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  1. I browse a lot of forums on a lot of sites, and lately i have noticed a rising amount of xenophobia, which comes down to
    'fear or dislike for people from other countries', and the abundance of stereotypes. The last one is not new, but
    the combination of xenophobic dislike combined with stereotypes still makes me laugh my ass of in 2014 ;

    All rusians are racist.
    All the french eat frogs, play soccer.
    All the germans are hitler nazies in disguise.
    All the americans are fat and dumb.
    All the english are ugly.
    All the dutch smoke weed and act off.

    Most users of these stereotypes in xenophobic conditions on any forum seem to be egocentric odd posters whom think
    they have things to prove, or just plain trolls who do not think about it and just act out of fun...

    It is the year 2014, any country well enough to house 4 airports has many nationalities hopping around since the 80's,
    and television is a global ordeal... I am starting to wonder if selective news reports to trash peoples views on other
    countries are creating a new wave of stereotype reinforcement...

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    2. FireFish


      Great points Sodaholic and Geekmarine.
      Maybe i never noticed it before because i never focused on it...

      To me it seems people are dramatizing their skin color for no logical reason. How else would people have to
      describe them without inventing all those politically correct diversions with the exact same purpose...
      describing a skin color.

      Racism and xenophobia ;
      - Black men and woman are dumb violent pieces of trash with knives living in shit cabinets.
      - Europeans are retarded racists living in a white empire situated in 1701.
      - because you are from culture G i will force a 200 year old stereotype on to you.
      - My nation and its culture are highly superior, yours is to different to be good.

      Not racism ;
      - A black actor did something funny.
      - A white male just robbed a liquor store.
      - A black man or woman could be hot.
      - I think the man or woman was black.
      - Some white woman are fat.
      - Chinese woman are beautiful.

      The internet and modern media seem to trap people more and more into this haze of fake justification where
      it is accepted to call anybody a racist based on anything slightly touching race, which awakens the over
      active real life and digital 'justice' warriors...

      Avoozl said:

      The French are just noses on legs.

      I inherited a french nose... i agree.

    3. Cell


      I personally don't know what stereotypes concern the Hungarian ones.

    4. Eris Falling

      Eris Falling

      I personally don't know what stereotypes concern the Hungarian ones.

      You never stop eating.


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