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  1. Each and every Revenant killed is satisfying for me.
  2. More stuff like the Alfonzone; i.e. ZDoom/GZDoom focused mapsets that both look AND play good. (and as an extreme long shot; the creation of the 'No Revenants Community Project' megawad, in which 32 good maps are made without Revs in Doom 2)
  3. I can finally play an ASS collection on the 32nd time of asking! Nice to see this return honestly; now we have a glut of speedmapping sessions to look forward to playing in the festive period. Hope this doesn't overshadow Eagle 9 too much though.
  4. = part 1 (episode 1) = part 2 (rest of episode 1, all of episodes 2 & most of 3) = part 3 (rest of episode 3, all of episode 4) = part 4 (episodes 5 & 6) = part 5 (rest of episode 6, all of episode 7) = part 6 (episodes 8 & 9) = part 7 (episode 10) I hereby declare this my joint favourite megawad of all time, alongside Going Down. Good freaking job Pinchy, I hope this wins you a Cacoward next year and that other mappers are inspired by it to make good GZDoom maps like this collection.
  5. The tenth and final episode of the Alfonzone.....
  6. Entering episode 8 of the Alfonzone now....
  7. The Alfonzone. And Pinchy as mapper of the year.
  8. I look forward to this project as always. And right near to Christmas time as well.....will I end up playing this half-drunk on Christmas Eve, I wonder?
  9. Well congrats to all the Cacoward winners and whatnot. In my opinion I felt that Pinchy deserved mapper of the year over Dobu gabu maru; this is due to his great contributions to the Eagle/Pigeon speedmapping projects, his helpful tutor work in the Joy of Mapping series, the Alfonzone release and his continued efforts to churn out as many good maps as possible (quantity and quality!) without any real lapse in quality, all whilst becoming an important member of the Doomworld community. (you don't get to be on BTSX E3 without good reason, right?) That being said, Dobu gabu maru deserves recognition for his hard work also (running the Megawad Club can't be easy!) with his creative mapping skills and ridiculous Stanley Kubrick-esque attention to detail, so I don't begrudge him the mapper award. After all, he's the only mapper that makes FUN puzzles in Doom imo. I fully expect Pinchy to win it next year though, barring someone else can match his work-rate. (P.S. Also nice to see Oscillation getting a mention.)
  10. Resuming the Alfonzone from map 30, on a 1000+ monster map.....
  11. Further adventures into the Alfonzone, resuming from episode 5.....
  12. Finally, I get a bit of free time to resume my playthrough of the Alfonzone from map 15....
  13. Best of luck to all the mappers involved!
  14. Well, I've played through this once before on livestream; I remember thinking it was kind of.....meh to play. I don't recall it being too difficult. Anyways, an_mutt is 6-5 up in the Britbowl for this deciding month and goes first this time around, so I'll have to hope for some kind of choke job lest I be forced to contest on both maps cleared AND time....
  15. An_mutt's result makes me a bit more mad I died this month to a technicality. Now I'm going to have to play extremely well to tie things up in December, gaaaaaah! Also is the OP getting updated?