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    Cursed Doom Images

    The starting room of nc10.wad
  2. Month 7 Day 17 I play until I die or intentionally stop. [1] LUCKOUT.WAD by MICHAEL GILES (DWARF) (2004) Luckout is a kind of slaughtermap released in 1994 where quite large groups of monsters teleport into some rooms. Those ones are mostly hidden behind walls that end up rising as long as you progress in the map. Honestly, for a 1994 wad, the gameplay was particularly brutal. I didn't almost die because the soulsphere and the armor largely managed to protect me but some hordes, especially the cacodemons, take up a lot of space and the author also placed invisible teleportation lines that tend to bring us back in the middle of the fight without our consent and if you are unfortunate enough to run out of ammunition, the monsters can kill you in no time. The only chainsaw will not be enough to prevent the cacodemons biting you ! Aesthetically, the grey brick fort doesn't contain any details nor height variations. I had a lot of fun though. I shot a barrel, it exploded and teleported just in front of me in The Lost Mines
  3. What is my gift for the 3000 points I will get soon ?? :P Thanks a lot for the new thread again !
  4. Month 7 Day 16 I play until I die or intentionally stop. I don't comment the wad where I die/stop [1] Bloodsport by Virgil the Doom Poet (2001) A set of 6 maps designed for the CTF on Skulltag taking place in a futuristic and rusty universe a la Quake. Honestly, I don't usually enjoy "playing" these wads simply because I'm not a multiplayer addict. On the other hand, I really liked Bloodsports on several aspects. First of all, in terms of aesthetics, the textures from the Quake series have been well exploited thanks to the architecture and the light gradients. In the same way, Virgil manages to offer some variety: two distant fortresses separated by a sea of lava, a fort at the foot of a mountain reminiscent of Mount Pain from TNT evilution or an underwater base. I have to say that it is quite impressive for 2001. Without knowing the date, I would have said that this wad would be released between 2005 and 2010. As for the gameplay, I don't know if the maps have a good playability. Indeed, some of the maps are big and quite complex, especially the first and the fourth. Nevertheless I appreciate the variety in the progression thanks to the possibility to use bumpers for example like in Mario or the fact of being subjected to a weak gravity in the map 02. Finally, the author has used modular music. I was able to recognize some of them. A real killer. The atmosphere really impressed me, and I would like to find it in singleplayer maps. I died in Caesar after triggering a voodoo doll bug. You can read my review of this map here , for the Wadarcheology.
  5. Caesar by Helioth (1995) - Played on DOSBOX This map, created in 1995 (but released in 2003) deserves to be included in Wadarcheleogy for several reasons. First of all, it takes place during the Roman Empira era. Helioth managed to create something unique by using mainly the resources of the game. The large arena surrounded by amphitheater occupied by space marines is by far the most memorable and impressive area of the map. However, the author has not protected these behind an invisible wall for example. Therefore, it's very easy to trigger the voodoo bug, especially when killing enemies in the courtyard. That's why I died in this map in the Endless Random Wad Adventure. Beside that, the other places are not really more reminiscent of the Roman Empire, but I can also mention the marbled structure with the red key and some barons which looks like a small monument. In any case, the sky and the music bring and delighted ambiance to the level. The trees and the clear blue sky make me feel in a vacation camp. I want to say that the atmosphere reminded me a lot of SLUGFEST that I had played several months ago. The black and white textures in the alien style didn't really add much to the map though. I don't know why the author decided to include them. As for the sounds, like many wads from the 1990's, Helioth added some new ones. However, replacing the demon grunting sound with the minotaur sound from Heretic really shows me the attention to detail that Helioth had. I had more impression to fight wild beasts as a real gladiator ! As far as gameplay goes, it's still pretty short but fun. The gladiatorial combat turns out to be pseudo-slaughter with several groups of enemies that end up killing each other, like in Doom 2 map 16. The whole thing remains quite linear and I feel that the author couldn't really create many paths in his map because I managed to get a VPO very easily.
