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  1. Year 2 Month 02 Day 15 I play until I die or intentionally stop. I don't comment the wad where I died/stopped. [1] Deathmatch Cathedral (Doom II) by nicholas r. spampata (1995) Despite being perfectly playable on singleplayer, the shortness of this map, its name, and the very low number of foes proves without a doubt that it's primarly designed for Deathmatch. This gloomy bloody hellish map replaces the 23th slot and I appreciate the aesthetics overall. However, the stock midi doesn't fit at all and ruin the mysteriousness of the place. Anyway, I think it's decent work for an early 1995 map but unfortunately too unsubstantial to be worth playing. Grade : C (From a singleplayer perspective) [2] The Zodiac Deathmach, Music wad by @Milian (2006) A separate music wad for a DM wad where the gimmick consisted to make a map for each zodiac sign. The file is pretty heavy considering all tracks belong to the ogg format. Each track borrows an electronic style, focusing both on rhythm and atmosphere. Most of the music is pleasant to hear and provides a certain serenity, as if we were in a kind of temple. I wonder if the author composed them or he took from the Internet. He didn't indicate the source of those melodies. I stop here for today.
  2. Year 2 Month 02 Day 14 I play until I die or intentionally stop. I don't comment the wad where I died/stopped. [1] Deimos Lunar by Diana M. (2008) An amateurish hellish map taking place at night or... in the middle of space considering all of planets drawn with MS-PAINT we can see in the starry sky. Despite being released in the late 00's, Deimos Lunar concentrates a lot of tropes from the 90's : unnecessary progression with fake walls and shootable switches, unchallenging difficulty due to the excess of power-ups compared to the existing threat and of course the exclusive of stock textures as well as no custom music. I like some of the settings of this map , specifically the marbled blood fountain oozing under the mysterious sky. However, it also features a lot of uninspired blocky places which translate the lack of mapping skills and inspiration of its author. However, the worst part of this map resides in its ending which is a stupid fight against IOS you have to skip by just reaching a switch located next to its head and guarded by a cyberdemon. Fortunately, the several BFG and invulnerabilty spheres prevents the ordeal. Overall, it's not a bad map but rather very dull. If no BFG or invul were available for the final boss, the grade could have been a lot worse. Grade : C [2] MechDM2.wad (Metal Death Match II: Shadow Arena) by Reviver (1999) A small gloomy DM map I already visited during Month 6 Day 12. Nothing to add compared to my previous comment. As Doomkid stated on idgames , it seems more like an experiment with lighting rather than a real map. [3] SKILLS.WAD (December 1994) by Christophe Person [Tof on IRC #doom] (1994) Skills.wad take place in a coastal station which seems to be a nice place to live with its fresh grass, cozy buildings made of brown bricks and above all, the nice view on the sea ! Instead of that, Christophe decided to turn it into a war zone. It's a beautiful early doom 2 map considering its age. I stop here for today
  3. Roofi

    Best MAP01 Track?

