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  1. Roofi

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    My skyscaper made with dummy sectors.
  2. Map 08 : Focus Author(s) : John Bye + Ola Björling Difficulty : Easy Death(s) : 0 FDA : yes DEMO The difficulty rises in this level which oblige you to FOCUS more than before. This is also the first level made by two people. I have to say that I had no problem to kill the vile in the chaingunner's room because you can actually kill him without raising the sector. You have just to press the two switchs in the good order. However , the hidden chaingunners may damage you seriously due to the fact that armor is scarce as in TTP. The rest was easy because symmetry means predictable fights. You obtain the SSG very early but the plasma gun and the Rl were pointlessly placed near the very end of the level. Contrary to the previous level , that one was quite creepy because of the music. It reminded me of Epic2 for some reasons which is a good thing because its one of my favourite megawads thanks to its atmosphere. The whole tends to be very homogeneously brownish. I'm not a fan of that color when massively used even if I love HR2 maps. However , light gradients are neat and give to the map , a strong atmosphere.
  3. Roofi

    MAYhem 2018 - Orange Version!

    Well seen ! My map was mainly inspired of ToD maps.
  4. Roofi

    MAYhem 2018 - Orange Version!

    My map is well advanced, I think I will finish it in a few days, but I still have some complicated things to do. In any case, it will be ready before June 1st.
  5. Roofi

    Good Horror games

    Clock Tower series
  6. Map 07 : The Church Author(s) : Malcom Sailor Difficulty : very easy Death(s) : 0 FDA : yes DEMO You found a so-called church where you can't see any organ , any christian cross , nothing to suggest that we are in a church. The layout looks like a bit to a cross but thats all. As mentionned before , you can rename this level as "Generic caves". Malcom Sailor didn't make a totally generic Dead simple map because there is at least some exploration but the whole stays very boring and generic. I consider also this level as one of the easiest in the mapset because many fights are predictable and the final fight can be managed by just doorcamping. I didn't grab the soulsphere because I already killed everything. The only difficulty was just the lack of ammo but tmorrow said that some were hidden in the pillars. The aesthectics were neat despite the symmetrical architecture and square rooms. I liked how the music was more upbeat than usual but kept its mysterious tone at the same time.
  7. Map 06 : The Fort - II Author : John Bye Difficulty : Easy Death(s) : 0 FDA : yes DEMO You start to hear an unbearable crackling sound from the strange thing you have you just destroyed. It's so loud that it alerts a lot of monsters which you didn't see before. You're sure on the fact that the fort is larger than you expected and some deeper parts must be explored. As mentionned before , the first part of the level consists to backtrack so there is nothing interesting to explore. Moreover , some rooms present in The Fort I become totally unaccessible in "The Fort II" because some doors can't be opened for no real reason. Nothin interesting so but the level is a bit harder because it contains more chaingunners and others powerful monsters like arch-viles , mancubus... Also another strange thing : some secrets vary between Fort I and Fort II whereas you explore the same place in the two maps but it's explained by gameplay purposes. However the second part of the level consists to explore the deeper parts of the fort located in the north area. Despite the fact that the textures tend to vary a bit more , the gameplay stays the same. You still have to cross many corridors separated with many doors. In bref the two levels could have been very easily merged if there was not the IoS. The noisy ambiance music was creepy but that's why I loved it.
  8. Roofi

    What are you listening to?

