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  1. Hello , I don't know if a similar thread exists about this subject but I just want to ask if you know good wads where the mapper was particularly Young . I consider as young when the mapper was under 18 years old during the development. I know that Matt Tropiano made his megawad "Dimensions of Time" when he was 13. Ad_79 is known to be a Young and promising mapper. He released his megawad "50 monsters" when he was 16/17 if I'm not wrong.
  2. Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    You should add tea of green slime or Fireblu beer. :p
  3. What are the best "Vanilla"-style Wads?

    The good old "Kama Sutra" by Gusta and Method. There are just a few new textures but almost everything was made with stock textures.
  4. ESP2

    +10000000 I loved every music used in ESP1 , it was so dreamy and mysterious. I like midi metal music in doom maps too , but mp3 is too loud for me.
  5. Impromptu Minidido (Project Thread)

    That's beautiful , Bonnie's section is maybe my favourite in the whole. The parts of Dragonfly , Wilou84 and Paul977 are really well detailed for a 2 hours map.
  6. Hello I think that every mapper likes watching streamers who have a lot of fun on the wad they are testing. But do you sometimes like watching them be pissed of because of a ridiculously hard fight you set up on your map for instance? Would you enjoy to see their morale broken because they had fun on the mapset until your map? Or conversely , are you always frustrated when a streamer starts to complain on your map because he doesn't have fun on it?
  7. Looking for feedback on my very first Doom map

    I can't play now sorry , but by looking the screens , I can say that the detailling looks pretty decent. However , the whole seems to be very flat. Maybe you should make more relief by adding stairs , lifts... The map looks also really dark , a bit too much according to me but I think it's intentional.
  8. ESP2

    Yes ! I had a lot of fun on the first ESP , it's a good surprise:D
  9. Will you try to finish Chillax without cheating? WIll you finish every wad generated by Oblige?
  10. TimeOfDeath wads and their demos

    Uv-speed on ESP's map 05 "Dholes" : 1:54
  11. What was the best level that you played.

    Map 18 + 29 of Kama Sutra Degrassi from Eternal Slumber Party Map 29 from HR2 Whitemare 2 map 15 ...
  12. Creepy videogame music

    I'm not really scared when I hear music from survival-horror videogames in general but some tracks from Alone in the Dark 4 make me really uneasy
  13. Hello , an another crucial question. In fact , the two armors have the same size and they seem also to have the same weight because our hero can always run at lightspeed. The only visible difference is their color. But is the armor blue by chance or because it uses a specific blue material which is necessary in order to make a powerful and light armor at the same time? If yes , what is this material? I suppose that the blue armor was conceived by UAC. But then when why the space marines only have a green armor whereas the blue armor is objectively better? Was it too much expensive to produce them massively? Or maybe they are used for the purpose of an emergency but the demonic invasion was too brutal so that our poor marines didn't have the time to wear those armors? I need help.
  14. So what is "good gameplay" anyway?

    A map which is fun to play. The term of "fun" is really subjective , it can consists of searching well hidden secrets or kill thousand cyberdemons with a BFG for instance. The "good gameplay" dépends firstly on what is the player looking for. Someone who doesn't like hard maps will probably not like hard maps with a good gameplay.
  15. Favorite title/intermission pic

  16. Post a picture of yourself!

    Your pics are really cool. :)
  17. 8,000+ MONSTER MAP. (WIP)

    NEED MORE REVENANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    That pink sky reminds me of the first Hell Revealed.
  19. Hello , an another existential question about Doom that will change my life and the mankind Invulnerability and invisibility sphères are timed because the marine probably eat them so that they work as doping substances. Light goggles are also timed because they work with batteries. But I don't understand why the radsuit disappears after a while even if you don't use it .Radsuits are clothes , it would be more logic if your radsuit wear out by dint of walking on dangerous floors , as the armor do. Help me , please.
  20. Impromptu Minidido (Project Thread)

    Yep this is a fight in the square citadel where you obtain the three skull keys together.
  21. Which difficulty do you play at [2018 Edition]

    . Always Ultra-Violence . I try to finish it or I give up but I never lower the difficulty. . I sometimes play on -fast when the wad proves to be particularly easy on Ultra-violence. It's more exciting and fun without becoming as overwhelming as Nightmare. I rarely have fun on NM and I never play on this difficulty when I discover a wad . I never save in general. I save between each level if I decide to play continuously (without pistol-start). I can also use saves when some maps tend to be long or ridiculously hard and I don't have the time to retry thousand times . I always like to play continuously when I discover a megawad for the first time , it gives a more adventurish side. However , I switch on pistol start when I want to explore more in details a wad or when I want to make reviews on levels. I think it's necessary to play on pisto-start to know the real gameplay of a map.