    Awesome track, but I don't find it suitable for this map. It's too easy and short, and the atmosphere is moody at times. I would easily imagine a more suspenseful music such as the Train music from Goldeneye 64 Honestly, I think map 12 of Running late 2 makes much better use of "Freighthoppers" with its huge populated city
  4. Year 2 Month 02 Day 13 I play until I die or intentionally stop. I don't comment the wad where I died/stopped. [1] FUN1.WAD (1995) This unthemed underground level, whereas being classified as a DM one, can be perfectly played on singleplayer. It has a lot of small enemies packed in tight corridors and ledges. The symmetry artificially adds exploration in this map but there's absolutely no visually worthy places to visit anyway. It has lot of hidden doors , so as usual, check your automap often ! At one point, you reach a room where it's written "The End" with arachnotrons populating it. However, it's not the end but it hosts the red key which unlocks a very irritating maze built with invisible impassable linedefs leading to the exit. The file's name doesn't lie though, I enjoyed blasting helpless enemies after grabbing the god sent Megasphere and SSG but it's a mediocre level overall. Grade : C [2] El Diablo by Eric Snell (1996) This map seemed to have some interesting visual settings at first impression but I progressively realised it was wasted by dumb level design decisions. The author scares you at the right beginning with the spawn point located on elevated rocks surrounded by a seemingly deadly ravine. Moreover, several chaingunners turn their back to you, ready to perforate you if you shoot one single bullet. However, just leave the platform and hit the deep of the dry ravine, in order to kill each monster in total safety. Once you got the yellow key , you've to decelate hidden doors and lifts in order to get the red's one but the worst comes next. The biggest challenge resides in the square room randomly filled with zombies and nazis, a spider mastermind and cyberdemon. Woah. Once, you survive this "epic" fight, the author rewards with a useless room paying tribute to Hiler with a lot of goodies in it, just before the exit. This room can be useful when replaying the map, in order to clear the room more quickly, but who will love this map enough to play it again? Grade : D+ [3] DXF2WAD v1.0 by Tim Dedischew (1995) Useless to say that this old editing software is totally outdated nowadays... [4] Hellpost by Owen (1995) A metallic base map aimed for the second episode of Ultimate Doom almost entirely built with rusty startan textures. You start in a cross-shaped room , with 4 doors of which 3 of them require a different key. It could have been more captivating if all the areas didn't look samey because of the blatant lazy monotextruing. The gameplay remains enjoyable and the progression pretty clear for a wad of that date, but defeating barons and cacodemons with the shotgun will not entertain you for a long time. Unremarkable work. Grade: C- [5] The DOOM Hacker's Tool Kit v1.00 by Joshua Jackson (1994) An another software which gathered the dust. I stop here for today.
  5. Roofi

    Doom Pictures Thread 2023

    Fun game. :) I know it's a didy's map , maybe For Whom the Bell tolls
  6. Year 2 Month 02 Day 12 I play until I die or intentionally stop. I don't comment the wad where I died/stopped. [1] The Hangars by Jonathan Masseo (1995) "It's going to be long and hard to complete your mission", rofl what, this level is so short you can uv-max it in less than 2 minutes without foreknowledge. This level contains 3 keys scattered among the interconnected concrete hangars and the author placed night visions goggles and an invulnerability sphere in case you don't want to struggle against the darkness and the few enemies. The biggest flaw of this map is the fact it holds too much its name : the layout consists to a bunch of huge bland square rooms which look more like .... a hangar than the hangar level from Ultimate Doom for instance. Real life's hangars were never supposed to be sexy afterall. It's a fun small map to go through though, despite the rudimentary visuals and its minimal lifespan. Grade : C+ [2] neg_!ke's 1024 Map for Doom II by neg!ke (2010) ne_!ke's submission was made in 2005 and takes place in a compact tech base which doesn't empeach it to contain a lot of details to the point that ugly homs render everywhere in the map. However, if you're not a purist as me, you'll just notice how ng_!ke negociates well with the stock resources. Despite its size, I love how you have to cross the map via a fleshy moat filled with demons. Beside that, the level features several doors and lifts such as traditional tech base map. It has fairly generic combats, whereas being enjoyable which don't leave a big mark. The author didn't try to revolution doom mapping but it could have been a finely detailed early map for a 1024's themed megawad. Grade : B [3] Race.WAD by Eric Spain (1997) Race.wad would be an idea for a racing game which would take place in the backrooms so much it's bland and monotextured. In order to reach the "finish switch", you have to battle against some shotgunners and few useless cyberdemons which have no purpose other than being crushed because the rocky wall prevent the rockets to reach you. So if you don't want to lose a friend , here's an advice : - Don't launch this map. If you want to play a real racing game : - Go outside - Buy and play mario kart - Launch Dystopia 3's map 03 if you want to stay in the doom's universe. Grade : D [4] Redeye.wad by Ernest P. Smith (1995) A deathmatch map with no specific theme where each area has a different dominant color. It has a a lot of pointless ugly fake walls. It's true that you don't have to follow "level design rules" in order to create a great map , but that's pure garbage here. The new gun sound is cool but overused among the 90's wads. [5] Zman Deathmatch Collection One by Josh Straub (1995) 7 beautifully crafted old classic DM maps with some custom music and a lot of "new" sfx in order to add more goofyness I guess. The sad thing about those maps is that they will never be played except if you're one of the few multiplayer nerds still playing this dated game. [6] Escape from Prison by Philip Renshaw (2001) A gloomy prison level where bricks and metal are omnipresent. Your goal is simple : find the 3 colored keys in order to escape. Each key triggers a mean trap which could kill the most unaware ! Without a surprise, the beginning of the map represents more a chore than a real challenge, killing midtiers and especially hell nobles will only give wrists tendonitis. However, once you see the yellow key glowing in the darkness, the game become more interesting. As the other traps, collecting the key opens several monster closets which quickly flood the zone with enemies. I almost got killed between a baron and a pinkie. ouch. Of course, if your first reflex is to flee, surviving in all traps will not a big deal. In brief, I don't have a lot to say about this map. I like the theme despite the monotony. A super shotgun would not have been too much in order to get rid of the midtiers but I found the traps pretty well designed. Grade : C+ [7] STRiNGHOLD by Ismaele (Alberto Sposito) @Ismaele (2010) A silly jokemap I already played during Month 8 Day 14. The first time I finished this map by killing only Tormentor's haters, caricatured by a small army of imps. This time, I also killed the tormentor's followers, represented by a mighty cyberdemon and vicious arch-viles. It wasn't a hard task thanks to the BFG and the Megasphere. This map definitely didn't age well at all. If you're still an absolute Tormentor fanboy, maybe you should be portrayed as an imp. So... I want to raise a bit the grade (E+ to D-) because this map didn't attempt to kill me as a terry wad would do. Grade : D- [8] The End Complete by psychoskylark, Sabotage (1995) An another pointless deathmatch wad which will help inflating my score on Er/iwa. [9] The Chop by Me (1996) No , this level was not made by me because I wasn't even born in 1996 ! The Chop is the kind of place you absolute don't want to revisit anymore : no height variation, ugly texturing and the rooms are connected in one the most hideous way you could imagine. For unknown reasons, the author drew some crates across the whole map. They don't serve any purpose since the level doesn't have the shape of a warehouse. Gaemplay-wise, I like the use of some roaming cyberdemons but you can fool them by locking them in dead-end such as the starting area. I struggled more getting rid of the stuck Mastermind blocking my way. It's a stupid yet playable at least map. Press one of the numerous exit switches and don't go back. Grade : D- [10] BlueGuy by Paul Simpson (1995) And I got killed in Sister13.wad after desperatingly looking for health in a huge bizarre room full of enemies
  7. Roofi

