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  1. Map Name: Charred Outpost Author: Bimmy Music: "Waiting for Romero to Play" by Bobby Prince Sky: SKY1 Format: Boom Difficulty Settings: No Build Time: 30 minutes layout, ~1 hour testing, balancing and bugfixing Par: 35 Download: ba-halfmoonv2.wad EDIT: Uploaded v2, fixed some errant midtextures, added a bit more health and ceiling detail
  2. Map Name: Custard Cream Canyon Author: Bimmy Music: "Drive" by Seppo Hurme Sky: SKYMOON (Early E1 Sky) Format: UDMF Difficulty Settings: Yes Build Time: 10 hours, across 3 days Par: 0:55 Comments: Finally I made a map for my own game. If this doesn't get in the first map slot then my crops will surely die. DUWNLODE: ba-sqCustardv5.wad EDIT: It wasn't custardy enough, so I changed the grass into cheese and water into buttermilk. Fixed some texture misalignments too. EDIT the 2nd: v3 has improved ammo balance, item placement and fixes a couple minor texturing errors. EDIT Part III: I reached out to the original voice of Square (I know them as me) and they agreed to record a custom voiceline just for my map! Whoaaaa!!! (If you ask, I'm sure they'll be happy to do the same for you) EDIT 4 Modern Warsquare: Fixed a missing texture, misalignments and changed some enemy placements, ammo balance, and a switch. Screenshots:
  3. I'm having trouble getting GZDoom Builder to load the Square "IWAD". I've downloaded the .cfgs in the devkit, but my only option seems to be to add square1.pk3 from the 2.1 official release under Square (ZDoom). But it gives an error saying it can't load the resources from the .pk3, so I don't have any textures or actors or anything. What am I missing here?
  4. I have returned to continue active development on this mod! There are many balance changes, bug fixes and general improvements to be made. Here are some new and improved sprite replacements for many of the game's items, weapons and powerups!
  5. Baratus

    Anyone scared of water monsters in video games?

    I hate underwater creatures in general, a very strong fear I still have to this day. Though I'm not as terrified of them anymore, I still have a strong hatred towards the electro fish from Serious Sam and the Ichthyosaur from Half Life 1 (and its brief but sudden appearance in Half Life 2 was most unwelcome). No mention of Unagi from Mario 64? Really? I used to be afraid of the big eel but I got over it, possibly because there were many other things that scared me a lot more, he was pretty tame in comparison. I know that eel monsters have featured in other Mario games with much more terrifying designs, like in Galaxy and Odyssey. You'll never catch me playing Subnautica, or anything of the like featuring giant underwater enemies. The ocean itself is terrifying enough to me, let alone the absolute horrors lurking in that boundless blue-green void.
  6. Version 2.5 of Broadsword Jim has been released - some balance changes and reworked code after receiving some very valuable feedback. +New fancy health pickup sprites! +Broadsword charging animation sparks can no longer delay the thrust attack +Ammo for your selected weapon is now highlighted on the Status Bar +Boulder projectile gravity decreased for effectiveness at range +Boulder altfire spread increased for hitting more targets +Death's Finger Mk.II ammo usage increased Grab it now on itch.io!
  7. Okay, why not, here's another update! Major changes: -New sprites for Berserk Blade/Exploding Fists -HUD sprite alignments tweaked for Broadsword and Throwing Knives -Broadsword/Berserk Blade damage spread reduced, damage is slightly increased and a bit more consistent -Fists are now more powerful, having a chance to throw an extra punch, slight range increase -Fists and Bloodwand lifesteal attack is projectile-based, less finnicky -Bracers altfire reworked to be much stronger at range and no longer totally broken (you could attack through walls with it. yikes!) -Armbalest altfire multiple rippers are back, takes longer to refire -More bug fixes and cleaned up code! DOWNLOAF HERE (current version: 2.4, 05-09-2020) FULL CHANGELOG v2.4
  8. Hmm, I didn't like the way the fist animation works so I tweaked it slightly. Fixed those annoying console errors too. Also Jim has new voice lines, and a taunt button has been added to the mod. Download here! (current version 2.3, 29-08-2020) See the first post for the full changelog.
  9. The new update is here, and it's a HUGE one! NEW FEATURES -The Broadsword thrust attack can now pierce multiple enemies! -The Ballbuster has a new altfire, try it, it'll be a blast! -Retrieve your knives after throwing them! Sometimes! (Thanks to CaptainJ for the suggestion) -Status Bar now features icons for your ammo types! (Thanks Darsycho!) -New menu graphics, including INTERPIC and BOSSBACK screens! -Balance tweaks and improved weapon feedback across the board -Much nicer visual effects all round -Numerous bug fixes -Compressed sound files for a smaller filesize! -1000x times more graphics than the next leading AAA Big Videos Game... and INFINITELY better value for your money! DOWNLOBE HERE! (current version 2.2, 01-08-2020)
  10. Baratus

