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  1. Bumping this thread for 2 reasons. 1) Bemused has changed his Doom wad request from Deus Vult 2 to 'Experiencing Nirvana'. Reason: "was just amused by the 9 year olds wad and it reminded me u havent experienced nirvana yet" (as quoted from MrZzul's twitch chat, 14th October 2017) 2) With the above in mind, I guess I will allow anyone to change their request on my list if they wish to do so. Only those who have requested things on my original list can ask for a change though, no new requestees allowed. At some point I will also spend a good chunk of livestreaming time working through my huge request list properly, although I'm getting the odd one done here and there. (two will be done now due to Ironman League, and I plan to do another one around Halloween....)
  2. (my playthrough of all 17 maps) Similar in feel to the last few Eagle sessions, this wad had consistently good quality across the 17 maps, with no bad ones in the bunch. I struggled with map 17 initially, but eventually overcame it. (after "TRIPLE rage quitting" as Surreily put it...) I look forward to future Pigeon speedmapping sessions, alongside the hopefully continuing Eagle ones.
  3. Playing through the Pigeon Speedmapping Session.....I have a feeling this could be an interesting stream.
  4. (1st map played) I would like to see you finish this map, in all honesty. While I didn't see too much in terms of the advanced GZDoom/Brutal features I was hoping for, there were some cool things in this level. (ignoring the unfinished detail/level areas) I liked the Cacodemons rotating around the stone pillar, and the toxic waste transfer part. (although the Cacos that come from that area need to NOT hang around awkwardly in the air afterwards) Gameplay was generally alright also.
  5. (second map played, about an hour into the video) Some decent stuff here overall. Was the most fun out of the 4 wads I played this evening.
  6. (3rd one played, about 1:30-ish into the video) Nasty HOM at the start in GZDoom v3.1, and the rest of the map was standard 'first time map' affair. The two Barons were a poor choice in that location; way too open a spot for them to be any threat. Much to improve upon, but at least the map was functional.
  7. (4th one played in the video, just before the 2 hour mark) If this is a troll, I've seen better troll maps. If this is an actual 9 year old, you've got a lot to learn about making Doom maps. A few glimmers of potential though here and there, but mostly this was bad. Commendable effort for a 9 year old though, but with much to improve upon.
  8. Going to playtest a couple of wads (possibly), but mainly looking at Quineotio's Brutal Doom map....
  9. I'll still be happy to play through this on livestream with the complied wad.
  10. I think I would quite like to test this level sometime (even though you've abandoned it), since I've been curious to see mappers making maps specifically designed for Brutal Doom's advanced features. Having played one of your previous BD efforts, I'm surprised I didn't pick up on this one either. Expect a livestream playthrough soon-ish.....
  11. This could be......interesting. Perhaps a bit of drama amidst speedmapping sessions for the month might generate some interesting maps to play. I'll be sure to give this project a playthrough when it's complied; I'm expecting good Eagle speedmapping session quality things from this bonnie.....
  12. Well that's good to hear! I look forward to playing through what spooky themes are brought up for this session.
  13. I'm hoping this doesn't mean the end of the Eagle speedmapping sessions......I was enjoying playing them and it was a nice mapping platform for some newer mappers to get stuff out there.
  14. = survived in 2:00:21. The easiest Ironman wad yet (or at least on par with Vae Victus 2), and I'm happy to get my second survival green block as well as make it 4-5 in the Britbowl between myself and an_mutt, to at least keep it competitive until November. Osiris was pretty fun to playthrough with a good soundtrack (except for getting the sound glitch on map 6 for the ENTIRE level!), decent level design (the ending was a bit underwhelming) and a good sense of atmosphere. Now I only fear what monster of a wad Alfonzo will pick for October....I'm expecting something spooky still.
  15. It's finally time to attempt this month's Ironman League (Osiris), and also do a full playthrough for Steve D since it's on my request list.