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  1. tokyopunchout

    DOOM 4 VANILLA v3.2

    This... looks... AMAZING!!!!! Brava!!!!! Can't wait to play it!
  2. tokyopunchout

    Ultra-nightmare beaten with pistol / grenades only :o

    Zomeister is legend. This is the most impressive thing I've seen in DOOM 2016 by far. All the strats used throughout this vid are so impressive. Plus, I know the video is long, but it's so much more interesting to me to watch somebody beat it by killing everything than somebody just running past every enemy and using level exploits for .0003 seconds off their time.
  3. tokyopunchout

    DOOM Tournaments/Leagues

    That's great news man!
  4. tokyopunchout

    DOOM Tournaments/Leagues

    Bump! Me and the boys in clan New Classic on PC are ready! Can't wait for private matches...