  6. Month 7 Day 16 I play until I die or intentionally stop. I don't comment the wad where I die/stop [1] STAR WARS DOOM -- Still going.... by Greg Zapf (1998) I don't know how to run this file. There is a WRI file that seems to be the ancestor of the word file. If there are resources to retrieve from the website, but it has closed. [2] Living Quarters by Jonathan Masseo (1995) A boring short level where the total absence of detail and the square layout take away all interest in visiting this map. You just have to find 2 keys accessible in less than 40 seconds to finish the level. Moreover, blue bars block the exit, but you need a yellow key to open them! The outside area is populated by some arachnotrons. This placement of monsters reminds me a lot of map 12 of Doom 2 but without any height variation. [3] Parallel Forces by Richard Smith Long (2010) A gzdoom mod where you can play as three different characters: a helmeted space marine, duke nukem and doomguy who became a cultist of the Cabal (or converted to Islam?). Each character has his own weapons and his own strengths and weaknesses. For example, Duke Nukem can store up to 150 points of health thanks to medkits but runs more slowly. The marine's weapons are quite powerful but have a long reload time... Besides, each of them has its own story, but knowing that no new level has been added, there is no interest. Anyway, I had a good time, the caped (or veiled?) doomguy strangely made me laugh. I stop here for today.
  7. Month 7 Day 15 I play until I die or intentionally stop. I don't comment the wad where I die/stop [1] Skidball by Ceeb (2010) Well, I don't have a partner to play this kind of wad, just like any Deathmatch wad. However, I find the concept original and very amusing. When you send the "ball" into the goal by using the gun and the gloves, a huge explosion occurs so that each successful shot is a real moment of pleasure. [2] PRISON.WAD by Tim Currie (2006) A wad released in 2006 but created in 1994 that takes place in a kind of prison that looks more like a classic tech-base. We can see indeed towards the beginning of the map small prison cells which notably contains the red key, which is the only element reminding a prison. Now, for a 1994 map, I was surprised by some visual elements. The author had the habit of rounding off the right angles so as not to create a too rectangular layout. This is a simple practice, but wee often see in modern wads. Apart from that, the progression remains quite "realistic", the map doesn't present rooms with weird shapes, which is also unusual. Anyway, the only drawback is the more than obvious softlock when you get the yellow key. In fact, you can get stuck in this map if you didn't get the blue or red key before. From a gameplay point of view, the mapper gives you a free plasmagun and a lot of cells, while you only have to face small foes. It is even possible to find a BFG and an invulnerability sphere. It's too simple but it doesn't matter. Nevertheless, you can kill an optional mastermind and a cyberdemon oddly hidden in a secret. I fell in a deadly slime pit in DMGOOD.ZIP -> DB-E2M1.WAD DMLOTS.ZIP -> DB-E2M2.WAD DMCOOL.ZIP -> DB-E2M3.WAD DMHREP.ZIP -> DB-E2M4.
  8. Roofi

    What are some WADs that deserve a new MIDI Pack?

    Ok but don't touch the midi rendition of "Holier than Thou" at map 28. It's how I discovered one of my favourite metallica's songs
  9. I know Starlite ! I played it during Month 5 Day 30. Yep, it's not a bad map , the court with the star-shaped sector was a bit memorable for me but nothing really outstanding otherwise.
