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  1. ...of the death of probably my favorite musician. I actually just watched a video featuring him (as well as my favorite band, Sonic Youth) the other day. He sure was a crazy fuck, but I think he did a good job putting that into music, even if some of his stuff got too watered up in order to fit the radio. It's too bad he was only around as long as he was. Anyway, I just thought I'd pay my respects here.

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    2. Quast


      another alley trip
      bullet seeks the place to bend you over
      then you got hit
      and you shoulda known better
      faster we run
      and we die young

    3. Danarchy


      Alice in Chains?

    4. GooberMan


      Indeed it is.

      Almost two years since Layne died aswell.

      EDIT: It has been two years. His body was found on the 19th, but the autopsy said he died on the 5th (yup, same day as Kurt).