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Status Updates posted by FireFish

  1. If i would like to get rid of my profile here on doomworld without any big fuzz then Not logging in myself would kind of be against the point of me not wanting a connection to this place. Like a facebook "delete account" system. I know that most forums would not have this but still...

    is there a way to delete or block my account on doomworld ?

    edit :
    fixed it.

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    2. j4rio


      Sodaholic said:

      I probably shouldn't let it affect me, but his arrogance was really hitting a nerve for me. I kinda wish that he stuck around as a normal member, but it's his choice.

      You are shitting up quite a huge chunk of post hell yourself so if you are truly a man of word, you might as well follow Memfis to some different forums now.

    3. Blastfrog


      j4rio said:

      You are shitting up quite a huge chunk of post hell

      That was four years ago.

      What exactly have I done in the last year to deserve any of your scorn?

    4. Bloodshedder
  2. I browse a lot of forums on a lot of sites, and lately i have noticed a rising amount of xenophobia, which comes down to
    'fear or dislike for people from other countries', and the abundance of stereotypes. The last one is not new, but
    the combination of xenophobic dislike combined with stereotypes still makes me laugh my ass of in 2014 ;

    All rusians are racist.
    All the french eat frogs, play soccer.
    All the germans are hitler nazies in disguise.
    All the americans are fat and dumb.
    All the english are ugly.
    All the dutch smoke weed and act off.

    Most users of these stereotypes in xenophobic conditions on any forum seem to be egocentric odd posters whom think
    they have things to prove, or just plain trolls who do not think about it and just act out of fun...

    It is the year 2014, any country well enough to house 4 airports has many nationalities hopping around since the 80's,
    and television is a global ordeal... I am starting to wonder if selective news reports to trash peoples views on other
    countries are creating a new wave of stereotype reinforcement...

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    2. Memfis


      I've heard that in Hungary it's considered completely normal to fart in public.

    3. Cell


      Memfis said:

      I've heard that in Hungary it's considered completely normal to fart in public.

      On the other side, burping is still considered more offensive to make with the same circumstances given.

    4. geekmarine


      Cell said:

      On the other side, burping is still considered more offensive to make with the same circumstances given.

      Heh, it'd make sense anyway - at least you can hold in a burp, or muffle it. Obviously yeah, they can still catch you by surprise, but when you feel a fart coming on, your options are much more limited.

      Heh, now I'm just suddenly remembering all those times I got in trouble as a kid for burping on purpose, even though I didn't know how to burp on purpose at the time. I brought it up to my parents once, actually, not too long ago, and they told me they "didn't want to take any chances," in case I secretly was burping on purpose, but that they were sorry for getting me in trouble all those times when I really was doing it on accident. Oy, parents are weird.

  3. Fully configured tinycore with persistence ;

    A blog never changes... or does it ?
    Tinycore, it is a free linux kernel based operating system meant to be loaded into a ramdisk. It loads what it needs into
    ram and contineus from there on. It uses its own patched kernel to make that happen. Any program you download and load for usage
    will never be saved to anywhere unless you provide a usb based storage device, hard disk, or rebuild the image of the os which it boots
    from to automaticaly include what you need.

    Unless you pay atention and read the instructions which at least the tinycore-plus iso-image provides while using tinycore itself you might
    spend half a day figuringing out the obvious ; if the installer says chose your options by typing them in a text box like --home=hda# then you
    read up and chose what you need. I did not, and skimmed trough ending up having to redownload a gigabyte on extra software after a reboot...

    In the end i ended up installing it to an SD card as a usb-hdd install. So i used sda# te refer to its mount point at boot. ofcourse # has to be
    a number equaling a partition. Eventually i had it installing correctly and could start with adding some extra software again, which could be made
    permanent now.

    The custom desktop which comes with tinycore-plus is a charm for running on norhing more then a 24bit vesa 1280x### vga resolution, even on a old
    testing ground-netbook it runs smooth enough to think its normal, but i have not yet tried to install or activate another GFX driver. As seen on the
    screenshot this system has a functioning and easy to use software manager. It downloads tinycore .tcz program containers according to a drop
    down list option ; download only, download and load, load on boot. If you do not load it instantly, and if you have a persistent instalation you can
    also use the exact same software manager to activate and load already downloaded software which you did not add to the automatic 'to-memory' loading.