  10. January 2022, Happy New Year ! Standard Leaderboard Prepared Leaderboard What is the Doomworld Ironman League? The DWIronman League is a monthly competition in which participants aim to survive for as many levels as possible in the given map set, preferably in one sitting. Click the spoiler tag at the bottom of the post for a detailed list of rules. Players of all levels of ability are welcome. It could change the way you play Doom! This month the DWIronman League dies to Realm of Shades (-complevel 2), an old Doom 2 episode by @NokturnuS from the 1990's which features new textures , good old vanilla mapping tricks and intricate layouts ! Essential Info: Doom II: Hell on Earth as the IWAD (doom2.wad) Compatibility level 2 for DSDA-Doom/PrBoom+, or "Doom (strict)" for modern GZDoom. Should also work in Chocolate Doom, Crispy Doom, and other Chocolate-derived ports. Difficulty: Ultra-Violence (-skill 4) Time estimate: few hours Number of maps: 7 > Download Realm of Shade dsda-doom.exe -iwad doom2.wad -file ROSLEV.WAD ROSTEX.WAD ROSMUS.WAD -complevel 2 -skill 4 -record demo_name.lmp Rules: Previous threads:
  11. Month 7 Day 14 I play until I die or intentionally stop. I don't comment the wad where I die/stop [1] ODESSA 2 ("Oasis") by Bob Evans (1995) A map by Bob Evans, author of the dreaded Map 30 from Eternal Doom where the progression is still considered as one of the most cryptic ever made by the community. Odessa also features unintuitive progression, especially because of the numerous switches hidden behind walls. Nevertheless, Bob Evans stayed fair because it's possible to find them by consulting the automap and by looking carefully the variations between textures. Odessa 2 takes place in a kind of fortress where the name "Oasis" comes from the large circular courtyard filled with water at the centre of the map. You can see 3 keys on pillars. The objective consist to collect them successively by exploring different areas that sometimes tend to tech base. In any case, this oasis reminds me of the E1M1 map from Heretic where you start near a small lake. The difficulty lies only in the "puzzles" since the bestiary consists mainly of imps, demons and zombies as well as some mid-tier monsters that you can meet occasionally. A good map anyway. [2] SHIRE.WAD by Harq aka Paul (1998) A pretty nice DM map where several areas mentioned in the description are linked and looped together. Visually, I don't think it's pretty enough to be an visual candy, especially because of the ambient darkness, but it's not bad either. Nick's Garden" contains a small slime fountain for example. In the same way, although there are different areas, they consist mainly of rocky spaces (The pit, the Canyon, The Snake ...) I was able to see two BFGs on this map but I couldn't figure out how to get them. [3] Jenny2 by Andy Mckie (mystic) (2002) I had already played DM maps of mystic which had the particularity to take place in space and to use translucent 3D floors. Jenny2 consists of a grey and orange tech-base containing pools of water where you can swim in. However, the effect had been badly executed so you feel more like entering a parallel universe when you put your head under water. You swim in a kind of an endless metallic room. Anyway I liked the new lamp sprite where the bulb seems to be a soulsphere colored in orange. However, the layout suffers from its repetitiveness since there are many featureless identical rooms. [4] SQUID2.WAD by Unknown (2006) This file was released in 2006 but made at an unknown date (most probably 1994 as usual for Ultimate Doom). A map that has nothing outstanding. We start in a marbled area containing random pits that seem deadly, I did not try to jump in them! Most of the game takes place in a kind of complex made of grey bricks where lamps are used as barriers, which I think is a little bit pretty. I liked the attempt to make something big and the number of monsters makes the fights quite fun. [5] Death Match City by Sam Lopresti (2005) A DM map released in 2005 but made in 1995. Each player starts at the top of a slime waterfall, in front of several weapons and a blue armor piled up. I liked this map where you can walk around in a big grassy courtyard and explore four white buildings where you can find other weapons and ammunition. Also, although the outside areas are very well lit, the inside of each building has no light at all and so are good places to hide. I fell in damaging water in Eternal Darkness
  12. Month 7 Day 13 I play until I die or intentionally stop. I don't comment the wad where I die/stop [1] DMatch: The Ultimate Urban Deathmatch v0.59 by Extreme Software (1996) A pack of 5 Deathmatch maps where two of them look like they have barely been started as they only consist of a large, flat and almost empty room. The finished maps unfortunately don't have anything more sensational. Map 04 looks like it came straight out of a 1994 wad with a long fucking staircase and random texturing. Map 05 is set in a small and austere restaurant and the first map proved to be the more rich thanks to the new textures and the use of the night sky. Honestly , I liked this simplistic but mysterious sky. I stop here for today.
