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  1. K12machinima

    Animus Abinde: a megaWAD project by K12machinima (IN PROGRESS)

    Thanks, man! If you have/will play it, I hope your interest was well used! c:
  2. K12machinima

    Animus Abinde: a megaWAD project by K12machinima (IN PROGRESS)

    I know, I know. If it makes you feel better, I keep the old-fashioned HUD, never use mouse-look, and don't like crosshair mods. *holds up pinky* I promise.
  3. The HUGE Guts of It: Well, hello there, everybody. This is a megaWAD project I've been working on since I've moved recently, at about a map per week, off and on. After I finally released Ulcer a while back, I decided to actually keep mapping, just to improve, have fun, and try my hand at making a cohesive, flowing megaWAD. I'll be adding more public releases as time goes on (maybe every month or so), to get some feedback, testing, and just to get some of my stuff out there into the Doom community. Ulcer took me way too long to make, could have been better, and I wanted to make a more "pure" Doom WAD experience, something like Alien Vendetta, Hell Revealed, Scythe, or even some of the more fun maps by Skillsaw and the new episode, Sigil, by Romero. I wanted the experience to be like the newer shooters of today, the classics like Blood and Duke 3D, and of course, arcade-like and fun like Doom 1-2. Most of the combat is rewarded with health and armor bonuses for nimble players, and clever players who like their secrets will be right at home with some of the secrets I've put in. The tone of this is also a LOT more lighter than Ulcer, so, expect to at least crack a slight smile here or there... if, you know, you're not a jaded, horrible person. UPDATES: I currently put up a video walkthrough of the current state of the WAD, and have made some changes, like the couch being an infinite health source in map02, and am going to remove autosave lindefs in next build. Map05 is done, and map06 is "sculpted" and currently being worked on. :) - 11-29-21 The Story: (copied from the .txt) As a new marine into the UAC, you find yourself stationed in the security section of a newly opened dig site on the surface of Mars. It's not exactly the greatest of places, but not exactly what you would describe as "hard" work to start with; the food is okay, the dorms for security staff are okay, and the whole place is just "okay". You're on your last week of work at this boring, lifeless site, and just want to go back to Earth, where at least you know you can step outside without your lungs rupturing. After a long day of helping import some crates into the nearby lobby you hear some strange sounds coming from the dorm to your right. This yahoo near you has been up at all hours of the Martian night, playing all sorts of loud music, shouting what you can only assume is Latin, and making all sorts of racket - every day since you've been stationed. You've heard some strange stuff from this room, but... this sounds like a scream: a scream that you've never heard before, on Earth, space, or any other planet you've been to so far. You get out of bed, grab your security pistol off the desk, and as you hastily put a clip in, you hear another ghastly sound coming from the hall, followed by what sounds like gunshots. Perhaps, this is the moment you've been waiting for? You glance over at the nearby dresser that houses your armor vest; maybe you can see if the UAC guarantee of "your vest can save your life, every time" is actually true, or just something the higher-ups say to make you feel at ease... TRAILER: COMING SOON THE WAD: Animus Abinde - PB1 (DropBox) VIDEO WALKTHROUGH WITH MY VOICE!: The Naughty Bits: Come get an Ulcer SLADE Doom Builder The Man, the Myth, the Legend... The SLIGHTLY less of a legend, but still a myth... God's gift to the Doom Community. Extra THICC Fishy Sticcs: Chubz, my roommate, my job, Doombuilder, SLADE, my YouTube bois and grls, my new home, Doom Eternal being dope, Doom 4 being dope, and YOU for giving in and trying this WAD out! - Seth (k12machinima) The Naughty Pics:
  4. K12machinima

