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  1. Alright folks, we've officially hit the deadline, so submissions will close and the compiling process will begin.
  2. Hey everyone, after some consideration I've decided to move the submission deadline to September 30th, 2023. Yep, a whole extra month. A number of folks have college/university classes starting up (myself included) so I'll be extending the deadline a fair bit. In the meantime I'll fill up the mappers list in the OP with mappers that are working on or are interested in working on something for this project.
  3. (TITLEPIC art by @Ayeloo) A collaborative Doom 2 mapping project created by me and various members of Jonathan's Arcade, my Discord. Just like JAMP #2, we're opening this project up to everyone to join. This time around, only limit-removing maps are allowed. Mappers of all types are allowed! The theme for this one is all about partying, so get those fancy strobe lights and mosh pits prepped. We also created some new sprite and graphic replacements to help get that true crippling alcoholic feel for your maps: Story: You just got invited to one of the biggest house parties in the city! After making your way through some fancy neighborhoods (on foot as well, by the way) you find yourself at the doorstep at a large house that you've never seen before. You see party lights flashing through the windows and hear loud music from inside. Excited and ready to get your drinking game on, you let yourself inside, only to find out that it was yet another ambush by the demons. Great, another party to crash. Rules: Map must be made for Doom 2 Singleplayer, and it must be limit-removing. (Doom 2: Doom Format in UDB) I recommend using Crispy Doom to test your map. The theme is all about "parties and raves", so try to have large interiors, decently sized raves/mosh pits, and some fancy lights. If you wish to have a custom sky in your map, please include it and lemme know, so I can apply it using U/MAPINFO for ports that support it. Resource wad which has some sprite edits and UDET.wad as the texture pack can be found HERE No MAP07/boss triggers Custom/new textures are allowed (please include them with your map) Supplemental content/extras for your map that uses other source ports (GZDoom, etc) are NOT ALLOWED. Custom .mid/.mus music only. Credit your stuff, please! Deadline is August September 30th, 2023! When submitting your map please include... Map Name Difficulty Settings Par Time Music & Credit Not required but would be nice: Co-Op starts/DM Starts The final map order will be based on difficulty of each map. Only a maximum of 32 maps can be accepted. One map per user please. It isn't required, but you can join our discord HERE and head into the dedicated #jamp channel if you wish to talk with other JAMP mappers. Mappers: (not final) @DoomTheRobot @Ayeloo @NaN @Lazorinc @AnonSoul @OiaHusk Previous JAMPs:
  4. DoomTheRobot

    A Question about Plutonia 3

    yea Cool slaughter/whatever map idea: Doomguy works at some delivery place and each monster wave pops up from loading docks opening up overtime.
  5. DoomTheRobot

    [RELEASE] (1.1) Weapon Asylum

    Hey guys, just released Weapon Asylum 1.1 in time for the upcoming event. Download link will also be updated on the OP. CHANGELOG: Fixed "Kills" not being displayed on the HUD during cooperative gamemodes Added two new mutators: "Biker Gang" & "Weapon Asylum Twin Turbo" "Bonercycle" is now a slot 3 weapon "Camera" is now a slot 3 weapon Added the "Escape Plan" weapon (slot 3) Decreased the chances of getting a slot 3 weapon DOWNLOAD NOW
  6. DoomTheRobot

    [RELEASE] (1.1) Weapon Asylum

    Hey sorry I had to push a quick hotfix because I forgot to add missing semi-colons on a couple of strings. 💀 Just click the big fat download button to get the new latest version. DOWNLOAD NOW
  7. NOTE: THIS MOD ONLY WORKS WITH THE LATEST ZANDRONUM 3.2 (221030-0316 or higher) TEST BUILD. Had enough SSG dueling for the past 30 years? Want to throw weapon balance completely out the window? You want a bunch of goofy unrelated references and memes thrown in? Welcome to the Weapon Asylum, a chaotic weapon randomizer mod for Zandronum! Intended for deathmatch, all players will spawn with 2 (sometimes 3) completely random weapons that you will use against your enemies. Use them however you can. You get completely new weapons every time you respawn. Slot 1 is for melee/close range weapons. Slot 2 is... something! Slot 3 is primarily meant for one-time use or novelty weapons. You can play this with nearly ANY(full support not guaranteed) map set. Whether it be with the original Doom IWADS, some cool legendary deathmatch pack from the 90's, or even our very own map set(not yet released) created solely for this mod, the ride will never end.. Can you survive the asylum? Over 30+ weapons Mutators that can change up gameplay between matches Stupid references from all sorts of stuff Over 170+ death sounds Compatible with nearly any map set Support for both competitive and cooperative gamemodes Brand new Infection gamemode Options to customize parts of the experience Bot support* Custom skin** and announcer support * We didn't change their behavior or anything like that, but we made some backend work happen so that they should be slightly better to play with. They are still very very stupid. ** Please see the 2nd question in the FAQ below. That's right, we're not done yet! Unfortunately because of how slow I am when it comes to making stuff, all the stuff we wanted to make isn't all there yet. We plan on releasing a full on original map pack for this mod. Not only that, we do plan on adding more weapons and as much stupid shit we possibly can. Take a look at what we got cooking already below: Requires Zandronum 3.2 (221030-0316) and only runs on the Doom IWADs. Patches: wa_patch_v1.0_skulltag_content-3.2-beta1.pk3 Make sure you load patches after loading the main mod. Old Versions: FAQ: Join our Discord, chat about Weapon Asylum all you like there: https://discord.gg/xZd5MxK
  8. So glad this finally came out. Good work from everyone that helped throw it together. Though one issue I found in the release build with my map (MAP53) is I did notice now that since this is a WAD and not a PK3: One of the names of those sounds are longer than 8 characters so I'm sending a new version of the wad with that file renamed. Sorry about that. @Obsidian OCDv2.zip
  9. DoomTheRobot

    [Released] Doomworld Mega Project 2022 (12 folders)

    Throwing in one more thing before the deadline: The_Boys_Are_Back_In_Tech.zip Originally made for a community project. Play it with DOOM 1, not DOOM 2. Should work just fine with doom.exe.
  10. Update: It's now (after being rejected last week oops) available on /idgames. [Download]
  11. Oops. Sorry, I had to do a quick update to the WAD because the /idgames upload was rejected due to unmodified id Software resources (thanks SLADE) being included. Should be fixed now.
  12. Hey everyone, sorry for the wait. Hope y'all had a happy... uhh.. Halloween? Regardless, JAMP2 is out now. [Download]
  13. DoomTheRobot

    [Released] Doomworld Mega Project 2022 (12 folders)

    Jumping in and dropping this off: ACS_RaceTest.zip Originally a scripted easter egg thing for my map in JAMP2, but didn't have enough time to finish. This is an extremely basic concept using ACS and DECORATE where you race around the map until you pass 3 laps. Don't expect quality... Or anything really. Tested with GZDoom 4.8.2
  14. DoomTheRobot

    Is it possible to remake Tek War in Doom?

    I'm sure there's a better way to do this but SLADE can open the .ART files which has all the sprites and textures. SLADE even has the TekWar palette built in.