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  1. DoomTheRobot

    Doomworld Maximum Project 2021 - Come one, come all!

    Oh yeah, totally joining in on this. That's a LOT of time before the deadline, which puts me at ease.
  2. DoomTheRobot


    Yeah. That's my map. And my screenshot. Anyways, I'm just as curious as Lazorinc is, but at the same time I don't really care because personally I think my wad won't compete very well alongside the other entries. But what makes me much more curious about this is the same thing Lazorinc had pointed out with the saves being on the same day I had uploaded it. Lazorinc didn't post too much detail about this (no offense), so I'll try and clear up some of this so there'll be less confusion when questions arise, if any at all. The date of the autosaves were indeed made the same day I had finished and uploaded the wad. I believe there was nearly about half a week or two before the deadline. But I also got curious and looked into it a bit more to answer my own curiosity. I'll try not to spoil much of my wad because all these autosaves take place at the near end of the level. Besides, I doubt a majority of people really care about spoilers of my level anyways. Anyways, like I said beforehand, I don't exactly care about it being leaked/revealed, or played prior, or whatever could be going on behind the scenes. But I just wanted to provide some more info about this so you folks can have a better understanding or whatever. Sorry if this post is extremely lengthy or something. I'm really bad at writing these kind of statements so that's about all I have to say about that.
  3. DoomTheRobot


  4. DoomTheRobot

    Meme Jon Doom

    This can't be a thing. It just can't be. I'm dying right now.
  5. DoomTheRobot

    The end of .zip

    Now this is just confusing to me. Google is always so fucking confusing. Ever since that Google+ crap with YouTube they've always confused me. I'm gonna try and see what I can learn from this, if I can.
  6. DoomTheRobot

    My Doom Gif

    Saw this before on Twitter and other places. Had a quick laugh with this. Doomguy seems to be having a rough day.
  7. I'll try doing a map with the no hitscan enemies theme. I'll try and brew up something special. Hopefully I can make something before the deadline.
  8. DoomTheRobot

    1024:ABC edition

    It's a joe-ilya wad.
  9. DoomTheRobot

    DOOM Alpha v0.3 (aka "DOOM Pre-Alpha")

    I've never been so excited for an alpha game before. This is quite the legend we have here.
  10. DoomTheRobot

    The Genocide Center

  11. DoomTheRobot


  12. DoomTheRobot


    This is the true and legendary, first wad ever.
  13. DoomTheRobot

    Base of Tribute v1.1.9

    Very detailed map with new monsters in it. There is lots of open space in it, and it's pretty hard, but in a good way. The only issue I had in the beginning was that there was little to no shotgun ammo until you quickly go into the other rooms and find them. But other than that, it was very well done!
  14. DoomTheRobot


    I personally enjoyed this. I think I might use this from time to time from now on, thanks!
  15. DoomTheRobot

    Seizure Doom

    Does what it's supposed to do.