  13. Month 7 Day 12 I play until I die or intentionally stop. I don't comment the wad where I die/stop [1] - Killing Grounds by Greg Smith (2005) Uploaded in 2005 but made in 1994. An underground base included among a rather extended network of caves. As a result, the layout consists mainly of randomly drawn polygons featuring nearly absolutely no detail. Nevertheless, I liked the depth effects created by the size of the places and the light contrasts created at some places as well. Most of the map uses massive grey cement textures, but my favorite part maybe resides in the small red rock passage. Gameplay wise, the beginnin proved to be a bit dangerous because of the many barrels near the player spawn. However, the rest of the game mainly consists to fight randomly placed enemies. Also, the ammunition balance made me my chainsaw very useful. The latter are indeed not extremely prolific but I didn't feel frustrated thanks to the possibility to create soe infighting. In any case, I don't think this map is enough worthy to be featured in wadarcheology but it's not that bad. I died in the last map of BLOOD ON THE WALZ VERSION 1.0
  14. Month 7 Day 11 I play until I die or intentionally stop. I don't comment the wad where I die/stop [1] toonporn.WAD by Justin White (1998) YAMETE!!!!!!!! toonporn.wad is an old x-rated wad which replaces some floors and walls textures with hentai pics. Also the sky features a porn pic ! As many 90's wads you can hear cheesy new sounds. Well, pure garbage... or not hehe. Nice job Justin. But I didn't see Rule 34 of Spider-Man so I'm disappointed. [2] Goff's Deathmatch Floor by Ron Goff (1995) A sort of circular hedge maze. You can go through a lot of small passages and tunnels. Apart from that, it's a classic DM map with scattered weapons and ammunition but the architecture is really fascinating although a bit narrow. However I greatly disagree with Ron Goff about the facts that Deathmatch is the only way to play Doom 2 and music don't matter in Doom. Just don't keep D_Runnin please. :( [3] Voltage.wad by Joshua Gunder (1996) Another circular arena but underground and much more spacious this time. You can actually find weapons on luminous pedestals. Honestly these little details are quite nice. Nevertheless, the map lacks a lot of relief. The whole thing is too flat. Some monsters managed to keep me busy for a few minutes though. [4] OFFICE.WAD by Rick Kelly (2005) An Ultimate Doom map released in 2005 but made in 1994. This map didn't make me want to go to work and I think that all the employees finally deserted this place. We take an elevator to finally venture into huge but almost completely empty offices. However, I finished the level with only 9% kills because it appears that the author designed a teleportation room full of monsters that didn't work. This level has nothing special but I appreciate the effort to create something non-orthognal. The building seems to have a rather triangular shape. [5] Atlantis.wad by Jim Wiscarson (AKA) Bartman (1995) A generic deathmatch map featuring lot of water and mossy brick textures. The very square layout doesn't bring anything memorable but the midi music of "Chicken Dance" creates a strangely goofy atmosphere compared to the dark universe of Heretic. I would have liked more serious music but it made me smile. I stop here for today.
  15. Month 7 Day 10 I play until I die or intentionally stop. I don't comment the wad where I die/stop [1] Intergalactic Xenology v1.1 by @Dreadopp and @Lord_Z (2020) Woah , I'm lucky today to find a 2020 runner-up , which I already played last year ! Fun fact, I had played IX 2 this week-end ! Intergalactic Xenealogy is not the kind of wad I would call a "coffee break wad" because there is a real work done on each map but the two authors have chosen a very digestible format. Honestly, I find it more and more difficult to play whole megawads because of their length and most of the time, there usually are quite a few filler maps. Here, you can find 5 maps in the style of Ancient-Aliens, all of which can be finished in 1-2 hours when first discovered. However, each level manages to bring a different experience including an underwater base in map 02, a kind of Inca village with outdoor exploration in map 03 or epic celestial battles as the last map. Moreover, everything has been designed to avoid frustration. The wad features notably low difficulty, which IX 2 has notably raised a lot in my opinion. The wideness of the layouts also allows to adopt different styles of play: you can either play slowly by killing the monsters gradually or you can rush more and create bigger encounters. In map 04, one of the fun aspects of replaying this map consisted of getting the 3 keys as quickly as possible and then forming a big battle between spawning monsters. Aesthetically, I think that Lord_Z and Dreadopp did a much better job with the textures in IX 2. All the maps are still nice to look at but the map 01 and 04 have a rather simplistic detailing in many places, especially concerning the outside areas. Nevertheless, it's still very solid and the difference in style between the two authors doesn't contrast too much. Honestly, I feel like saying that I had more fun discovering IX 1 & 2 than Ancient Aliens. Maybe because of the more pronunced variety between levels. I stop here for today.
