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  1. Welcome to the first ever Fastcaps Cup! Hosted by Plasmabump & Multiplayer Doom Federation, and powered by Odamex! What Is Plasmabump? Plasmabump is a website and stat-tracking system created by Rude (@writhe) that tracks an individual players performance in duels and strafe running races. In duels, it tracks everything from weapon stats (frags, usage %) to k/d ratio and much more! In races, it tracks the time it takes to cap flag-to-flag and the tics for each player. Fastcaps Cup Event We will be running an event over the course of 5 days testing just how fast you can capture a flag on 5 popular CTF maps! The website features a leaderboard that is updated in real time that allows you to follow your progress and the progress of your opponents. Your goal is to get the fastest time in all 5 maps by the end of the 5th day, at which point you will receive points based on your placement. There will be 2 modes, strafe-only & rocketjumping. The player that has accumulated the most points will be declared the winner. You have unlimited chances throughout the week to improve your time, but any score received after the cut-off time will not be counted. Event Dates Monday, March 30th - Friday, April 3rd We'll be holding daily sessions at 5pm EDT throughout the week, do your best to attend! If you can't, please feel free to set some records on your own. No scores will be accepted after 8pm EDT on Friday April 3rd. Point Distribution 1st place - 100 2nd place - 85 3rd place - 64 4th place - 43 5th place - 32 6th place - 21 7th place - 19 8th place - 15 9th place - 11 10th place - 8 11th place - 5 12th place - 3 13th place - 2 14th place - 1 How to play? Get & install Odamex (https://odamex.net/) if you do not have it already. Join the MDF Discord & signup in #fastcaps-cup! https://discordapp.com/invite/YQyg4cf Maps - zdctf26 ragectf14 zdctf11 core18 zdctf23 Wad + Servers will be posted here Monday Live leaderboards will be here: http://www.plasmabump.com/race/wads/fastcaps/
  2. plsmbmp_rude

    QuakeCon 2019

    BYOC tournies streamed here usually https://www.twitch.tv/quakecon2 edit: IIRC last year they allowed community members to guest cast matches. Would be cool to see that in Doom :D
  3. plsmbmp_rude

    Introducing Plasmabump.com [BETA]

    @kb1 you are right there is not enough info on getting new players in the game.. hard to remember that we were all newbies once. I will expand on this and be linking @Doomkid 's comprehensive tutorial on getting started with doom 2 online all over the site, thanks!
  4. plsmbmp_rude

    Introducing Plasmabump.com [BETA]

    Thanks friends :D - Site is back up now; I had made some changes last night and did not realize they were breaking, whoops There are actually a good amount of newcomers right now on Plasmabump & Odamex in general. With Quakecon coming up, alot of people practicing/checking stuff out!
  5. plsmbmp_rude

    Introducing Plasmabump.com [BETA]

    Oh yes duh. duel2020oa.wad - http://doomshack.org/uploads/duel2020oa.wad duel2015.wad - http://doomshack.org/uploads/duel2015.wad That is a great idea. Will definitely look to implement this in the next web update o/
  6. plsmbmp_rude

    QuakeCon 2019

    Practice servers up on Odamex using Qcon settings-. Location: NYC - QUAKECON - Duel Practice Server #1 - QUAKECON - Duel Practice Server #2 - QUAKECON - TDM Practice Server - QUAKECON - FFA Practice Server
  7. plsmbmp_rude

    Introducing Plasmabump.com [BETA]

    So the website is 90% there Ill post some screens below. Player profiles and match stats- look how good I am GET IN HERE ;D Also if you are not aware- QuakeCon is having 3 DooM II tournaments for their BYOC- Duel/FFA/TDM. We have practice servers up with wads/settings being used there. So Ill post server list here: - plasmabump.com - Duel Ladder Beta #1 duel2020.wad - plasmabump.com - Duel Ladder Beta #2 duel2015.wad - QUAKECON - Duel Practice Server #1 - QUAKECON - Duel Practice Server #2 - QUAKECON - TDM Practice Server - QUAKECON - FFA Practice Server
  8. I would like to see more linear / dead-end style duel maps. Examples d2m1, d2m3, boo
  9. plsmbmp_rude

    Introducing Plasmabump.com [BETA]

    Thanks for the support @-TDRR- @Philwithdadeal Some website news--the first draft of player profile pages (stats + match history) are live they can be seen here: http://www.plasmabump.com/players/ Nicknames are links now throughout the site, so its a bit more fun to browse around. More things are planned for the site but next Ill be working to make it so anyone can send stats from their own servers yeehaw /o
  10. Whats up DOOM community; This project has been in the works for a while now and I think its at a point worth talking about. If you are interested in multiplayer doom deathmatch, my hope is to bring it closer to the 21st century :p A growing server cluster on Odamex - with stat-tracking, match history, and an ELO ladder, at www.plasmabump.com Still a work in progress of course, but I hope that this will spark some competition and something for yall to have fun with. Thats pretty much the extent of it, there is some other things on discord also (https://discord.gg/fGzBQCS ) I will keep this thread updated on developments be sure to leave feedback; the next immediate step being tdm, hope to have matches tracking in the next month. SERVERS (Odamex): - plasmabump.com - Casual Duel #1 -- duel2020.wad *casual duels show up in match history only - plasmabump.com - Casual Duel #2 -- duel2015.wad - plasmabump.com - Community Duel (add your own map) - plasmabump.com - Ranked Duel #1 -- duel2020.wad - plasmabump.com - Ranked Duel #2 -- duel2015.wad WADS: the wad being used is duel2020oa.wad by hobomaster.... it is awesome! duel2020oa.wad - http://doomshack.org/uploads/duel2020oa.wad duel2015.wad - http://doomshack.org/uploads/duel2015.wad Thanks to Xenaero for the Rank Icons, and everyone that helped test. Some pics below > www.plasmabump.com See you soon- Rude
  11. plsmbmp_rude

    Is Rocket Jumping right for you?

    Ill have to check it out- I never could complete those big rjump wads. I am more into q3 defrag but theres nothing like doom rockets
  12. plsmbmp_rude

    32in24-16: DOOT CTF

  13. plsmbmp_rude

    q3ctf.wad - Quake III CTF

    hahaha well better late than never I guess :d if you get some games going let me know, thanks Ill try and get some servers up somewhere also
  14. plsmbmp_rude

    q3ctf.wad - Quake III CTF

  15. plsmbmp_rude

    I'm starting a DOOM League

    wait so what are you doing ?