    Ulcer: A WAD by K12machinima

    The HUGE Guts of It: Well, hello there, everybody. I've been working on this project, off-and-on for about 2 years now, and had the urge to suddenly finish it off before I move to a new place. It's been a long, arduous battle with depression, life, work, and the usual, but, I still managed to work on this little project over that whole time, and said the other night, "Why not just release Ulcer, Seth? It's been on the back-burner for like... months..." I promptly punched the mirror, sat my ass down, and finished it... or... well... I deleted the follow-up level that I was working on 6 months ago, while cleaning up my desktop... cried... and decided to just test and tart up what I had done with this map, and call it good for now; maybe in due time I'll release a second map called Kidney Stone, who knows? This isn't what I'd call my best work, and as a creative type, I certainly am my own worst critic; even the music track I made for this map is actually a per-existing track I'd worked on almost half a year ago, and I decided to just kinda roll with the punches, since I wanted it to be a track for the second map I was working on... but... what can ya do, you know - don't tell me it's like all the music was made for it, and fits the tone, it's literally a coincidence that the track even loops the way it does. This WAD should only be played using GZDoom, since, you know, I'm not one of THOSE people that tries to run Doom in DOS... you people are weird... next thing you're gonna tell me that sand in your clam chowder is good, and not a sign of an unsanitary kitchen... By extension, I'm sure this could run in ZDoom, or maybe even Skulltag, but just, please, don't be like "Uuuuuh... Seth... why doesn't this work in (insert source port I've never even bothered to touch here) you idiot, what are you stupid!?" A good 50% of the WAD relies on scripting and entities from Doom in Hexen format, so, please, ensure you're using the latest version of GZDoom before you even run the WAD. If it wasn't clear, I was heavily inspired by Blue Eagle's wonderful Unloved WAD, and I cite it as my favorite WAD, almost instantly, so, be a champ and praise him first, not me. The other obvious influences are Serious Sam, DUSK, Quake, and the other big boys of the FPS genre. Much like anything creative, creativity comes from inspiration, so, if anything, this is just my own love-letter to all those games and medias that influenced Ulcer's creation. The Story: You're dead. What? You expected there to be more to this, just because I'm a writer? The story is for you decide and infer. TRAILER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YDj-vaqlKpw&feature=youtu.be The WAD: Yeah, I know the WAD file is a bit beefy, due to the fact I used a very long audio track, and multiple audio tracks for various bits of the WAD. This is why I'm using Dropbox for this, as I don't think I was able to transfer it over through Filezilla due to the audio taking up so much space - not to mention where I live (at the time of writing this), my internet is basically sticks and stones, and it disconnected multiple times just trying to transfer files over... While this downloads, go brew yourself some coffee, get relaxed, talk to a relative or loved one - if you have any - and get ready to give yourself an ulcer... figure of speech, I hope you know... or, maybe don't do any of that - just stare at your download bar like an insane person, I won't judge you... much... Ulcer - Dropbox The Naughty Bits: In case I haven't made it clear... Go get Paul's wonderful Unloved after you finish this, and put my WAD in the recycle bin. Also, go get yourself Hell Ground after you're done with Unloved, just to be safe, and sweep all thought of me from thy mind. As thy kind always have... Doom Builder SLADE The Greatest Man That Ever Lived Extra Fishy Sticks To: Doom Builder, SLADE, Chubzdoomer, Doomworld, Id Software, the Doom community, my YouTube gents, my friends in real life that tolerate my rambolic and boring nature, my cat Frampt, my ex (actually was a huge part of the creation of Ulcer, in a good way), all the heavy metal I listened to while mapping, my job, and YOU for giving Ulcer a chance! - Seth The Naughty Pics:
  5. K12machinima

    Coffee Break Episode 1

    Well, for a runner-up in the Cacowards, it deserves it. It's not too bad on UV, and every fight is reasonable. The levels felt a tad bite repetitive at times, but they were all fairly good to make up for it. The best aspect of this WAD was the solid feel to it, where it DOES feel like a coffee break, where you can just relax. My only complaint was the cliff-hanger ending. 4/5 - K12
  6. K12machinima


    Very fun, charming, and has a certain difficulty in its own way. I'd love to see a MegaWAD of something like this, if you ever decide to make more! :) Also, the secrets made me smile, and overall, you did a great job. 4/5 - K12