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  1. probably not that great, and i wouldn't be surprised if it looks extra crappy if you use a low res (although i tried to curb this at the expense of how it looks at a higher res). but uh yeah, comment or give suggestions or something.


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    2. rf`


      OMG you have super pants?

    3. Superpants


      Never fear! Superpants is always near!

    4. insertwackynamehere


      welcome superpants, I'm insertwackynamehere one of the idiots on this forum. I'd suggest you read the FAQ but I have a feeling, due the 1 post custom avatar, you are an administrator, thus already veiwing this file of important forum data. Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns assuming you can find my email, YIM, AIM, or other miscellanous contact information (mwahahhaha!!!!).

      Wait a sec.. The reference to Nanami's superpants, the homepage of Zoom, you must be Pritch! I mean Nanami!