failed. You can cheese the SM's fight by only camping and the Cybie can be killed by just turning around him until he die. Some traps prove to be quite dangerous nevertheless , the blue key's trap surprised me a bit. About the architecture , a lot of effort were put on the big room, it's one of my favourite place in UAC ultra , the rest looks very banal with rooms interconnected with straight corridors. It's not bad , but the only must-to-see place is the central room and nothing else.