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  1. I only just discovered this. There are so many pages
    and extras behind this gigantic operation of doom worship on DoomWorld..
    The title represents this shocking discovery.

    so the blog will contain following thoughts :

    A : is a fire extinguisher lethal to a FireFish.
    it keeps me up at night...

    B : feels content with the wads online, but feels
    depraved of comments. Very odd these two.

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    2. dg93


      TheCupboard said:

      Sometimes a man has to place his scrotum on the felt.

      FireFish said:

      balls to that, make em slap.

      This thread is getting a tad bit weird..... just a tad bit.

    3. FireFish


      Doomguy you must have one twisted mind.

      Sir. TheCupboard and i where writing like gentlemen about a game of golf on the mini-golf felt. His ball got stuck and he had to sit down to get it unstuck. while i tossed some golf balls towards him.


    4. dg93


      Well then kind sir, you see, if I had known that you and TheCupboard were talking about how you fancy a game of golf, I wouldn't have initially thought of anything perverse.

      Carry on gentlemen

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