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  1. ThatQuakeFan

    Hell's Janitor

    Good wad, I played this on Russian Overkill and i had fun, even if the levels don't look to detailed enough, except the final boss being WeightLifter12
  2. ThatQuakeFan

    The UAC Water Refinery

    It's by ogre? and it's a GOOD wad?! Thanks.
  3. ThatQuakeFan

    Hellfire Fortress

    and the guy above is a real bitch.
  4. ThatQuakeFan

    Jason's Hell

    Not as good, you start in a penis and you fight a guy with badly drawn purple claws, but i do like Gold Edition and this wad is in the Gold Storyline so i'll prase it a little. 2/5 -ThatQuakeFan
  5. ThatQuakeFan

    The UAC Basement

  6. ThatQuakeFan

    Extreme Weapon Pack

    I laughed my ass off when I used the weapons. 5/5
  7. ThatQuakeFan

    The Warzone Elites

    Don't give me a fucking excuse people, I think this is okay for me, even the one that are shitty. FUCK YOU ALL FOR EXCUSING ME NOT TO PLAY DOOMGUY 2000'S WADS! 4/5 -ThatQuakeFan