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  1. I'm not experienced in making or editing MIDIs. I re-use midis from other wads that allow content re-use, or just search for MIDIs from various websites. Normally my DM maps are fast paced so I would most likely use midis that have a fast tempo (rock or metal MIDIs).
  2. If I'm not mistaken, there was also an expansion set to the game.
  3. Very nice! Animation looks superb.
  4. Doom is a grand game, but I believe it's the people of the modding community and the original developers who made it grand. I'm also not surprised that SGT_MarkIV has a Patreon. He's very well known and has a relative large following on his social media.
  5. I love it when barrels are in DM maps.
  6. I could do away with the Pain Elemental. This enemy is so annoying that he will create a dozen Lost Souls if you walk away from it for just a minute.
  7. Very mid to late 90's looking website... I'm diggin' it. The Doom 4 maps tab is by far the best. Add a section for Classic Doom and maybe some other video game related stuff.
    nice gloves!
  8. To Doomkid: This a little off topic, but any update on a Duel40 NS mapset?
  9. Pretty cool. I didn't even know that Bobby Prince helped compose the music for Blake Stone. You should totally play it. It's available on Steam for like $4.99 which is a very good price for all episodes. I recently re-discovered Blake Stone and I've been playing it almost every day.
  10. I recorded a round of Toke's FFA session.
  11. I played a few rounds. Toke's maps are super fun.
  12. This is irrelevant to the topic of this thread.