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  1. dg93

    How do you make your music decisions?

    I'm not experienced in making or editing MIDIs. I re-use midis from other wads that allow content re-use, or just search for MIDIs from various websites. Normally my DM maps are fast paced so I would most likely use midis that have a fast tempo (rock or metal MIDIs).
  2. dg93

    Doom Board Game?!

    If I'm not mistaken, there was also an expansion set to the game.
  3. dg93

    Post your Doom textures!

    Very nice! Animation looks superb.
  4. Doom is a grand game, but I believe it's the people of the modding community and the original developers who made it grand. I'm also not surprised that SGT_MarkIV has a Patreon. He's very well known and has a relative large following on his social media.
  5. dg93


    I love it when barrels are in DM maps.
  6. dg93

    If you were to remove a Doom II enemy...

    I could do away with the Pain Elemental. This enemy is so annoying that he will create a dozen Lost Souls if you walk away from it for just a minute.
  7. dg93

    New Website.

    Very mid to late 90's looking website... I'm diggin' it. The Doom 4 maps tab is by far the best. Add a section for Classic Doom and maybe some other video game related stuff.
  8. dg93

    Black Gloves for the Doomguy

    nice gloves!
  9. dg93

    Duel40: A classic duel map compilation

    To Doomkid: This a little off topic, but any update on a Duel40 NS mapset?
  10. dg93

    Doomish sounding track in Blake Stone: Planet Strike

    Pretty cool. I didn't even know that Bobby Prince helped compose the music for Blake Stone. You should totally play it. It's available on Steam for like $4.99 which is a very good price for all episodes. I recently re-discovered Blake Stone and I've been playing it almost every day.
  11. I recorded a round of Toke's FFA session.
  12. I played a few rounds. Toke's maps are super fun.
  13. This is irrelevant to the topic of this thread.