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    I am not a leet hax0r :(

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  1. Hey Watson,listen to me careful,listen well,listen good,listen correctly!Listen!
    Let's start from the start:When I was young I wanted to fuck your pet goat.Dumb idea,very unhygenic,got diseases,almost died.Next week I tried stupid idea again,almost got my dick bitten off by goat,this time you caught me in the act.

    I was a sick fag with tiny diseased cock,i admit it!But what kind of gold shitting superman you think you are in your tiny headed brain to do like you did.Going around calling me "goatfucker",telling my parents,friends,teachers I like to fuck goats,telling police so they call me to the station for questioning,painting "goatfucker" on my house and standing outside with big placard on which you've written that I like to fuck goats?!?

    But now,even worse,you upload photos of me fucking your goat onto website and show them to everyone on the Doomworld forums.You seem to follow me to every thread trying to make the reputation of Jonathan as The Biggest Doom Goatfucker in which you claims I like to fuck goats all day long and even pay them for it.

    Here's my question you cuntsucking cock:HOW CAN YOU JUDGE OTHERS SEXUAL PREFERENCE IF YOUVE NOT TRIED IT YOURSELF?MAYBE YOU HAVE GIRLFRIEND,GREAT!BUT NOT ALL OF US ARE SO LUCKY AND SOME HAVE TO GET ACTION WHERE WE CAN.IF YOU THINK FUCKING GOATS IS SO BAD WHY DON'T YOU TRY IT YOURSELF AND SEE FOR SURE OR GIVE ME MONEY TO PAY A PROSTITUTE.Not only are you making my life all shitty with relentless goatfucking talk,but have you no concern for life of the goat either?It is now on internet in pornographized photos showing me doing things to it,can you imagine how it feels?do you care!?I think not.I already heard two people saying they liked the look of your goat,if it gets raped by others don't come blaming me because I warned you now.

    Cyb because of you,people believe I am truly a goatfucking idiot,but I think its you who is idiot.

    Thankyou for your time,please please stop in future.


    P.S.Do you still have the goat?Could I come round and see it some time?Not to fuck it!Honestly.Maybe just kiss it a bit,maybe oral?Well let me know okay.