  16. Roofi

    Anyone got any tips for getting better at Doom?

    If you're having trouble killing a distant enemy with a rocket launcher, shoot him while he's attacking.
  17. Month 7 Day 9 I play until I die or intentionally stop. I don't comment the wad where I die/stop [1] Deliverance: ONI Facility Demo (stripped version) by Elric Sullivan (Fisk) (2016) A level that has the particularity of having 3 exits and therefore 3 different ways to finish it. However, the size of this level stays particularly standard with more or less 190 monsters. Moreover, the difficulty to reach them differs. One of them can be reached in less than 5 minutes while another one requires to take more paths and even to kill several barons. In general, the level still remains relatively easy because, although it is designed with the IWAD of Doom 2, the level only features bestiary of Doom 1 without containing any boss. However, unless all the best weapons are in the secrets, you only have the right to use the shotgun and the pistol, knowing that the ammunition is limited. I had to kill several times a baron with berserk. However, I would like to point out that I could only find one secret out of 10! So maybe the author hid everything in the secrets. The author also stated that the wad was designed for Zdoom but that sounds like limit-removing to me. To tell the truth, he didn't use any zdoom effect that would justify the use of this port, unless I'm wrong. Aesthetically speaking, it's ok. The architecture and the space theme make me think a lot of Base Ganymede which is an excellent megawad for Ultimate Doom. A good map where the different exits add some replayability. [2] HORROR.WAD by Patrix a.k.a Patrick Hipps (2005) An Ultimate Doom level created in 1994 but uploaded in 2005. HORROR.WAD takes place in a dark underground area empty of almost any detail. Nevertheless, if you take away the music of the game, the atmosphere is particularly interesting. As far as the gameplay is concerned, I expected to encounter few monsters, but there are actually a lot. I could even say that the last fight turned a bit slaughter-lite with small hordes of monsters coming from all sides. Moreover, the progression of the map appears to be linear. I died on a weird damaging floor after stucking myself behind a throne in WARCASTL.WAD
  18. Month 7 Day 8 I play until I die or intentionally stop. I don't comment the wad where I die/stop [1] fork.zip by josh desrochers (1996) "Kind of cartoonish what an understatement ! It looks like it was drawn by a 3 years old child ! I got killed by a Doomworld troll in the jokewad The Community is falling!! Oh No!!!