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Community Chest 2

    +++ Fragport +++ Doom II : In spain only +++ Atonement
  8. Year 2 Month 02 Day 11 I play until I die or intentionally stop. I don't comment the wad where I died/stopped. [1] DRILLER'S TOWER BY David Davidson (a.k.a. DRILLER) (1996) A simple rectangular made of grey bricks with tons of backpacks laying on the bround and the most important weapons elevated on a tower. The deep blue sky contrasts with the overbright battle zone in an odd way. Very bland. [2] Yangshuo Cavern in China by Rich ¥Weeds¥ Nagel (2005) It's a kind of documentary file which reveals where the first episode of Doom takes place. I'm disappointed to not to have seen a replica of the Great Wall in the episode so. [3] MAXFRAG.WAD by Brian Dunham (1994) An ugly deathmatch ultimate doom map where there is no height difference between the sky and the building's ceilings.. It has long bland rocky corridors in order to create interconnections. Your shotgun now sounds like firework. Enjoy ! [4] The Cage II by Michael Szeto (Chi Wai) (1996) A versatile Doom 2 map, both designed for single player and deathmatch which therefore get a grade from me. It has a boxy architecture but I appreciate the emphasis on stairs in order to create pronunced height variations. The author highlights the BFG prisoned in the cage located at the highest part of the map and guarded by two barons. However, grabbing the BFG is not a necessity since the other weapons perfectly do the job. This map will not occupy your for long but it brings a little dose of amusement which I can't refuse. Grade: B- [5] ic2005 by Ian Cunnings (2005) I took almost one hour beating that beast of a map releasing in the middle in the 00's decade. Ic2005 takes place in a large and complex rusty corrupted complex which features an extensive use of Quale textures and the midi rendition of "Sonic Mayhem" from Quake 2. It's a boom compatible-map so some areas can be distingued by their high level of details such as the marbled cavernous part where you have to place the red skull key or the reactor core where you obtain the said key with all its classy 3d bridges. ic2005 can be described as traditional exploration map : find 3 keys in a determined order and monsters get more numerous and beefier as long as you progress. The first place hosts low-tiers enemies, the areas locked by the red-keyed doors have chaingunners and few mid-tiers... and near the end, the author almost exclusively Doom II's bestiary. This level design philosophy results to a very smooth difficulty curve and therefore a pleasant journey with some moderate difficulty spikes. Some special effects help making this level a tad more memorable : the fancy 3D bridges I mentioned earlier, the many translucent doors and my favourite, the electric force field blocking your way (and killing you if you cross it, I didn't try it). If you're looking for a long and classic adventure, I can easily recommand that one. Grade : A The next file is CH Retro Episode (retroeps.wad) but I don't have the time to treat it, so it's all folks !
  9. Roofi

