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  1. Hi, Suiteppe, I've finished to watch your Twitch session of my betatesting wad. I'll try to answer some of the questions about my err... mission, lol

    1) Yes, it is my first wad
    2) About monster placement: First map, I worked to have only 4 monsters - Demons, Imps, Sargeants and Former Zombie, than, on Map 2, I placed Specters, HK and Chaingunners, than each map I place more and more different monsters
    3) Secrets: You miss many of then, actually I like that to happen. I think secrets have to difficult, lol
    4) Improvements; Many things you and people said on the chat I am changing in the maps right now. Thanks, for the appointments. Already change an encounter. The "between" challenges I didn't undestand yet what I can do to change, but I'll check it later. I've change a transition of textures on level 1, an encounter on level 2.
    5) Level 4 is not complete and it is a tribute to Hell Ground. And Level 4 has to be weird. 
    6) Yes, my maps are huge, and many of them will be bigger. I'm not a fan of slaughter maps, but I love huge levels.

    7) Map 1 is extreme simple and vanilla, full of mistakes; Map 2 is less vanilla. The cave part has custom texture (again, hell ground); Map 3 has more custom things; Map 4 is a temple of Madness - at the end of the Map 3, you'll see a big building, so that is the transition. Map 4 will have 12 main rooms (each one with a roman number).
    8) About doing a Megawad: I'll continue to do it, but after finishing the first 5 levels, people test more, I'll do a release of that 5 maps.

    9) I suggest to use GZDoom to play my maps, because of the lightning effects, textures, etc. I am working in ZDoom (Doom in Hexen).

    10) About my goal in design this wad. I first want to balance and test all the levels with the community, and only after that, I'll change the songs, the menu, etc. I've only changed the song from the 4th level, because, the original one is completly annoying and different from the theme I am putting on that level.

    Thanks for the support!
    Luiz David Facchetti