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  1. FireFish

    Post about your favourite actors or actresses ?

    Sean connery will always be Ramirez to me. Will Smith is the man in black. Harrison Ford, Alec Guinness, and Ewan McGregor offcourse. Clint Eastwood because he is one of "the" classics in modern television, Brent "Data" spiner. Vin Diesel has some great action movies behind him... and Morgan Freeman. That is why i do not like to condense a list into something smaller, there are always so many great entries missing afterwards.
  2. FireFish

    Star Wars The Force Awakens

    Congratulations. You completed this ordeal and confirmed that this place has gone BATSHIT INSANE. Do you retarded fools even realize that i never even once wrote about sexism, racism, or anything closely related to that... It was Tarnsman who came in with that shit in a clear and pre-meditated atempt at destroying this thread by manipulating his shit abour sexism, penisses and vaginas into this very same thread. There even where two fucking people trying to make that very same point clear to Tarnsman. Batshit Insane. Now that i have written that at a level that you could understand without having a care in the world. Sayonara. :)
  3. FireFish

    Post about your favourite actors or actresses ?

    To be honest... This list could grow until i run out of willpower to write any more of it. I will try to condence it into a smaller list which hopefully motivates people to post their favourites. Daniel Day Lewis : There Will Be Blood, and Gangs Of New York. This man is Epic with his unique, serious, ways. He fits the roles he plays as the roles fit him in terms of acting and appearances. Nicholas Cage : Time to Kill. Lord of war. Ghost Rider. Con Air. Kick-Ass. This guy has a range. He plays such diverse roles yet makes them into his own unique thing. Bruce willis : Even though he always plays that same role over and over again, even if it is in a different movie with different characters. kind of odd. Sylvester Stalone : I like all the Rambo's, i like most of the rocky movies, and i can stand The Expendables. This man is such an icon that he only needs two movie series to be one of "the" action movie actors. Arnold swartzenegger : One huge mistake one could make is to claim that he can not act. Try to play a terminator, try to be mister freeze, try to act anything like he did. You will look like a fool, sound like a fool, and be an amateur at it. Mark Hamill : There is only one Luke Skywalker. This guy hit the mark with his one true role, And kept the world in its wake. Milla Jovovich : There Do not seem to be many woman who are able to act in action scenes without it being kind of awkward... But Milla jovovich does it better than many men. To me she does not only look good, she is a damn good actress in terms of big screen, mainstream movies from the 5th element up to resident evil. R.E. the final chapter promo : https://www.instagram.com/p/-yS-PizMje/?taken-by=millajovovich R.E. The final chapter artwork : https://www.instagram.com/p/-_XPA6zMse/ Lucy Lawless : It migh be getting old, it might be slightly forgotten, but there would not have been anybody more fitting for the role known as Xena as her. A good looking woman portrayed a character which entertained many kids and teens during the 90's and early 00's. I would not be surprised that she would have been the first woman in such a role to be shown to many kids and teens... possibly opening an eye or two (among other things ;) lucy liu : I think she hit home with her role in Kill Bill. That is enough to convince me. the Quintin Tarantine movies and the man with the iron fists are all i need to realy like her ways of acting. Sigourney Weaver : There can only be one Ripley. To me this actress has that certain thing. That which also Milla jovovich has. Give them an action role and they will show you non awkward convincing action. Not to mention the emotion which S. Weaver had put into that one role. karen gillan : her role in DR. who was spot on.
  4. I does not matter if they played in only one movie, you know only one role, or if they retired or not. Let us know which big screen woman has taken your heart and ended up on your list of all time favourites. So... Who are your favourite actors and actresses, and why do you like them ?
  5. FireFish

    Star Wars The Force Awakens

    Luke is a man and rey is not. that is all you yourself are able to focus on while projecting it onto the forum. You seem to be ignorant of the fact that 3 different people have already (and clearly) noted that it is not about her being a woman, as you keep projecting your own problems with it... onto them, us, me. Your explicit and continued usage of the words Penis and Vagina clearly make your "troll-ish" nature shine trough. All you are after is a fake sense of recognition as a white knight. I have seen you do it multiple times on the forum. You even remind me of the stereotypical, generic, 90's know-it-all man in his 30's who has closed his mind to the world and only radiates his own narrow world view onto others while he himself is no longer open to different views. The fictional All Bundy perhaps. The fear of starwars no longer being starwars. Not liking "one certain" actress. You explode.
  6. FireFish

