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  1. PlayStation Doom: Master Edition. DoomWiki page by @Dark Pulse NEWS : Third Beta Release PSXDOOM BETA 3 [1/10/2019]. NEWS : PSP Beta 1 Release : GEC_PSXDOOM_MASTERED_BETA_3 (376MB). Conversion by @Kroc Important: An error was discovered in the MAP02 of Master Levels (in Beta 3), which makes the level impassable, apologies in advance, will be corrected for subsequent betas, please use the cheat code (right, left, R2, R1 , Triangle, L1, O, X), to advance to the next level. First Beta Release PSXDOOM BETA1 [27/08/2018]. PSP Beta 1 Release : GEC_PSXDOOM_MASTERED_BETA1 (269MB). Conversion by @Kroc Second Beta Release PSXDOOM BETA2 [31/10/2018]. Some fixes in Exes files. PSP Beta 2 Release: GEC_PSXDOOM_MASTERED_BETA2 (295MB). Conversion by @Kroc NEWS: [22/09/2019] Update of the "Tools and Projecs" tool, this includes what was included in beta 3, the nightmare difficulty and the vram viewer, in addition this tool is able to prepare the map to test the level process without enemies. And the best thing about this tool is that you can change the music to your liking, just play the file (Music Hack.bat) and choose your music and send me the information according to the number you chose, I hope you like it. In the Music Hack window, press the "C" key, to change the music and choose the number from the list and finally press the "M" key to create the hack. Tools and Projecs V4 Welcome to the community project by GEC and Doomworld community. This project has the purpose of incorporing the "missing" levels from the PC versions: (Ultimate Doom, Doom II, Master Levels, TNT and PLutonia) according to the PSX limitations. In the final version of this project, the CD image will uploaded with all the maps, and it will run as follows: there will be a menu with GEC and Doomworld community logos and credits of everyone involved with our project, then you enter to the main menu and select the game you want to play and it will run its respective exe. game (games mentioned above) Those who feel like of participating in such project, are free to do it! Notice for the mappers: Rules: Tools Info: OLD NEWS: [30/09/2018] OLD NEWS: [12/09/2018] Maps: Here is the list of every map to be converted, we GEC, are going to make the maps where the Icon Of Sin appears, as it need certain special effects, among other maps: Ultimate Doom: E3M1: Hell Keep -> @CoTeCiO 26. In the Grip of Madness E3M2: Slough of Despair -> GEC 12. Beyond Fear E3M8: Dis -> @Dark Pulse 9. A Calm Panic Rises E3M9: Warrens -> @CoTeCiO 25. Mind Massacre E4M5: They Will Repent -> @ riderr3 2. The Broken Ones E4M6: Against Thee Wickedly -> @ marver0PS 04. Hell's Churn E4M7: And Hell Followed -> @Saint_Guy 14. Twisted Beyond Reason E4M9: Fear -> GEC 11. Breath Of Horror Doom II: Level 13: Downtown -> @Impboy4 20. Hopeless Despair Level 15: Industrial Zone -> GEC 25. Mind Massacre Level 20: Gotcha! -> @DeXiaZ 12. Beyond Fear Level 24: The Chasm -> @DynamiteKaitorn 15. The Slow Demonic Pulse Level 28: The Spirit World -> @ riderr3 19. Steadfast