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  1. If i would like to get rid of my profile here on doomworld without any big fuzz then Not logging in myself would kind of be against the point of me not wanting a connection to this place. Like a facebook "delete account" system. I know that most forums would not have this but still...

    is there a way to delete or block my account on doomworld ?

    edit :
    fixed it.

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    2. j4rio


      Sodaholic said:

      I probably shouldn't let it affect me, but his arrogance was really hitting a nerve for me. I kinda wish that he stuck around as a normal member, but it's his choice.

      You are shitting up quite a huge chunk of post hell yourself so if you are truly a man of word, you might as well follow Memfis to some different forums now.

    3. Blastfrog


      j4rio said:

      You are shitting up quite a huge chunk of post hell

      That was four years ago.

      What exactly have I done in the last year to deserve any of your scorn?

    4. Bloodshedder