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  1. Would it be worth investing in a designated gaming PC? If so what should I look into getting with maximized core processing speed, RAM, etc... (stuff that meets the system requirements for the new Doom)?

    Help me out please! D=

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    2. dg93


      Nuxius said:

      I'm assuming you're looking for another laptop? Budget?

      It doesn't have to be another laptop. I don't know if the docking station can be compatible with non-T420 laptops. I could go for a tower PC. My budget would be somewhere between $500-1000. If I have to go a little above my budget to make my PC system compliant with the new Doom requirements, then I will willing to pay a little more.

      Phobus said:

      I'm looking to spend about £1250 on the following components to make myself a monster:
      ASUS Z170 Gaming Pro Motherboard (comes with a copy of Doom at the moment on scan)
      Intel Core i7 6700K unlocked (4.0GHz default)
      32GB Corsair Vengeance DDR4 2133MHz RAM (as 4 sticks)
      Samsung 512GB M.2 SSD
      Corsair Builder Series Non-Modular 750W PSU
      NVidia 1080 GTX (when it's out)

      That'll do, I suspect!

      £1250 = $1800.65 US Dollar..... Holy moley! That's expensive :O

      I like the Intel Core i7 processing speed and 32GB of RAM. That machine will run like a beast lol Maybe if I got a smaller disk drive (Solid State) probably around 250GB or less and a cheaper graphics card, I could possibly get the price down to $1,000? I just looked up the prices for some graphics cards and they seem VERY pricey.

    3. Bloodshedder
    4. dg93


      Bloodshedder said:

      Thanks Bloodshedder, this is very helpful.