Extermination Level 29: The Living End -> @mr-around 10. Corrupted Level 30: Icon of Sin -> GEC 24. Lamentation Level 31: Wolfenstein -> GEC 03. Sanity´s Edge Level 32: Grosse -> GEC 10. Corrupted Master Of Levels: Titan Manor (MANOR.WAD) -> @ riderr3 9. Tendrils Of Hate Trapped on Titan (TTRAP.WAD) -> @DeXiaZ 15. Digitized Pain The Garrison (GARRISON.WAD) -> @ riderr3 27. Lurkers Black Tower (BLACKTWR.WAD) -> @DeXiaZ 18. Mutation Bloodsea Keep (BLOODSEA.WAD) -> @Dark Pulse 10. Breath Of Corruption Mephisto's Maosoleum (MEPHISTO.WAD) -> GEC TEETH.WAD: The Express Elevator to Hell -> @mr-around 8. Demon Drone Bad Dream -> @DeXiaZ 05. Malignant Doom2 Map14 Homenaje (TWM01.WAD) ->@Impboy4 14. Hell's Churn TNT: Level 3: Power Control -> @Dragonsbrethren 03. Infectious Level 5: Hanger -> @Dark Pulse 7. Unhallowed Level 6: Open Season -> @Dark Pulse 8. Demon Drone Level 7: Prison ->@mr-around 16. Corrupted Core Level 8: Metal ->@mr-around 22. Beyond Fear Level 9: Stronghold -> @ riderr3 4. Larva Circuits Level 10: Redemption -> @ riderr3 27. Lurkers Level 11: Storage Facility -> @DynamiteKaitorn Level 14: Steel Works-> @ riderr3 11. Retribution Dawns Level 15: Dead Zone -> @mr-around 15. Digitized Pain Level 18: Mill -> @DynamiteKaitorn 09. Tendrils Of Hate Level 19: Shipping/Respawning -> @DeXiaZ 12. The Broken Ones Level 20: Central Processing ->@mr-around 19. A Calm Panic Rises Level 21: Administration Center ->@mr-around & @ riderr3 21. Breath of Horror Level 22: Habitat -> @ riderr3 13. Sanity's Edge Level 25: Baron's Den -> @ riderr3 30. Breath Of Corruption Level 27: Mount Pain -> @DeXiaZ 28. Creeping Brutality Level 29: River Styx -> @ riderr3 22. Beyond Fear Level 30: Last Call -> GEC Level 31: Pharaoh-> @ riderr3 5. Malignant Level 32: Caribbean -> @ riderr3 20. Corrupted Plutonia: Level 2: Well of Souls -> @Dragonsbrethren 18. Mutation Level 4: Caged -> @Dragonsbrethren 01. Bells Of Agony Level 7: Caughtyard -> @ marver0PS 10. Breath Of Corruption Level 8: Realm -> @Impboy4 19. A Calm Panic Rises Level 9: Abattoire -> @ riderr3 24. Twisted Beyond Reason Level 11: Hunted -> @DynamiteKaitorn 05. Malignant Level 12: Speed ->@mr-around 14. Hell's Churn Level 13: The Crypt -> @ riderr3 6. The Foulness Consumes Level 14: Genesis ->@mr-around 7. Unhallowed Level 15: The Twilight ->@mr-around 9. Tendrils Of Hate Level 16: The Omen -> @DynamiteKaitorn 28. Creeping Brutality Level 17: Compound -> @ riderr3 25. The Slow Demonic Pulse Level 18: Neurosphere -> @Dark Pulse 15. Digitized Pain Level 19: NME -> @mr-around 27. Lurkers Level 21: Slayer ->@mr-around 12. The Broken Ones Level 22: Impossible Mission-> @DynamiteKaitorn Level 23: Tombstone -> @ riderr3 23. Lamentation Level 24: The Final Frontier -> @ riderr3 7. Unhallowed Level 25: The Temple of Darkness ->@mr-around 16. Corrupted Core Level 26: Bunker -> @ marver0PS 12. The Broken Ones Level 27: Anti-Christ ->@mr-around 17. Mind Massacre Level 28: The Sewers -> @DeXiaZ 16. Corrupted Core Level 29: Odyssey of Noises ->@mr-around 10. Breath Of Corruption Level 30: The Gateway of Hell - > GEC Level 31: Cyberden -> @DeXiaZ 18. Mutation Level 32: Go 2 It -> @DynamiteKaitorn 27. Lurkers John Romero Maps: E1M4B: Phobos Mission Control -> @ Uroboros87 06. Corrupted Core E1M8B: Tech Gone Bad -> @Dark Pulse No Rest for the Living: Level 1: The Earth Base -> @ riderr3 18. Creeping Brutality Level 2: The Pain Labs -> @ riderr3 8. Mutation Level 3: Canyon of the Dead ->@mr-around 6. Corrupted Core Level 4: Hell Mountain ->@mr-around 12. Beyond Fear Level 5: Vivisection ->@mr-around 17. Lurkers Level 6: Inferno of Blood ->@mr-around 18. Creeping Brutality Level 7: Baron's Banquet ->@mr-around 10. Corrupted Level 8: Tomb of Malevolence -> @DynamiteKaitorn 17. Lurkers Level 9: March of the Demons ->@mr-around & @ riderr3 12. Beyond Fear Special Levels: E1M10: Sewers (Xbox Doom) ->@mr-around 11. Retribution Dawns MAP33: Betray (Xbox Doom II)-> @DeXiaZ 12. Beyond Fear SIGIL Levels: E5M1: Baphomet's Demesne -> @DeXiaZ 20. Hopeless Despair E5M2: Sheol ->@mr-around E5M3: Cages of the Damned ->@mr-around E5M4: Paths of Wretchedness -> @ riderr3 24. Lamentation E5M5: Abaddon's Void -> @Impboy4 E5M6: Unspeakable Persecution -> @Impboy4 E5M7: Nightmare Underworld-> @ riderr3 11. Breath of Horror E5M8: Halls of Perdition-> @ riderr3 14. Twisted Beyond Reason E5M9: Realm of Iblis -> @ riderr3 21. Steadfast Extermination extramap.wad : Doom 3DO Altar Of Extraction -> @ riderr3 15. The Slow Demonic Pulse Jim Flynn Levels: The Titan Anomaly -> @ riderr3 15. Digitized Pain The Farside Of Titan -> @ riderr3 08. Demon Drone John "Dr. Sleep" Anderson Levels: Dante's Gate ->@mr-around 09. Tendrils Of Hate Crossing Acheron ->@mr-around 13. Sanity's Edge Master Levels Outtakes, Christen Klie: The Hive ->@mr-around 02. Vexation The D.M.Z. ->@mr-around 05. Malignant The C.P.U. ->@mr-around 04. Larva Circuits The Fury ->@mr-around 06. The Foulness Consumes The Enemy Inside ->@mr-around 08. Demon Drone Device One ->@mr-around 12. The Broken Ones Cabal series: Sverre André Kvernmo: Cabal 1: Bloodflood ->@mr-around 03. Infectious Cabal 2: Derelict Station ->@mr-around 10. Breath Of Corruption Cabal 3: The Watchtower ->@mr-around 12. Beyond Fear Cabal 4: Temple of Death ->@mr-around 28. Creeping Brutality Cabal 5: We who are About to Die -> @ riderr3 14. Hell's Churn Cabal 6: Eye of the Storm -> @ riderr3 26. In the Grip of Madness Cabal 7:The Image of Evil ->@mr-around 23. Lamentation Support Marines: Accredited for participating in the project. @Dantosking @Eris Falling @Kloki38 Files to be downloaded: 30/9/2018 All the tools updated. Download it again if you already did it! Gzdoom Builder Custom By GEC V3 -> Fixed the error of 3D visual mode, with full brightness and psx lighting color. Tools and Projects V3 PSX Levels PSX PK3 PSX XBOX Levels If you want to download these files, you can do so, but it is no longer necessary. Gzdoom Builder Custom By GEC Gzdoom Builder Custom By GEC V2 Tools and Projects Tools and Projects V2 Find Side Projects Cd Tools Good luck mapping and ... Welcome to Hell =) Create a new Map "old method": Info Vram:
  2. Erick194

    Doom 64 most advanced vanilla doom

    An interesting topic, greetings @Blastfrog.
  3. Erick194

    Doom RPG Reverse Engineering Project

    @AnarkavreExcellent work, I like how it looks, does it have playability? Keep going I hope to see more of this. Old memories brings me the second image with my extraction and map display programs.
  4. Finally, we have just finished this project DOOM64 and PSXDoom/Final DOOM for GZDoom [GEC] Master Edition. And to celebrate Doom's 25 birthday we have decided to release it for everyone right now! It includes Doom64, PSXDoom and PSXFinal DOOM in pk3 format plus an edited GZDoom with new features unique to these projects. Here the link to download: Master Edition [GEC] Update download: Master Edition [GEC]_v2 Changelog: Fixed firing error in shotgun and super shotgun, PSX and Doom64. New flag added in order to the player can auto-telefrag himself. Menu pictures can be stretched to 348 and pics are added to the edges "black bars" to compesate 16:9 screen resolutions. Fixed the double ammo bug given by the Zombie Marines when they die (Zombie Man, Shotgun Guy and Heavy Weapon Dude). You just need to run the Bat.files to start a game. the games are previously configurated. Source Code: the next objective about this project is to aim these features in newer official GZDoom Versions, feel free to make use of all the codes included here! Update : Source Code_v2 In a couple of days, i will be uploading the source code on Github and will also make a documentation about all of these new features about this source port. Thanks for being waiting this project, those who are interested in this project. Happy Birthday DOOM!
  5. Hi @VonHeer of course, PsxDoom has multiplayer by default, but you need 2 consoles to connect to each other. Regarding Doom64 I am working on reverse engineering for the real N64 hardware.
  6. @ludicrous_peridot Discord Chanel: https://discord.gg/aEZD4Y7
  7. Not, I am the youngest brother, the second in the family
  8. By the way really unnecessary :|
  9. Believe my words, he is not a hacker, he is my brother, I simply consider that Doom becomes boring and meaningless, without resentment or even giving back to my brother's comments, if you are interested in the project, excellent and I appreciate your patience.
  10. Hmm what can I say? XD nothing greetings guys.
  11. Erick194

    PsyDoom 0.5.2 - PSX Doom port (reverse engineered) for PC

    Hmm, I wouldn't say that, they did have some reason not to incorporate it into the gameplay, but Doom64 also included the Nightmare difficulty.
  12. Greetings @ludicrous_peridot, in my opinion the most appropriate resolution would be 640x480 since it is the one I feel most comfortable with and I used to get an experience close to the original.
  13. Erick194

    PsyDoom 0.5.2 - PSX Doom port (reverse engineered) for PC

    @intacowetrust is right, his project (PsyDoom) and mine (PsxDoom-RE) are completely separate, I was really surprised by the work he started with (PsyDoom), and I had not announced anything about a possible release of the rebuilt code for PsxDoom, the only one who knew about my work before it went public was Kaiser when I started a conversation with him on Discord in September 2019 and the first thing I showed him was the rebuilt WESS audio system, really the project of PsyDoom and PsxDoom-RE have been of great help to understand the PlayStation machine, a formidable job in both cases.
  14. Hi guys I was working with the QUAKE 64 MIDIS and extracted the midis and the sound source, thanks to @Kaiser again for creating wadgen, since it is based on the system he created for the extraction of midi and sound from Doom64, as expected, the midis contain more hidden notes and sound a bit different from the N64 version, in the file QUAKE64.zip contains 2 files (QUAKE64.pk3 and QUAKE64.sf2), in the file QUAKE64.pk3 there is a folder called "N64_LIMITED_NOTES" this contains the same music but with limited high notes as N64, playing them with the correct note and more similar to the N64, name the sound effects based on the Quake Pc, the sounds that are called "SFX %%. mid" I could not identify them with the original game. I hope you enjoy the music. QUAKE64.zip
  15. Erick194