    The left upper dropdown list (badly scaled here) allows you to chose what to do. On the screenshot you can see i installed and loaded conky, activated it,
    and the tinycore desktop (openbox + what core uses) is capable of simulating transparency and sustaining a zooming moving dock, which also runs as
    a taskbar here. (the conkyrc config comes from the official website).

    I ended up installing anything i needed to make it usable on a netbook for whatever i wanted to do, so i needed things like Firefox, a file manager like
    Fluff or RoX, FeH as a simple small (not all encompasing) image viewer, and a whole bunch of software i needed to experiment with this system.
    However i did not install VLC or any video player, on most 'non prehistoric' chips the vesa driver should be able to handle videos up to dvd quality. But
    do not take my word for it, if you need decent heavy computing graphical support from your hardware then solve it yourself... I was more then pleased with
    the vesa on this poulsbo driven netbook. But compared to the 86d framebuffer driver on my previous ubuntu install for the netbook it is nothing... nada.
    (For those who do not know ; the poulsbo codenamed video hardware has no specialized or decent drivers on any linux distro...)

    After adding all i wanted to use i ended up with a consistent system somewhat bypassing the actual use of tinycore, namely having an operating system which
    runs like a firmware rom of sorts which loses all data after shutdown to then boot again into a prestine clean state.

    The uses i see in using this system as pure as possible ;
    -> privacy oriented core IMAGES loading into ram for on the road situations with a realy small storage device.
    -> Sparing SD cards and flash drives a few read and write cycles (making them live longer) on limited systems without a classical HDD.
    -> Using its as ROM styled operating system by packing a core.gz with everything you need and nothing more or less. (kiosks, demo stands, etc...)
    -> Sandbox computing on high-rate internet connections ; install something and use it. reboot and leave no damaging traces on your bootable system.
    -> Learning about building up you personalized linux distro from a minimum system, as not easy to find anywhere else in such miniscule forms.

    The uses i see in experimenting with a backup and save persistent tinycore ;
    -> Reliving the fun of using old netbooks.
    -> having a perfect testing ground for all sorts of 'privacy based' connection systems.. i do not need them but they where there and i experimented.
    -> giving yourself the feeling you packed together a system completely acording to your needs.
    -> Saving memory as stuff does not need to be loaded directly at boot into the core ramdisk.
    -> Making it run a Dos Emulator directly after booting, and script-mounting the needed parititions... :)

    Advice when experimenting with this ;
    -> install Fluff.tcz ; the lightest simplest file manager possible from the manager / downloader.
    -> make sure you have enough megabytes left on your download limit if you think you are going to mess up.
    -> Install IPTABLES and run the basic-firewall script that comes with it... for the obvious reasons.

    Reminds me off ;
    Android ; because of the fact that altering ROOT files needs re-packagaing of the image that gets booted, unless you install it frugal or usb-HDD.

    Do not use if ;
    You are afraid you are going to lose 400 gigabyte on important files not knowing what you are doing and still learning.
    This system requires a bit of thought and care to get it somewhere other then booting it as if its a cell-phone rom.

    For hobbyists ; The official website of Tnycore.

    For desktop image lovers ; Where you can get that damaged paint blue plank thing...

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    2. AndrewB


      I guess this stuff can be useful in embedded systems and such. Interactive teddy bears and transit card readers probably use stuff like this.

    3. FireFish


      the text only mode kernel and modules (tinycore) would be perfect for realy small low power servers, and if you are willing to mess around and program i could see embeded computers like car systems and even home controllers use stuff like this...

      But i suspect the main usage at the moment would be paranoia based people using it as a sandbox to go online. If you want to know what people do
      with computer chips running systems like this but usualy without a desktop i could sugest googling a raspbery pi computer.


      People use such mini computers to build bird filming bird houses to toilets with a computer in them... or arcade machines running dos games like doom but
      also emulators for true arcade systems trough the mame emulator. I am currently using an old netbook as an internet connection experiment for two or
      tree days to then probably never look back on it, and forget it...

    4. FireFish


      Well that went sour realy fast...
      It took me a full day to learn about this system so i could set it up
      for hobby experimenting and learning about all sorts of internet connections...
      to then lose 2 days of information gathering and documenting for my Binavoid blog.

      Somehow something reset the entire OS ramdisk while it was running an unsaved connection
      setting and four pages of study material about anonymizing surfing and my findings about
      all sorts of set-ups and experiments...

      Hobby computing can be a bitch when stuff like this happens.
      My plan to release a giant text on information about the networking i did for
      anybody interessted has now been lost before i permanently saved it.