    Star Wars The Force Awakens

    he is not as he completely missed every point and claimed that i wrote and thought shit which i did not. You also missed the point of the video quotes. Chezza is the one with the reality based common sense here. But i will repeat for one last time ; it was not about her being a woman. I just cant stand this one single actress her looks and feel, While my second concern has been adressed by Chezza who was willing to spend more (and wise) words on it than i can muster for something as irrelevant as a Star Wars topic on DoomWorld. that is all.
  7. FireFish

    Star Wars The Force Awakens

    I have no need to explain myself to some stranger who knows nothing about me (not in the slightest), or vice versa. But i will be so kind to repeat myself. I clearly wrote that it never was about her being a woman. i think that is more than enough to make it clear. I know men who refuse to watch Tom Cruise movies. Does that make them man-haters ? no, they do not like how he looks or acts. end of non-offending story. If you are so offended (or fake being offended) by something as the words boy, men, girls, or woman... or in my case a few innocent concerns relating to the content, then listen to mark hamil using the word manhood. PS. Dont punch a hole in your screen. As you can see, i can play the game if i want to (with ease), but I have no need for a circus on a forum. Point in case. That is the exact reason why many Woman want Woman to play with in video games. They cant relate to the game when they are playing as a male. This does not turn into sexims when you turn it around to Men playing as men.
  8. FireFish

    Star Wars The Force Awakens

    Get yourself tested by a psychiatrist, or stop the trolling mr. moderator status. You are completely losing yourself in a fantasy, inventing arguments and claiming to have read things i never once wrote. - I have never written that white men can only relate to white men. - I have never written that media only needs to contain straight white male men. - I have never written that i was offended by the word gay. - I have never written that i was offended by a penis or vagina (in terms of sexuality). Your childish abnormal ranting about penises while acting as if you are offended (by your own imagination to boot) is pathetic. You are the typical offended internet based SJW bigot. You are the stereotype of the internet based SJW weirdo troll whom manipulates his or her way trough reality into a fantasy of their own where they are "the" correct being. The reality of what I wrote : - I cant stand the main actress. - I am worried about the target audience they had in mind. - These movies are Dear to me so i am a bit worried. - I respect your different view, but i never wrote anything about race, sex, sexuality. Nothing which i ever wrote was about race, sexuality, status, religion. You fantasized those in and began acting like one of those trolling "i am protected by status" doomworld moderators. You fake bigot.
  9. FireFish

    Star Wars The Force Awakens

    It might have been Starwars, but after somebody took offence when i wrote that i cant stand the actress.. well that other person began a drama around sexuality, gender, and race. Great video. I literally lol'ed.
  10. FireFish

    Star Wars The Force Awakens

    Your problem is that you are so set on being offended by something unrelated to you, or what i wrote, while also being so set on acting like the P.C. White Knight that you even dare to drag homosexuality (or at least some form of sexuality) into this. Whats next ? Black people ? Lesbians ? Obama ? anything to manipulate this into your playfield ? You intolerant misguided bigot.
  11. FireFish

    Brutal Doom V2b - Release Date

    Would this run trough ZDoom or does it realy need GZDoom ?
  12. FireFish

    Star Wars The Force Awakens

    I do not hold anything against you, people differ. I accept your intolerance towards my being concerned about the movies i hold dear and their target audience. Outside of the internet there are millions of people with different oppinions and preferences.
  13. FireFish

    Petition to Nintendo to release Star Fox 2

    There is a fully functional beta of Star Fox 2 which plays as a full but short game. It might even have been near its finished state. It isnt hard to find trough the forums from the beta collectors and preservation fanatics.
  14. I would never deny that. In this case i wanted to bash the "internet" trend and not that which once was. Video games and nerd girlfriends do not deserve a "gate" suffix unless COD would have been a secret backdoor program for secret services to data mine every gaming platform on earth. To be certain : The above statement is not referencing American McGee or his sister.