    PsyDoom 0.5.2 - PSX Doom port (reverse engineered) for PC

    Hmm really necessary? I like to do 3d effects like Doom64. But in the work I did in DZDoom (Gzdoom GEC Master Edition), I did the opposite, I added a flag for the lines and sectors that is NO_RENDERSKYHACK, which is to eliminate those lines that render the sky and create that false 3D effect, maybe can something be done in PsxDoom but would be the opposite of what was mentioned above ?.
  16. News: Hello everyone, a few days ago I found Wolfenstein Rpg (Brew), but it is curious that this version is practically similar to the J2ME version, in the same way that I extracted its content here are the results. In good theory only missing (Doom Rpg and Orcs And Elves) (Brew versions), waiting until they appear. Remember, check the source code of the program on my Github ;) Here the download file (23/2/2020). This guy is different from the J2ME version WOLFENSTEIN_RPG_BREW_EXTRACTOR Old News: Hello everyone here again bringing to everyone the extraction of the graphics and sounds of (Doom II RPG and Orcs And Elves 2) from the versions of Brew. Thanks to @NewSource for providing me with the archives of the Brew games. As you know, the RPGs of Id are missing, these are (Doom RPG, Orcs And Elves and Wolfenstein Rpg) of the versions of Brew. If anyone had it, it would be helpful to provide it to extract their graphics and sounds. Here the download file (1/8/2019). BREW ID GAMES EXTRACTOR By the way, Spider Mastermind and Cyberdemon are guarding the files...beware =) Extractores ID RPGs Thank you all, I'm glad you liked it. Now the source codes are already available in my Github. = D Beware the VIOS is alert! Github: Source Codes
  17. Erick194

    PsyDoom 0.5.2 - PSX Doom port (reverse engineered) for PC

    I have repeated it several times, it is not a mistake, they should not be repeated, like the music of level 7 in Doom64
  18. Greetings guys, I have concluded with the reverse engineering of Psx Final Doom, this will potentially help the @intacowetrust project (PsyDoom), again thanks to all ;) Here the link of my Github: PSXFINALDOOM-RE Also [GEC] channel on Discord: https://discord.gg/aEZD4Y7
  19. Greetings everyone!! The time has come...I have finally finished the reverse engineering of PSXDoom. This code is from the first version released of the PSXDoom game, not the Greatest Hits one. Although this source code already has some fixes from the Greatest Hits version that will be upgraded through time. This will also support to the reverse enginneing project PsyDoom by @intacowetrust and also for fixing any bug I don't notice at this moment if there are any... With this release, the main goal is re-build Final Doom Source Code and thus adding mouse support to PSXDoom, also adding Icon of Sin, Arch Viles, SS and Keen in the future. If you want to make use of this project and compile it, you must follow the instructions in order to use the PSYQ-SDK correctly (Please read Read Me text) This version can be run both in emulators and real hardware. Beforehand, thank you for your patience all this time. I'm waiting for improving this project for PSXDoom Master Edition for future releases. Any doubts or questions about compilation, don't hesitate to ask me!! Any suggestions that can be made if possible in the future, will be very welcome!! Please, visit my GitHub to get the source code. https://github.com/Erick194/PSXDOOM-RE
  20. The GT logo was used for the first versions of PsxDoom in the Greatest Hits version and Japan does not have the logo. The physical version of the game I have is the Greatest Hits, which says MIDWAY instead of WILLIAMS
  21. Erick194

    PsyDoom 0.5.2 - PSX Doom port (reverse engineered) for PC

    @intacowetrust Oh great, I could add it like in future for psx master edition as a flag in GameInfo maybe. I take this opportunity to say something important, in a couple of weeks or these days I will have a complete Final Doom Psx, and soon I will release the source code.
  22. @fenderc01 The differences are minimal in a way, the Greatest Hits version updates version 1.0 a little, some examples are the skull keys, in 1.0 it only shows the normal cards, also the password was not kept in version 1.0 which was deleted when accessing the next level, right now I do not remember more, @intacowetrust could give a little more detail about it.
  23. Erick194

    PsyDoom 0.5.2 - PSX Doom port (reverse engineered) for PC

    Again thank you very much for looking for a solution to that bug, here the commit of the change: https://github.com/Erick194/PSXDOOM-RE/commit/07375cae6d6ba10a4bdb4c62ef4f9cc1cbfc4a92
  24. You can share channel links without problems
  25. @kraze Greetings friend, I will get to work with the extraction of these files, I thank you for sharing them, stay tuned, it is good that we already have high-quality Wolfensten RPG, it would still be missing Doom RPG and Orcs & Elves.