  19. Month 7 Day 07 I play until I die or intentionally stop. I don't comment the wad where I die/stop [1] ARMAS 22 (Weapons 22) by @Daniel (2004) A weapon mod made by Daniel, a gzdoom modder from the 2000's who used to replace official weapons by others mainly took from other FPS's released after Doom 1&2 while taking a very relative care about the balancing between them. This one is particularly fun for several reasons: - the shotgun is replaced by an overpowered minigun that uses shells and keep the power of the original weapon. The SSG that fires 4 rounds per shot is useless compared to it. - Various rocket launchers can be used: the RL of ROTT which does not vary from the RL of Doom 2. The grenade launcher of Duke Nukem which replaces the Plasma Gun, having the same rate of fire while having explosive projectiles! Finally, the RL of Half-Life which shoots atomic rockets. - In the same way as the health and armor bonuses, it is possible to stack medkits and stimpacks beyond 100hp (300 hp maximum) - It is possible to store much more ammunition in general. In short, an unbalanced but fun weapon mod. [2] Demise Deathmatch Series by Broderick Arneson (1996) A 4-pack of Deathmatch maps that are as classic as possible with two natural themed maps, a tech-base and a bloody, marbled temple. The maps are beautiful with consistent themes. I probably have a favorite for the two brown and green maps. [3] JAX04.WAD by Glenn Jackson (1996) Wow, I had a lot of fun on this old slaughter map ! Indeed, the author has placed so many spheres and ammunition that the level loses all its difficulty. However, the fun lies in the ease of killing hordes of monsters. Moreover, this level illustrates that slaughter doesn't necessarly mean difficult. Aesthetically, the wad has nothing special, although there are a lot of stairs. I really appreciate that the layout doesn't consist of arenas, unlike many modern slaughtermaps. A very nice find. [4] DOOM V (1994) A dehacked which didn't work for me. It's totally pointless anyway. [5] time2die.zip (1995) A very standard Deathmatch map with a strong greenish look. Quite a few interconnections with weapons to pick up, but nothing very distinctive despite what the author points out in the description. I like the heavy use of mossy cement texture in the outer areas. [6] Teleporter War!! (telewar.wad) by Captain Snow (John Cangany) (1997) An extremely simplistic DM map, I'm sure there are only 3 sectors or even less. We are on a huge bridge surrounded by a ravine full of trees. I guess you have to not fall down, I didn't try. To tell the truth, I like the setting, exarcerbated by the music of Mortal Kombat which puts us in the atmosphere of a bloody duel. [7] Chester.WAD (Version1.0) by Nic Bedford & Simon Davis (2006) A level for Ultimate Doom published in 2006 but made in 1994. Honestly, I didn't feel like waling in a city but rather in some kind of catacombs because of the extensive use of skull textures at some places , blood or wooden textures (You can find lot of Startan though). Maybe the impression of exploring a city would be in the grid-like layout with long straight paths, or in the very unbinding progression. You can go anywhere you want. You have to get a yellow key to reach the exit, but you can explore many optional places. The whole proves to be extremly messy but it was not bad. There are lots of monsters, plenty of medkits and ammo. A good map after all. I stop here for today.
  20. Month 7 Day 06 I play until I die or intentionally stop. I don't comment the wad where I die/stop [1] Ice Floes by Martin Bazley (2014) A vanilla map for Ultimate Doom that I already played during my Month 3 Day 29 session. I used the gzdoom port this time. The first time I played this level, I said that some elements made me strongly suspect that it was a map from 1994. By opening the zip file, I saw the files were lastly modified in 2008. This map is a bit more pleasant to play with the freelook knowing that a lot of uneffective monsters are perched. It helped me to kill them faster. Apart from that, I almost died because of a stupid random fast crusher ! Also, the snow landscapes remind of Whitemare 1 and 2 without the fancy textures of course. [2] Fork And Knife In the Road (version 1.2) by Aaron Nemoyten (2017) A limit-removing hellish themed map which keeps a classic gameplay faithful to the original iwad. Indeed, only thanks to the stock textures, the author shows us various places separated by a kind of hub where the exit is positioned. We have to venture into a marbled temple, a library, a cave, a bright red cave made in a particularly chaotic style like the maps of Doom 2. Some areas actually look detailed enough to generate VPOs, but the author has moderately detailed the different areas. It's not ugly though, thanks to some clever textures choices. The difficulty remains particularly moderate, but the author tends to design traps that can be particularly effective at times. I almost died in a fight where some chaingunners placed on different sides managed to attack me no matter where I was. I miraculously survived by taking cover behind other monsters. Besides that, I can mention another fight where you have to defeat mobile mid-tiers monsters while dodging attacks from an arch-vile perched at the middle of the room. Not really hard but quite dangerous. The objective in all of this consisted to find different switches scattered