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  1. Well, this is the first time I try to do my own Doom 3 map and it's being painful (but fun too). The idea is a medium size map which will tell a fan-made story about Campbell before being defeated by Sarge. By now I'm just staring with it (I started 1 week ago but I'm not working on it everyday). Video test preview #2 PD: Someone know how to deal with that light bug I am getting in the interior part?.
  2. Personally I like more both Doom 1 (First three episodes) and Doom 3 Resurrection of evil. And I don't like Doom 2 (yep, The gameplay is amazing, but map design is just non-sense)
  3. Imagine the demonic invasion start in middle of the Human-Strogg wars (quake 4). Many humans, a lot of stroggs and a lot of demons. Who would win?, humans, demons or stroggs?
  4. Hello people, I want to do a blinking light in Doom 3. I know how to do it via script, but it's possible to do it without scripts?
  5. For me it's like this: Fist: DOOM. Chainsaw: Doom 3 Pistol: DOOM. Shotgun: Doom 1 & Doom 2. Super Shotgun: Doom 2 Chaingun: Doom 1 & Doom 2 Rocket Launcher: Doom 1 & Doom 2 Plasmagun: Doom 3 (it feels great) BFG9000: Doom 1 & Doom 2 How it's for you?
  6. That would be the most awesome Game/Movie in the history of the Universe.
  7. 1. Yes, and because that its an unofficial award. Nothing THAT serious. 2. Nope, the idea is to do it for all the years between 2004-present.
  8. After reading a comment from @dmg_64 I had the idea to create an award especially for Doom 3. UAC awards list: [WIP] UAC awards 2004 List: Singleplayer mappack: [WIP] UAC awards 2005 List: Singleplayer mappack:
  9. Well, today I was playing with wayback machine and I rescued a FEW "Pictures of the day" Standard quality: VERY bad quality:
  10. Update: I'll also do a "mod" (not a mod really, just a compilation with a custom mainmenu) for every year, so you would be able to play all the best maps by year only with one .pk4 (ex: uacawards2004.pk4) Update 2: I'm looking someone who wants to write a good review for the maps. I know the maps are great but my english is not that good and also I don't have talent writing reviews anyway.
  11. btw, what's server? because there's a server who is impossible to join now (ALB lms4 or something like that). PD: Check my tool UAC Explorer for joining and hosting servers. it can tell you the files the server use if you do a Full Refresh.
  12. I have the original Doom 3 1.3.1 from steam and I want to play the older 1.3 (doing a copy in some folder or something like that). How can I do that? I want to do this because Damnatio Memoriae. Episode I: Escape from Prykohn (From 2005) seems to don't work properly in 1.3.1 (Game crashes in the second map while trying to reach the roof, and the README say: "Patch 1.3 recommended but not required.")
  13. You just give me the best idea ever.
  14. I asked because mods/maps who can be played without sdk can be ported to other mods or Source Ports. In my case i wanted to know if it was possible to making the First episode compatible with OpenCoop & MCS
  15. The SDK (.dll) would be vital for play or the mod can be played without it?. Ex: ELDoom (a doom 3 mod) uses SDK but only to emulate ROE portal sky (or something like that) and you can play the mod without any SDK at all. Ex 2: Tested V7.1 uses SDK but only for visual effects and other stuff, and you can play the mod without it
  16. Lets share tips for people who start doing mods/maps for Doom 3. Patience: if you are experienced doing mods/maps for other games more popular than Doom 3 then you need to know that Doom 3 community is not very big (but not THAT small). So don't expect to get attention/support that fast if you're starting a project. Download mods/maps and give them a look: If you want to learn the basics I recommend you to download many mods and maps (start with small mods/maps) and give a look to the .pk4 data You should also do this with the original doom 3 files. Setup your tools: You would need to organize your tools like Map editor, 3d Model editor, SDK source, Visual Studio (or similar), etc... Search for resources: Take a time searching scripting, defs, mapping, sdk and other resources related to Doom 3 More patience General Resources: IDDEVNET: Everything about Doom 3 modding and mapping. MOD Wiki: A wiki with a lot of useful info. EMZ Tutorials: id Tech Forums: Brian Trepanier videos: Doom 3 Source code: Doom 3 tutorial to compile source code (VS2010): Doom3world Forums (wayback machine): Multiplayer Resources: Doom 3 Multiplayer level editing guide: EMZ Forums: OpenCoop tutorials: LMS4 Forums:
  17. For me was campbell by far. He survived a lot and saw a lot of sh*t.
  18. Lost Facility by BJA is already converted for OpenCoop by the official team. Mirror #1, Mirror #2 I'll try Hellgate Maybe someone is already working on tested ;)
  19. Hello there, I'm working on the new opencoop unofficial expansion pack (also fixing some bugs presents the first release) and I want to ask you recomendations. Right now I'm working in ELDoom Edit: List of all current maps available for OpenCoop
  20. Hi there, I want to share you guys some custom maps who were made for the original Doom 3 but with RBDoom 3 BFG + Some extra work (Ex: convert sounds from .ogg to .wav 16 bits, add some missing models and sounds in the BFG Edition from the original Doom 3 , etc..) you can play it with Doom 3 BFG Edition. Already finnished: Last Hope: Facing Hell: WIP Tested v7.1 InHell - Directors Cut The Gatehouse
  21. This is like the third time I read you talking bad about Doom 3 here.
  22. I'm using RBDoom 3 BFG and I need to edit the doom_main.script in order to make a map compatible with it, but I doubt that the doom_main.script from vanilla doom would be the same as Doom 3 BFG edition, so, any idea? Solved: use the command extractResourceFile (atleast in RBDoom 3 BFG)
  23. AND FOR PC!!, I recently discovered RBDoom 3 BFG and it allows you to play a lot of mods/custom maps designed for the original Doom 3. EX: Tested V7.1
  24. Happy to see some news about this project, I can feel that it would be one of the greatest mods for doom 3 in history (if not the best for single player)
  25. WHY THIS IS TRUE? (I didn't notice that, but it's true)