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Community Chest 2

    Some thoughts about CC2's map 24 : - "Disturbia" by D-D which is maybe the most remarkable tribute to "The mucus flow" perfected it in all ways , especially about the inifinity turrets gimmick. If I was Mtpain27 , I would give a straight A for CC2's map 24 for the concept and an A+ for Disturbia for polishing it in the most sadistic way. - About the music, it's one of the most legendary midi ever composed by a doom member for its overworldly melancholy, but it tends to irritate me at some point and I think the doom community tends to overuse it. The use of "You suck" from Rott is an another reason why I prefer Disturbia even if it's another heavily used midi. - I love the use of stock textures in this map and especially the slime as midtex. So, as other BPRD's maps, it offers an unique experience but the gameplay tends to seriously lack.
  10. Hello ! Submit your demos for Mayhem Orange and Purple here. IDgames links : Orange Purple Here is my first demo : Mayhem Orange , map 20 uv-max in 21:07
  11. Year 2 Month 02 Day 10 I play until I die or intentionally stop. I don't comment the wad where I died/stopped. [1] OPEN.WAD by Chris Carollo (1994) [1 map] I already discovered this aged Episode 1-themed deathmatch level during Month 9 Day 29. Nothing to add compared to my previous review, it's very standard while not ugly. [2] Frag o' Mania - a DeathMatch WAD for Doom1 by Kevin Worrel (1996) [1 map] A pretty circular-shaped deathmatch map which seems to be built by the actual lead level designer of Call of Duty games. It's so fascinating to discover the first baby steps of some famous designers among the dephts of idgames archive ! Beside that, nothing special about that map. [3] Tab6 Level by Michael Contorno (1997) [1 map] I know it's not a popular practice to touch author's works without his consent but we definitely should compile all the tab series someday and upload it on idgames. Your goal in Tab 6 will be to infiltrate a seaside ancient mansion and discover what it conceals. The author describes this level as hard, maybe because of the few tough enemies here and here but you got so much health and ammo in counterparts that it represents a quiet day for the regular space marine. You'll find a lot of cells, a soulsphere and a megapshere which is event not hidden in a secret. To be sincere, it results to unengagin combats but Contorno compensated it with exploration and pseudo-realistic locations I always enjoy in Doom maps. I appreciate the garden and the long stairs offering a nice view on the sea. Tab6 could be a great early level for a classic megawad, I really like it. Grade : A- I didn't see the large and deep pit in front me because of the fog in Hexhell.wad('Hell' stands for HELL if I know what to name this!)
  12. Roofi

