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  1. sargebaldy

    Doom: Damnation

    It's fine. *** -sargebaldy
  2. sargebaldy

    Members you miss seeing post

    Espi Assmaster RIP.
  3. sargebaldy

    Screenshot from DW in 1999

    Here's one from 2003. I registered a new account to become member #2000. There are over 14,000 members now.
  4. sargebaldy

    Is this the best mapper ever?

    Looks cool from the overhead, but when you see what it looks like it's actually pretty amateur.
  5. sargebaldy

    Diablo clones

    Oh, good point.
  6. sargebaldy

    Diablo clones

    Actually, I think Ultima VIII was the first. Although I couldn't stand that game. I'd much rather play VI, VII, or even IX.
  7. sargebaldy

    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    Yeah. Sheogorath is pretty awesome. But I finished his shrine quest (the best one) before I ever installed SI, so I guess I missed out on that.
  8. sargebaldy

    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    I just cast that invisibility spell the Dark Brotherhood guy sells and recast it every time I opened a door. So painfully and stupidly easy. And yeah, that with high speed and ridiculous acrobatics (maxed out with those Springheel Jak shoes) made it even easier. The final gate took me like a minute. Did anyone ever play Shivering Isles? That was good fun, for a little while anyway. But by the time I installed it I was so powerful nothing stood a chance. That's another thing with Oblivion, I guess. A couple diligent weeks playing it and you max everything out.
  9. sargebaldy

    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    I can see that, I guess. The atmosphere won so many points from me in that game I found myself not caring that the action elements were only okay, or that the gameplay is slow. I really enjoyed the story, the world design, the characters, and the music. My biggest complaint really was that the game world was too small. Well, that and the fact you can't change the controls, but after about 5 hours or so I got used to that. In the end I liked Gothic II quite a bit better, though. I'd have probably liked Gothic III even more except JoWood started pushing the developers to finish a game they weren't quite done with. Then they pushed the developers (Piranha Bytes) out entirely and replaced them with incompetent people who'd rather dumb everything down for consoles. So now the developers have started all over with Risen, which I'll have to check out when I have a computer that can run it.
  10. sargebaldy

    Dr. Sleep has been found?

    I'm still waiting for him to release that goddamn Waters of Lethe map he was working on.
  11. sargebaldy

    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    I kinda liked Oblivion more than Morrowind, because at least it had a story worth bothering with. And the guild quests were a lot more interesting. That said, I don't think either compare with Gothic (not counting Arcania or Forsaken Gods, which were both made by Spellbound, who unfortunately now develop the series.)
  12. sargebaldy

    rtc 3057?

    From what I remember there wasn't actually much done. What was completed was very much completed, but only the whole the hubs were probably 90% incomplete. (Meaning maybe one excellent map and nine others that hadn't even been started.) So nothing that someone else could just polish up and finish.
  13. sargebaldy

    rtc 3057?

    I was a beta tester so I've seen parts of some of the other hubs. I found them far more interesting than the first hub. I remember playing a particularly great map by Cyb. But I don't seem to still have any of that stuff.
  14. sargebaldy

    Firefox 4 beta

    I'd been using the nightlies for years but 4.0 really sucks. I used it for a few months before giving it up and using the standard version. I have no idea what the hell they were thinking. The context menu is particularly fucked up. They added things I'd have no interest in ever using while getting rid of such commonsense items as "new tab". What the hell. If they don't fix it before the general release I'll have to start using a fork. Or Chrome.
  15. sargebaldy

    Deus Ex: Human Revolution

    Walton Simons having been voiced by Tom Hall himself. Anyway, I actually found Invisible War to be a great game, although still a major disappointment since I found Deus Ex perfect. If this isn't too much worse than IW I'll play it. But probably it will be a lot worse, seeing as Warren Spector and Harvey Smith have nothing to do with it, and it looks like it'll just be another factory-produced lump of crap. (I'm wary of any game that doesn't tell you who is designing it outside of "Eidos Montreal" or some nonsense.)