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  1. MAP08 UV-Max in 1:20.03 tnt308-120.zip MAP08 Collector in 0:30.31 tnt308col-30.zip MAP08 UV-Fast in 1:23.06 tnt308f-123.zip MAP08 NM-Speed in 0:26.31 tnt308n-26.zip MAP08 NoMo in 0:26.20 tnt308o-26.zip MAP08 NoMo 100S in 0:28.54 tnt308os-28.zip MAP08 NM 100S in 0:29.20 tnt308s-29.zip MAP08 Stroller in 1:09.37 tnt308str-109.zip MAP08 UV Tyson in 3:52.09 tnt308t-352.zip
  2. my first demo because yes MAP08 Pacifist in 0:26.94
  3. DoomTheRobot

    [April Fools]TNT: THREEVILUTION [32 Map Megawad]

    I am honored to announce that we have updated TNT: THREEVILUTION. It contains some fixes/changes to a couple of maps. You can use the same download link from the initial post to get the updated version. I look forward to absolutely nothing in life.
  4. DoomTheRobot

    Is there a good way to organize your Doom folder?

    I'm surprised nobody here uses "hidden folders" like I do. Figured I'd share. Here's my "DOOM" folder: Nothing out of the ordinary. But where are the folders for all the sourceports? Well now I gotta turn on "Hidden Items" in explorer and... Everything is neatly tucked away and easily accessible directly from the root folder. The only folders that aren't here are the ones for SLADE and UDB, but they're in another folder called "Tools" where other stuff is stored. If I wanted to mess with one of the sourceports in some way that can only be done by going inside their folders (like if I wanted to update them or mess with the config files), I can always just "right click -> open file location" For any other sourceport that does not have a shortcut I can launch them with Doom Explorer. Basically, if I want to play a single wad (a mapset maybe) I can easily just drag and drop the wad onto the shortcut and it'll work. Any other advanced configuration where I want to load a bunch of wads is done using Doom Explorer. My "WADS" folder is organized like this: Any wad(s) that typically has a text file describing what it is generally just goes in there. I think the folders "My WADS", "No TXTs", "Resources" and "Wadseeker WADS" are obvious as to what they contain. But yeah, overall I try to keep sub folders minimal. Doom Explorer is also really useful for saving configurations, if so needed.
  5. DoomTheRobot

    How do I intentionally crash L/GZDoom with Decorate?

    Not sure about DECORATE, but here's a quick and dirty ACS script that should work for the latest GZDoom: It closes the game on my end. #include "zcommon.acs" script 1 (void) { // Change these to whatever SetMusic("D_RUNNIN", 0); delay(35); // Don't worry, it doesn't actually leave any autosaves (at least from my testing) While(True) { Autosave(); } } When you use the prop or whatever you plan on doing, just make it execute this script.
  6. DoomTheRobot

    Doomworld Maximum Project 2021 - Compiling...

    Thanks for the playthrough! Really enjoyed seeing your reaction. I have one question however: Do you happen to have "Earthquake shake intensity" turned down to zero? I noticed that the earthquake effect was not there in your playthrough and I'm unsure if that's because I made a mistake in the ACS or not.
  7. DoomTheRobot

    Doomworld Maximum Project 2021 - Compiling...

    This took a bit longer than I expected, but hey, I'm finally finished with it. Screenshots: Name: OCD Format: GZDoom (UDMF) Tested with: GZDoom 4.7.1 Supports Co-op and Deathmatch play. Credits are in WADINFO.txt. Description: A completely normal techbase map with absolutely no issues. Go in, kill the demons, and get out. DOWNLOAD
  8. DoomTheRobot