    Doom Pictures Thread 2023

    That's both cute and cursed
  13. Year 2 Month 02 Day 09 I play until I die or intentionally stop. I don't comment the wad where I died/stopped. [1] Hide In One Of 4 Toillets Or Die by Ante Smolcic - Smola (1997) I'm sometimes attached to maps which express the real life of their mappers and their struggle. Indeed, find good toilets is hard, especially in a dirty city. So, the author built 4 toilets rooms in order to take cover from monsters attacks coming from all sides. Indeed, this arena-shaped level will probably kill , even with the megasphere, if you don't manage to take cover from the caged arch-vile's attacks. Once, you cleaned the main room, your goal consists to find a switch which lowers a lift hiding a path leading to the exit, but you can explore optional in order to trigger some vicious traps if you're a bit a daredevil such as surprise lifts revealing monsters, dark crampy corridors hosting enemies, or a shallow pit which locks you in front of chaingunners. Some traps were more annoying than fun but I consider more efficient than traps I usually find in standard 90's maps. If you a tad more challenge, there is also a cyber to kill you can skip with ease if you will. Quite an average map overall, but the hectic battles generate some good actions at time. Grade : C+ I tried to kill a spider mastermind without cover from afar in Dead Simple: Revisited but bullets still managed to hit me.
  14. Year 2 Month 02 Day 08 I play until I die or intentionally stop. I don't comment the wad where I died/stopped. [1] HARBOR2.WAD by Bob Fergusson (1997) (1 map) I had the occasion to play Bob Fergusson's maps once during my adventure and I'm totally hooked by his level design philosophy consisting to make pseudo-realistic maps packed with a ton of low-tier ennemies, mainly zombies and imps. Harbor2 features also a lot of exploration in crampy rooms and corridors, which sound like a terrible flaw told like that. Honestly, most of the level doesn't rank above 90's standards in terms of visuals, except at the final castle area but I love how the doors leading to secrets are easy to find and how I never struggle with health and ammo, whereas I state the lack of armor which heavily encourage me to keep on my toes. I love this map because I love slaughtering defenseless enemies with my mighty SSG I got early in the map. Contrary to what the author indicates, it's a very easy map on UV but I absolutely don't recommand to run it on nightmare for obvious reasons ! Grade : A [2] Death Trap by Brett Brewer (1996) (1 map) I felt relieved after completing this map because this very bland-looking fortress guarded by dumb demons and nazis doesn't have any death trap. You have to explore a serie of ugly mazes built with mostly grey and red bricks. As the previous I played, getting the SSG gives you an unfair advantage throughout the whole map and getting the megasphere transform you into Rambo. Pretty fun inoffensive map but the author could have made a little effort on the alignment of the brick textures. Grade : C+ [3] Rim - The Colony by Frank Polster (2006) (1 map) The grey cloudy sky topping up the spacious watery outdoors give the impression to be in heaven. More than that, the simplistic piano rendition of "Dream On" by Aerosmith contributes to create a lightened ambiance. While released in 2006, it seems the level was built in 1997 and despite it was released 3 years after the release of the iwad, it's rare to see a vanilla ultimate doom with so much open outdoors. In general, ultimate doom maps tend to be more claustrophobic and it's refreshing to explore levels which emphasize a lot on the sky and the architecture. This map oozes a lot of mystery thanks to the contrast between the bright outdoors and the underlit indoors. Sadly, this map is short so it doesn't have a lot of surreal places to offer and the gameplay, while remaining enjoyable , doesn't stand out. Grade : A- I accidentally fell in a dead pit after being chased by surprise revenants in The X File
  15. My answer is pretty general but I love maps which try to create pseudo-realistic places with stock resources like UAC dead or Kama Sutra One bonus point if it's vanilla compatible
  16. Year 2 Month 02 Day 07 I play until I die or intentionally stop. I don't comment the wad where I died/stopped. [1] Over_lrd 03 Deathmatch by over_lrd (Chris Elly) (1995) [1 map] If blandness could be incarnated by a single map , it would be that lost deathmatch one. It's as brown as a chocolate cake, has a symetrical layout, and above all uses the most insipid soundtrack from Doom 2 since it replaces map 03. I fell in a deadly pit filled with a lot of barrels which blew up in UAC
  17. Vanilla ultimate doom mapping , because I love restricting myself. The map is actually finished but I want to make a full episode.
  18. Year 2 Month 02 Day 06 I play until I die or intentionally stop. I don't comment the wad where I died/stopped. [1] Nessy.WAD, issue 1 by Richard Wiles (1999) [2 maps] Two stunningly crafted Plutonia maps replacing map 09 and 10 which I had to play on crispy doom due to blatant VPO issue. It features more slaughterish combats but the difficulty remains moderate thanks to the generosity about health and ammo. The cross-shaped arena in map 09 really holds its name "Abbatoir" now. You have to get three keys and press a serie of switches which release wave of monsters which get more and more beefier , until a small group of arch-viles spawn and use of all their forces awaking the deceased enemies. However, Wiles offer you delicious ammo package and several megasphere. Funny and Yummy ! Wiles followed a more traditional recipe about map 10 with a reasonable mix of action and exploration. I think I prefer map 09 for its messy combats but map 10 shows that Nessy.wad and Richard Wiles's maps in general were above the standards in terms of architecture and homage to the original IWADS. An excellent pair of maps. Grade : A I stop here for today.
  19. Roofi

