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  1. Been a player of video games and lover of DooM for all my life, and that's not going to change. Still, I'm a bit of a social recluse and don't spend a lot of time trying new things and I think it's taking a toll on my general well-being. I find myself with very little to do and very little energy and motivation to try to do something about it. I guess I'm looking for suggestions on how to lead a more interesting life. It might be completely counter-productive to ask on a Doom discussion board, but I'm sure some of you have a life outside of playing Doom. What can a person do besides eating, sleeping and playing Doom to stave off any feelings of monotony?
  2. Baratus

    Old Doom Habits Die Hard

    I get extreme tunnel vision and only focus on what's immediately in front of me so I play pretty stupidly when facing large hordes of monsters or being attacked from multiple directions. I have really stupid, random unguided movement that seems to let me catch more projectiles than I can dodge, especially for Revenant missiles which are extra difficult to dodge due to my continuous internal screaming when dealing with one. I was never good at navigating maps, and would give up on any map that was larger than a certain point, but I only just started to improve once I stopped checking the automap obsessively and instead tried to remember the map layout as I went through it. A lot of the maps I had problems with were mostly solved by having to paintstakingly complete them and then memorise just what contrived sequence of events led to beating it.
  3. Requiem is my favourite levelset to go to. I usually play with mods that make the combat feel faster an a bit more twitch, so playing unmodded would probably be the most relaxing option for me. If I need to de-stress then I'll pop in something like Russian Overkill or Trailblazer and wreck everything for a few minutes until the demon's complete lack of resistance gets a bit uninteresting. A good experience, but better for short play sessions.
  4. Baratus

    Favourite Doom Monster?

    I guess no-one likes Chaingunners. Well I don't either. I've always found Arachnotrons weirdly cute, in appearance and in sounds, I guess I've always thought of them as big-eyed meatballs on metal legs rather than freaky and disturbing brain monsters straight out of a horror sci-fi movie.
  5. Personally I think the SSG is one of the greatest video game shotguns of all time, but it's definitely fun to compare and contrast it with other shotguns that I feel also perform supremely well within their own games, such as Painkiller, Quake and the newer Wolfenstein titles. While these weapons perform supremely well in their own game environment, their more intricate mechanics should be taken note of, from their visual appearance to how it's used, and most importantly, how it feels. The SSG is an incredible workhorse that can perform well at almost any situation in Doom 2, perhaps only unsuitable at extreme long range, but only outclassed in raw power by the BFG9000. It could be argued that the RL has slightly higher damage per second, but who even has time to be wary of splash damage? The SSG is made for disintegrating enemies at point blank range. Same could be said for the Painkiller shotgun, its wide spread making it essential for close range combat, and it's utterly hilarious due to how far it flings enemies with a single blast. Modern shotguns probably owe a lot to the SSG which I feel is the seminal video game shotgun. All the different video game shotguns I've used that feel powerful, heavy, meaty, have the WHOMP factor etc. have probably based their characteristics quite faithfully on the Doom's SSG. While shotgun designs can still vary, any good shotgun will probably share at least a little bit of the SSG's general design philosophy, and I believe that id Software really wrote the book on how to make a shotgun feel fucking great.
  6. Baratus

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Just realised the bizarre and morbid continuity of the end of Doom 1 depicting a rabbit's head on a stick, while Doom 2 ends with you fighting John Romero's head on a stick.
  7. Baratus

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    Doom but every sound in the game has a 10% chance of playing a burp sound instead
  8. Baratus

    Doom Nightmare fuel

    I scared very easily as a kid and Doom was certainly no exception, especially the Icon of Sin (both the boss textures and the notion of a dude's head on a stick) and the ending graphics of Ultimate Doom episodes 3 and 4, which I avoided as much as possible. Despite this it was my favourite game and still is today. There's only thing that stills bothers me about Doom and it's something I only started noticing consciously recently. Revenant tracer rockets fill me with the most intense primal fear of being hunted and my own imminent death. They're fast, unpredictable and persistent and will likely end your life at low health or in rare instances, simply knock only 10 health off you. I wonder if the randomised damage makes them scarier due to being even less predictable. I swear that few other things can spike my cortisol levels so severely in a video game. It may seem melodramatic or totally irrational ("lol revs are perfect and balanced, just git gud at movement") but Revenant rockets are my own personal video game hell.
  9. Baratus

    Griefless - Final Release (v1.1)

    Very cool maps! Each map was short and simple in design which flowed nicely into the next one. This was a fun, digestible little set of maps. Encountered a few minor issues that weren't gamebreaking: E4M7: Monster popup next to the exit door triggers a bit too late as I found myself standing on top of the monsters, not in front of them. E4M8: The player can enter the little alcove behind the playerstart after hitting only one switch, and can get stuck when trying to leave it, unless they walk out at the right angle alongside the wall. Overall I had a blast with these levels. I can see myself playing this short, fun mapset over and over. Your current mapping output is astounding. I'd say keep up the good work but I wouldn't want you to exhaust yourself on mapping. Save some for the rest of us! =P
  10. Baratus

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Furi is the latest game to really grab my attention. After hearing one song from the soundtrack I just had to buy the whole game, DLC and OST bundle on Steam. The soundtrack is incredible and really scratches my itch for 80's inspired dark synth music. I'm not particularly good at the game, you could say it's a difficult and twitchy bullet hell game, much like Cuphead which I played last year and was somehow able to finish. Despite not having the reflexes to be amazing at the game, it still feels like a thrilling and fair challenge due to the awesome control scheme and the game's whole atmosphere. What an experience. In fact I just remembered I'm not listening to the OST right at this very moment, so I'm a go fix that.
  11. Baratus

    Dark Souls Remaster Coming in May

    Dark Souls 1 has been the only game in the series I've played and I really can't wait to not be able to play this game because of maxing out my GPU
  12. Baratus

    Magikus, a chex TC designed by children

    There's something captivating and almost enviable about how kid's imaginations can be so wild and unrestrained, and how they can be so in touch with their own raw creativity. This whole game is full of wacky and enjoyable ideas and was really fun to play! Every time I came across a new weapon, item or enemy it made me smile. I even brushed up on some French, so it was educational for me as well! Merci! I am truly inspired by this project. Great job! Congrats on raising the next generation of DooM modders! ;)
  13. Baratus

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Been running through Quake 2 in celebration of its 20th anninversary. The music definitely brings me joy and the gameplay is solid, it also runs really well on modern machines as long as you have the latest patch. The game's level design leaves a lot to be desired, being incredibly drab, boring, repetitive and every inch covered in the same tone of brown, and everyone is the same scowling bald guy, except for the ones wearing helmets. With all that said, it's a nice experience to come back to as I've picked up this game only a select few times in the past and not gotten all the way through, but doing a serious playthrough of the game, it becomes quite immersive.
  14. Baratus

    Most recent movie you saw

    Last movie I think I watched was Sucker Punch. I didn't like it, the writing was awful and really soured the experience for me, including the "big stupid fun" moments, the story tried to be too dark and serious and it felt like a painful and ugly mess. Not recommended watching. Plenty of movies can pull off crazy cool action sequences and actually fit a whole cohesive and enjoyable narrative around the movie.