    The legend of Doom 64
  9. Map 05 : The Fort - I Author : John Bye Difficulty : Easy Death(s) : 0 FDA : yes DEMO You discovered a medieval fort buried underground.Your exploration becomes more exciting but you also ask yourself a lot of questions about the aliens. This map confirmed for me that the wad must only be appreciated for its eerie atmosphere. Concerning the gameplay , it has a lot of similarities to the third level. It consists to explore a lot of rooms connected with a lot of corridors and , as Capellan said , a billion of doors. Those useless doors make the navigation pretty annoying. The labyrinthic structure also encourage you to use your automap. The level suffers also a terrible lack of height variation because it's in fact nearly as flat as a wolfenstein map. There are sometimes some steps and some lifts for secrets but that's all. The numerous secrets tend to be extremly generous because you can actually find 3 soulspheres in secrets and more goodies ! But unless you play continously , they are useless to find due to the fact that the monsters can be easily killed without taking any risk. However I liked this level for it's accurate use of lights. The rooms were pleasant to see contrary to the third map because John Bye handled very well the bright constrasts. The rooms prove to be quite diversified even if there is a certain homogeneity in the textures and few details too. I love above all the music composed by him. I feel very alone but also quite sad while listening it because it actually strengtens the desolate aspect of the fort. The level unexpectedly ends in a tech base where you must destroy something to exit it. Yes , the IoS has a new sprite but the pain sound stays the same so it was very weird.
  10. Map 04 : The chapel Author : John Bye Difficulty : Easy Death(s) : 0 FDA : Yes DEMO While you are going down , you hear a loud organ playing a strange melody as if you were in a church. You notice that there is indeed a kind of church but in what do the aliens believe? A very straightforward level where you have to explore a little chapel hidden in a cavern. The monster density is higher but it doesn't pose more difficulty thanks to the SSG which you get very early and also the lack of real trap. I think that some traps would not have been a refusal in order to keep the player in suspense. However the beginning was a little tough because some shotgunners and a chaingunner welcome you happily. I also reproach the absence of exit sign because I often walk accidentally on the exit linedef whereas I want to find all the secrets... Anyway , the architecture was interesting in this level, I would liked a slightly bigger level but whatever. The chapel's details look good for a 97' wad . I liked the Deep water effect used in the river of blood because it gives a realistic tone. I usually like underground maps but the music annoyed me to be honest , I turned down the volume.
  11. Roofi

    Post Your Mapping Tips

    Do not hesitate to do weird things.
  12. The GBA was mainly designed for kids.
  13. Map 03 : The Cliff Top Fort Difficulty : Easy Death(s) : 0 FDA : yes DEMO You climb the mountain and you find a D!zone-like alien fort ! You start to wonder if the aliens are very dangerous but in any case you are sure that they are not good architects! I agree with others , this only map made by Dan Huff was crap. I think he was the most unexperienced mapper in the team because he seems to be totally unknown in the doom community. It was playable but that could be perfectly included in a Dzone map pack because it shares exactly the same weaknessesses. First , the progression was totally unintuitive . As said before , the mandatory keys were placed in secrets , it makes no sense. But that would not have been a big problem if there was at least a little clue to find them. I fortunately remembered how to find the blue key because because I would have spent dozens of minutes searching it , seeing how it was ridiculously hidden. This level was very open at least but a lot of useless doors lead to the same places. You don't even know in which order you must find the keys. The progression was also annoying. You can take a lot of teleporters but you never know where they lead. Also , we must add fake walls for no real reason , elevators which take forever to go down (Yellow key) and I maybe forgot other things. I'm a bit mixed about the aesthetics because even if the map has a lot of weird rooms and uninteresting long corridors , some parts look pretty nice. I enjoyed visiting the circular rooms because it's actually an under-used shape , especially in 90' wads. Some textures were cleverly used. I liked how the texture "Cratop2" was used to make sand in the circular rooms near the spawn . The level was not ugly but terribly lacked of light variations , consistency between rooms... It broke the immersion but at least the music worthed it.
  14. Map 02 : Desolation Difficulty : Easy Death(s) : 0 FDA : yes DEMO You leave your huge silver spaceship to venture yourself in a vast desolate canyon. I guess that The talosian incident was designed for continuous play even if the maps stay doable on pistol-start because the gameplay of this level focused primarly on Tyson mode. I found it kinda annoying and uninteresting to be honest but it was at least not hard thanks to very wide areas compared to the low numbers of ennemies and also the absence of hitscanners. You can find a SSG and a simple shotgun but the ammo was too scarce and except some barons , the bestiary used was pretty weak. Orange skies are lovely in general and this one is not an exception to the rule. The canyon was simplistically made but it fits perfectly with the quiet music and the emptyness feeling that the wad provides to us. The layout was not too weird because I remember that some maps had a lot of mazy corridors . I like also how the mappers use things instead of putting more details in order to make a more living map. The floating rocks indicating you the way in the very dark tunnel give a mysterious tone for instance.
  15. Yep , that's why The talosian incident is awesome. I love maps with a depressing atmosphere.