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  1. Been looking for shorter, faster bite-size mapsets to play through, and this is the best one I've played yet! I appreciate the maps being ordered into episodes by difficulty (with the nod to the original Lemmings, very good) and I especially LOVE MAP06 and MAP09's different approach to mapping, focusing on puzzles and atmosphere respectively interspersed with combat encounters to keep the player engaged. This mapset has a huge amount of variety on offer, it's like a big box of bite-size chocolates to brighten my day. Great work to all the mappers! EDIT: Whoa. I was not prepared for MAP13. Without wanting to say too much, I haven't experienced such effective storytelling, mystery, visuals and eerie atmosphere since I played B.P.R.D's Grove last year.
  2. Very impressive and good quality for your first map, well done and congrats on the release! This was thoroughly entertaining to play through with good and solid detail all throughout. A couple areas seem a bit lacking in detail, with the pirate ship and marble temple using a lot of the same texture, but other areas were very highly detailed. The combat felt challenging, but balanced, and progressing from one area to the next gave a real sense of adventure and uncovering the mystery of what these time pirates were after and just where all that weird green goo was coming from. I played through the level in EE, maybe I'll give this another go to get all the kills and secrets.
  3. Arrival's ending map is quite an experience - a sense of quiet after a series of long and tough battles, almost giving a sense of loneliness.
  4. Downloaded this from the screenshots. I am not a Super Pro Doomer and Ribbiks-style combat fills me with more dread than excitement. I didn't expect I'd play past the first map. But as I played on I realised that this is more akin to "Sunlust for Beginners" and I mean that with the highest level of praise - it's unbelievably cathartic to be dropped into what feels like a Ribbiks wad but have a significantly higher chance of survival if you just know what you're doing. The early maps are relatively chill but provide enough of a challenge to keep you invested, and is very sparing with Archviles. Things start to ramp up from there but I never felt sucker-punched as I was always expecting fights that were worse than what I was getting. The fight at the end of MAP03 was the first very tough fight in the WAD, but I never felt discouraged. There is an excellent use of Boom features too - combination locks and voodoo doll trickery that makes each encounter open up very organically - much prefer that to hitting a switch and waiting a very long time for a wall to lower that's blocking access to another switch. I have just beaten MAP07 which has a unique little setup - so as to not spoil it for others, I will just say that the moonwalking mancubi really put a smile on my face, as has the rest of this WAD so far. Very accessible, and very fun. This WAD cured my Ribbiks map-related trauma. Excellent work!
  5. These levels are excellent, fun, unique, funny and have made the most bizarrely charming use of Boom features and custom textures I have ever seen. This is absolutely Cacoward material just from the levels I've played - everyone needs to play these levels, they're on the same level of consistent quality and entertainment value as Going Down or Infested.
  6. Baratus

    Another Map

    Thanks for sharing! Some points of criticism, the map has a couple of missing textures around doors and the lift that takes you down, door tracks should be set to "lower unpegged" in your Doom map editor, and you can't finish the level without the yellow key as the map is split into two sections with no way back. The secrets are fairly creative and the detailing is promising but the flow of the level is a bit awkward. Still, an okay map to finish in less than 30 seconds. Hope you'll keep mapping and improving!
  7. A very good quality, entertaining and challenging map! My only complaint was as a first time player, it was a bit bothersome to track down the key switches tucked away in corners far away from the key doors, but I like how there was a focus on exploration and dynamic encounters thoroughout the level so that there weren't all that many "one-and-done" rooms. As a fan of short mapsets and singlemaps, this is definitely going in my list of maps to come back to.
  8. Baratus

    What Remains | Now on idgames!

    Great levels - gorgeous, challenging, fun, and short and sweet enough that you can finish it during a lunch break. It feels like the speedmapped younger brother to BTSX Ep1. MAP05 is definitely the crown jewel of this neat little set. Extremely tidy, not a moment is wasted. 5/5
  9. Some extremely well designed, fun and challenging high-concept levels that work brilliantly within their spacial limitations. Always great to see more fan content made for Square from the larger Doom community! I had some trouble with the elevators - in MAP01 it's possible to get stuck in the lift shaft and left behind by the elevator, softlocking the level, and at the end of MAP02, I found myself falling through the lift in the purple section as it was ascending - I could stay on but only if I was continuously jumping from side to side. Odd shapeland space physics aside, I can see myself revisiting these levels many times over. Can't wait to see where this project goes in future! Square says: These levels are totally CUBULAR! EDIT: Just read the earlier posts - will use the Square IWAD with the more recent GZDoom version to avoid the 3D floors bugging out in future.
  11. Baratus

    About You: List 9 important Doom WADs.

    Alright here's my mayonnaise-grade spicy take.
  12. Map Name: Charred Outpost Author: Bimmy Music: "Waiting for Romero to Play" by Bobby Prince Sky: SKY1 Format: Boom Difficulty Settings: No Build Time: 30 minutes layout, ~1 hour testing, balancing and bugfixing Par: 35 Download: ba-halfmoonv2.wad EDIT: Uploaded v2, fixed some errant midtextures, added a bit more health and ceiling detail
  13. Map Name: Custard Cream Canyon Author: Bimmy Music: "Drive" by Seppo Hurme Sky: SKYMOON (Early E1 Sky) Format: UDMF Difficulty Settings: Yes Build Time: 10 hours, across 3 days Par: 0:55 Comments: Finally I made a map for my own game. If this doesn't get in the first map slot then my crops will surely die. DUWNLODE: ba-sqCustardv5.wad EDIT: It wasn't custardy enough, so I changed the grass into cheese and water into buttermilk. Fixed some texture misalignments too. EDIT the 2nd: v3 has improved ammo balance, item placement and fixes a couple minor texturing errors. EDIT Part III: I reached out to the original voice of Square (I know them as me) and they agreed to record a custom voiceline just for my map! Whoaaaa!!! (If you ask, I'm sure they'll be happy to do the same for you) EDIT 4 Modern Warsquare: Fixed a missing texture, misalignments and changed some enemy placements, ammo balance, and a switch. Screenshots:
  14. I'm having trouble getting GZDoom Builder to load the Square "IWAD". I've downloaded the .cfgs in the devkit, but my only option seems to be to add square1.pk3 from the 2.1 official release under Square (ZDoom). But it gives an error saying it can't load the resources from the .pk3, so I don't have any textures or actors or anything. What am I missing here?