    [RELEASE] Jonathan's Arcade Mapping Project #1: No HOM November

    Update: It's now available on /idgames. [Download]
  9. DoomTheRobot

    [RELEASE] Jonathan's Arcade Mapping Project #1: No HOM November

    Whoops. That's what I get for posting as soon as I wake up. Thanks for the catch.
  10. DOWNLOAD /idgames Doomshack DESCRIPTION Jonathan's Arcade Mapping Project #1: No HOM November is a collaborative Doom 2 mapping project created by me and various members of Jonathan's Arcade, my Discord. All maps were created in the month of November (also an unexpected extra week and a half to fix bugs) with the only limitation being Boom format maps only and reaching the goal of seven maps. We also included OTEX & our own custom textures, new spritework, sounds, and music. Authors in this project range from mostly new mappers to experienced mappers. Text file includes author comments and details about each level included. The difficulty starts off pretty easy but it can get a bit tough towards the end. Should work fine in Co-op but there's probably a couple softlocks in some places we didn't account for. IWAD: doom2.wad Port: Boom-compatible [cl9] Tested with: DSDA-DOOM 0.21.3, PrBoom+, Zandronum 3.1, GZDoom 4.7.1 Number of levels: 7 MAP01-MAP07 MAPPERS MAP01: Now This Is Epic - @DoomTheRobot MAP02: Negative Ratio - @NaN MAP03: Do The Worm - @Ayeloo MAP04: White Man Can't Jump - @Lazorinc & @AnonSoul MAP05: Short N Sour - @NaN MAP06: Piss Easy - @NaN MAP07: Simply Ratio'd - @NaN SCREENSHOTS ADDITIONAL CREDITS Ola Bjorling (ukiro): For the OTEX textures wad, which we used in this wad. NaN: Made all the cool new graphics/sprites stuff and singlehandedly saving the wad from not reaching it's goal when others dropped out. And a huge thank you from me to everyone involved, this was such a fun project to work on overall despite some shortcomings, (being that's it's the first project I've hosted ever) seeing everything come together in place is just awesome. Perhaps there will be another one eventually next year.
  11. DoomTheRobot

    Doomworld Maximum Project 2021 - Compiling...

    Since some other folks here are doing it, I'll do it too. This is my obligatory "I'm still alive" post. Here's some screenshots: Layouts are pretty much done for the most part. Right now I'm trying to figure out how I want to end the map and get the item balance down right. Still have some work left to do overall, but generally shouldn't be too much longer before it's finished. Map is acting kinda weird though. Dunno how to explain it. I'll work it out eventually.
  12. DoomTheRobot

    PLUTONIA 7 [32 Map Plutonia Megawad] (April Fool's)

    Hey Plutonia junkies, I updated Plutonia 7 to fix a fucky wucky I made on MAP01, along with some minor changes to some other maps. It's up and live already, so go ahead and redownload it from the same link.
  13. DoomTheRobot

    Doomworld Maximum Project 2021 - Compiling...

    Oh yeah, totally joining in on this. That's a LOT of time before the deadline, which puts me at ease.
  14. DoomTheRobot


    Yeah. That's my map. And my screenshot. Anyways, I'm just as curious as Lazorinc is, but at the same time I don't really care because personally I think my wad won't compete very well alongside the other entries. But what makes me much more curious about this is the same thing Lazorinc had pointed out with the saves being on the same day I had uploaded it. Lazorinc didn't post too much detail about this (no offense), so I'll try and clear up some of this so there'll be less confusion when questions arise, if any at all. The date of the autosaves were indeed made the same day I had finished and uploaded the wad. I believe there was nearly about half a week or two before the deadline. But I also got curious and looked into it a bit more to answer my own curiosity. I'll try not to spoil much of my wad because all these autosaves take place at the near end of the level. Besides, I doubt a majority of people really care about spoilers of my level anyways. Anyways, like I said beforehand, I don't exactly care about it being leaked/revealed, or played prior, or whatever could be going on behind the scenes. But I just wanted to provide some more info about this so you folks can have a better understanding or whatever. Sorry if this post is extremely lengthy or something. I'm really bad at writing these kind of statements so that's about all I have to say about that.
  15. DoomTheRobot