  4. An experiment in progress ;
    I am currently making a vanilla map with a slightly surrealistic approach. I just felt like creating a map based around that idea because of some
    realy atmospheric odd metal that was playing while i was using chocolate doom. So it became an atempt to make something that could run in the dos
    executable (tested with 1.9). Even though my maps can be short of nature... prboom is used To have something to look at with a decent non edited size
    for these shots. Chocolate screenshots are kind of... small.

    This map is more a concept around a personal story and fantasy or perhaps surreal concept i wanted to visualize, then about being a giant
    technical masterpiece of vanilla mapping. At this point it is rather unfinished though.

    You spawn looking directly at an Evil eye in the distance, Red pillars block the light eminating from the doorway while corpses
    decorate the walls. This scene just draws you towards the Evil eye.

    Arriving at this glaring eye, it seems to have some status or meaning in this absurd world. Floating high and mighty above its candle,
    which on itself is placed upon a wooden throne. An odd red structure surounds the throne.

    After meeting the eye up close, this rather silent thing seemed to have opened a door somehow. The room behind it features an odd foating
    circular shaped hot glowing stone. In this scene of weirdness it belongs as one of the shapes.
    Looking at the shadow behind this pillar of flesh, while the corspe of a dead imp adds to the whole... it might not be able to become much weirder.
    Inbetween the shadows of these pillars the enemies walked. The orange sky on the back just felt to nice to be true for this situation as the
    atmosphere might have well been a warm sunset on a distant planet. At least it has colors, all that is needed now is brown everywhere.

    A skull button on a marble slab somewhere in this dreaded place. The creatures here seemed to like circular shapes.
    These shadows and all that light, it is so soothing yet unreal. The orange sky remains here as if it would never end.

    1. scifista42


      Surrealistic vanilla map.

      Looks quite normal and okay, not that surrealistic in context of some today's Doom maps*, or even certain IWAD maps. :)
      I'm not sure if anyone else than you would be so thrilled by the map's atmosphere. But nice, for what you claim it to be.

      *TimeOfDeath / Ribbiks maps are surreal, obviously. ;P

    2. FireFish


      Quote warior : the good type. :)

      scifista42 said:

      Looks quite normal and okay, not that surrealistic in context of some today's Doom maps*, or even certain IWAD maps. :)[spoiler]

      I agree with all of this in some way or another. I think i am just severely under-estimating the limits of the original engine.

      scifista42 said:

      I'm not sure if anyone else than you would be so thrilled by the map's atmosphere. But nice, for what you claim it to be.

      I am not exactly thrilled by the atmosphere, at first i did not want to show it anywhere except on my own screen. But i just thought ;
      Why would i not make a blog entry about a simple map while explaining a small story and the idea behind it. Who knows, maybe somebody else gets a good idea out of it. :)

      - thanks for the comment anyway.

  5. Are there other 'digital' and 'analog' (joke) designers, or hobby
    painters and drawers here ? If so i would love to see your profiles !

    some extravaganza from the lists :


    my deviantart profile :

    my pixiv profile :

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    2. FireFish


      i like the 'Arrival of cthulhu' painting lordworm / darkreaver.
      almost looks as if you used that mountain you posted for that.

      that mountain is quite nice.

    3. darkreaver


      Yeah I used the exact same mountain as a reference

    4. FireFish


      I just discovered weebly, and drag and dropped a simple homepage.
      It also had to undergo a tiny bit of CSS editing to get rid of the unwanted.


  6. I only just discovered this. There are so many pages
    and extras behind this gigantic operation of doom worship on DoomWorld..
    The title represents this shocking discovery.

    so the blog will contain following thoughts :

    A : is a fire extinguisher lethal to a FireFish.
    it keeps me up at night...

    B : feels content with the wads online, but feels
    depraved of comments. Very odd these two.

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    2. Blastfrog


      TheCupboard said:

      Sometimes a man has to place his scrotum on the felt.

      I... I just wanted to know if that was done through software alteration...

      It could come in handy for a certain WAD involving... Cyberdemons...

    3. Cupboard


      I don't know for certain. I was browsing /b/ and entered this loli voice thread. She/it was doing all these recordings for different people and I got her/it to say something before leaving.

    4. joe-ilya


      Obsidian said:

      Remember Clonehunter, this doesn't add to your postcount.

      :( That's sad.