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  1. a week ago, OSU emailed me telling me they found me a room with two arabs in a triple on a floor i knew to be probably the most terrible floor on campus, and worst of all, guys-only. at that point i did what works best for me, setting myself up for disappointment in anticipation the reality will be much better.

    jump to today. i went to move into my room, and found it to be not only huge (two old rooms with the wall ripped out between, apparently meant for 4 people), but also with nice new stuff (the same nice desks, beds, and dressers my last hall had). still, i wanted to move up to 2nd floor (my home two years ago) where there's chicks. i went up there and saw my old cat mural and my old friend jenny's awesome duck hunt mural. but then i walked through the hall and noticed everyone living there was all asian :( so i guess i wouldn't fit in there.

    going back to my own room, i soon found out the power sources in the room were located far from the desk, so i went to the Cunt Store to get an extension. all they had was 2 prong extensions, so i went to the OSU Bookstore (which i knew would sell 3-prongers but also only take cash).

    i went to the atm and put in my card.. and i had forgotten my pin. i tried a few times and it ate my card, so i went to the computer lab to use the computers there. it was closed, so i went back to the dorm, but i'd apparently left my keys in my room. so i waited for someone to open the door, and went back to my room. the door was locked (although i know i didn't lock it) but i heard someone inside so i knocked. apparently one of the arabs i was meant to have as roommate had left, and was replaced by a hawaiian (hawaiian hawaiian, not surfer white dude hawaiian) guy, who turned out to be rather nice.

    anyway i switched the dresser and desk around so i could power my computer, but then the internet wasn't working right. after a few hours of messing with it, i found out the jack was dead. my roommate tried to be helpful and try to fix it, but he obviously didn't have a clue what he was doing, and i wasn't about to tell him that. finally he did manage to get it working by pure luck though, and we went to get dinner. he told the guy at the pizza place he wanted a slice of 'that one' (which was hawaiian) but when he sat down to eat it, he pointed at the pineapple and momentarily wondered what it was before figuring it out. 'i wanted to try something exotic. i should have known that one, i'm from hawaii.'

    on the whole things are all right here, but 2nd floor not being a viable option to move wasn't something i negatively planned in advance, so now i need to rethink my options.