    Doom Pictures Thread 2023

    There is small thing I love doing in my mapping now : lowering a sector under a sphere in order to make it touching the ground or a an other surface as a normal item.
  20. Roofi


    Damn those lights are so dazzling
  21. Year 2 Month 02 Day 05 I play until I die or intentionally stop. I don't comment the wad where I died/stopped. [1] Khorne's Demise by Bill Turner III (2010) [1 map] This map comes from a CD, therefore I easily guess it got uploaded way after its conception. However, I think the uploader shouldn't have to. Bill Turner locks you in a kind of mansion and your goal seems to escape since the sky visible is visible only near the exit switch. The first thing you'll notice in this map is the critical lack of ammo, forcing you to create as much infight as possible. To be more accurate, this map doesn't pose a lot of problem if you know where the weapons are stored and which enemies you have to get rid first. For exemple, I wasted my ammo on pinkies and thefore I struggled punching the revenants duo guarding the BFG and the blue key, before realising you can simply kill them with a surprise crusher.... If you're a masochistic, you may see this map as a "puzzle" such as the Chord Series but creating the infights here is more time consuming than hard in reality. It's boring and it has no specific reason to be that tough ! It's just a house man ! In addition, the author provided some crappy annoying sound effects. The imps keep saying "I'm coming for you !" Fuck the shut up ! (Sorry for language). For reasons I ignore, this level figures among the ones using a midi rendition of a Nine Inch Nail's song but it ended up irritating me because the gameplay. Grade : D [2] Doom Batch file creator/Doom launcher v1.3 by Mark David Bowman (1999) [0 map] Whereas I love playing Doom via the original exe, I admit I rarely use bat files. However, those can be useful in order to save time. A cyberdemon teleported in front of me in the most unexpected away, and almost gave me heart attack in HORDES 2
  22. Year 2 Month 02 Day 04 I play until I die or intentionally stop. I don't comment the wad where I died/stopped. [1] Bad Jokewad by Paul Corfiatis @pcorf (2007) [Theorically 2 maps] You're forced to witness a dramatic but hilarous argument between "JB" and Dr Sleep. I don't think Paul Corfiatis did a lot of effort about writing the scenario but the voice acting is legendary. The last scene may offenses you and should be hidden to children ! Maybe this jokewad is objectively bad but still way above most of the existing jokewads. Grade : B I stop here for today.
  23. Roofi

    What is the best map you have made?

    Maybe not my very best map , but this is the map I spent the most effort in terms of ultra detailing. It's for a project which is not released yet. :)
  24. Year 2 Month 02 Day 03 I play until I die or intentionally stop. I don't comment the wad where I died/stopped. [1] CASTLE RUINS by David Wrong (1996) [1 map] Despite being designed for Deathmatch, "Castle Ruins" acts as a solid open single player map where you're able to explore a wide variety of tall buildings. Indeed, It resembles more to a city map like Doom 2 map 13 than a castle-themed one. The beginning of the map is a bit challenging. the weapons are pretty well hidden and some hitscanners and roaming enemies guard the surroundings. Fortunately, some helpful invulnerability spheres are perched on the ramparts. Not all keys are needed to reach the exit : of the three colored keys, you only have to collect the blue one. "CASTLE RUINS" was a fine versatile map overall. Grade : B I died in the second map of I can't see shit without my glasses
  25. Roofi

    So, how old are you ?

    I'm born 4 months after one my favourite megawads came up. Hints : It has a lot of barons and one map from the third episode makes an intentional use of ghost monsters.