among the areas which allow you to lower the red barriers protecting the exit. This is a simple and effective way to create exploration. In addition, to access one of the areas, you must find a blue and yellow key located in two others. The level also contains a lot of secrets that I did not find all. [3] Marbles by Sophie Kirschner @meapineapple (2014) A marbled temple, which is a theme I've seen many times during my adventures. However, this map stands out thanks to the care given to the aesthetics. To break the monotony linked to the massive use of green marble, the author has worked on the details of the ceilings in order to create light wells. However an extremely surreal element adds a unique aspect to this map: the lava texture is widely used to create luminous ceilings. It doesn't make sense but I think it's classy. It reminds me of some Ultimate Doom maps (E3M4 for example with its water ceiling). In general, the spacious layout and the way the rooms interconnect really remind me of modern wads like BTSX. The level is still quite short but I liked the slight variations in the theme. In some places, you can find flesh and blood. In another, I could find electric lights and metallic textures. The marble allows to keep a general coherence. A good short easy level. [4] Tunnels of Hell by Scott J. Sealey (1996) Tunnels of Hell is an old level that I enjoyed more than I should because it lives up to its name. The level consists mainly of extremely narrow corridors, very often 64 pixels wide. The modern mappers would cry, but I think the author still managed to bring some variety, both in gameplay and aesthetics. The yellow key requires for example to walk on a very thin ledge, you have to face successively small groups of monsters in the only outdoors area, or even killing an extremely weirdly placed cyberdemon with the BFG. Aesthetically, the level uses maybe too many different textures but I have to admit that there is a certain rigor that I can see with the slightly rounded walls for example allowing to make the whole rendering smoother. The crampedness of the locations which is one of the main gimmicks of the level is also the main flaw. Most of the fights are not very exciting although they are not really complicated. A strange map that I enjoyed anyway. [5] Be Quick or Be Dead by Steve Faille (2005) A map released in 2005 but made in 1994. I'm not unfamiliar with this one because I got crushed the first time I played it a few weeks ago (Month 6 Day 25). Be Quick or Be Dead has both a good and bad name. Both good because we are much more likely to die because of the environment than by the monsters. There is a sequence a la Indiane Jones where you have to run before being killed by crushers (where I died). There is also another place where you have to cross an area filled with slime and you have to escape before the effect of the radsuit fades away, while facing several monsters. Apart from these few passages, you have to play slowly in order not to die because the author has scattered barrels in many places. It would be stupid to rush into the crowd because an enemy might blow up a barrel that is located right next to you. The best strategy is to destroy the barrels slowly but surely. The rest mainly consists to standard monsters encounters and I have the tendency to play carefully. So for me this map was mostly "Be Slow or Be Dead". You can face a cyberdemon in the same way as Tower of Babel where big pillars protect you from the rockets, but the author has given us too many cells for it to be a challenge at all. The next wad is Paranoid , a 8 maps episode , but it's enough for today. So , I stop here.
  21. Roofi

    How much of your day goes to Doom?

    Maybe too much for my own good but playing and reviewing random stuff is usually extremely time-consuming haha.
  22. Month 7 Day 05 I play until I die or intentionally stop. I don't comment the wad where I die/stop [1] Doom Juice by Endo (1994) To be honest, I don't really know what this very old executable is for. It looks like an ancestor of Dehacked. I could be wrong. I got killed by a baron after running out of precious ammo in Dark7: Mission Pack (The Special Edition) (I don't think it was designed for pistol start.)
  23. Roofi

    What are some WADs that deserve a new MIDI Pack?

    I respect the work of composers and new midis are always welcomed among the community ! However, unless a wad doesn't include new music because the author didn't care about replacing midis, I don't see why a wad would deserves a midipack. If a mapper decides to use a music from an iwad, the map will be adapted most of the time to it for instance. I see for example Doom 2 The way Id did being named. Keeping the original music is a pure choice from the authors.
  24. Dead in map 04's Red key fight. Category 2. Realms of Shades is a much more difficult wad than it looks. Obviously, it is far from wads like Sunlust except for the place where I just died maybe. However, the maps are particularly long and contain traps that can easily kill careless or too nervous players. Aesthetically, there is a real contribution on this side. The rendering is very well done with light gradations and mapping tricks featuring fake 3D Realms of Shades is perhaps one of my favorite wads from the 90's even if I never finished it until now. Only map 04 was a real discovery. I had played the first three maps during DWMC in 2018. DEMO