    RAVEN MIDI Pack project - COMPLETE.

    I've (sort of) finished Fort Rot! I say sort of because it may need some modifications but I'm pretty happy with it and I'm ready to turn it in for any needed tweaks. That, and my music program exported the MIDI without the instruments. I'm including and OGG version with all the instruments intact so you can get a feel of what it's supposed to sound like. Listening to the old MIDI version is not recommended. EDIT: I managed to reassign the proper instruments in Sekaiju, so here's the proper sounding MIDI version. Fort Rot - OGG Version (1:26) MIDI Version (1:26)
  11. Baratus

    Things about Doom you just found out

    During the chaingunner's normal death animation, his left eye falls out of his skull and plops down next to his body. Never noticed this at all during gameplay until I took a closer look at the sprites in SLADE.
  12. Baratus

    RAVEN MIDI Pack project - COMPLETE.

    I'll take E4M2. This will be interesting as it might be my very first serious attempt at MIDI composition. Don't expect me to be on the same level as my brother Jimmy though. The universe is too small for two gods of MIDI.
  13. UV if it's an older mapset or one that I'm familiar with. HMP if it's a first playthrough of a new WAD and I feel like a slightly more relaxing experience. I never play on ITYTD or HNTR. Slight tangent, but navigating my way around levels is usually the most difficult aspect of play for me, less so the monster count, which are more there to get in my way and distract me from where I'm supposed to be going. I have a hard time with maps that are new, very large and non-linear, that are very detailed but repetitive and indistinct design and it's hard to figure out an optimal route on a first playthrough, or if it was designed by a mad person and the progression is simply contrived out the arse.
  14. Welllll, it's release day. At least in my part of the world, it is. Time to release this thing! Broadsword Jim 2.0 (art by the lovely Skelegant) Now before you jump right in, I recommend reading through the list of changes first. Won't take you long. -Ammo capacity is reduced across all weapons, and ammo pickups give less. You may want to use a variety of weapons or fall back on your melee options when you can! -New health pickups! -All Doom powerups and items have new sprites and pickup sounds. and are functionally the same. -This mod works with Heretic! Its powerups have also been replaced, and while some might be familiar, there are some all new items to boot! -Every weapon has received changes, ranging from minor tweaks to complete reworks, with all-new sprites. More info below. WEAPONS HERETIC-ONLY ITEMS Now without further delay, go play the mod and have some fun! DANGLOAD (current version 2.0, 04/04/2020) Full credits included in the first post.
  15. Well, time to generate some hype. A major update is coming very soon. Mark your calendars for April 4th 2020, It's going to be a big one. Expect the following: -All weapons will receive balance changes ranging from minor tweaks to complete reworks -All new weapon sprites and smoother animations -Crunchy new sounds to make your weapons feel awesome -Health, armor and powerup replacements -Heretic compatibility! -And more! Full details will follow when the update releases. Just to add some kindling to the hype, here are some screenshots: