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  1. RichardDS90

    Quality of Life Patches for various WADs

    Big problem with MAP39 for Valiant. You forgot to add the MAP07Special in MAP39. Also in the ZMAPINFO, the final maps of each episode, you forgot to put endgame in them, but did so in the MAPINFO. Moreover, Sunlust's ZMAPINFO had a lot of issues, I've attached a fixed version here. ZMAPINFO.rar
  2. RichardDS90

    What's your favorite drink?

    Since it's in Doom General...Coca Cola when playing 1Monster and Deus Vult. Always hits the spot! :P
  3. The nuke weapon in Final Neo Doom is wayyyyy overpowered yet fun as fuck to use...provided you're in god mode that is. I'm not sure if it's hidden somewhere or a cheat only weapon, but with how it works, it's explosions seem to go through walls or it has a very large spawn area or something. It was the only thing about the mod that entertained me. But when used on stock maps...put it this way, in well over half of them at least, one shot pretty much kills EVERYTHING in the map. And that is from the start point, which reminds me, I should have a blast with that soon.
  4. RichardDS90

    WAD(s) where you've changed your evaluation

    I don't think it was that bad, I will say though, the hell maps was what made it strong for me. Though I'd love to see WOS with your current mindset.
  5. RichardDS90

    Doom Pictures Thread 2023

    Get the fuck out of the room that is very WIP?!
  6. RichardDS90

    UAC Bioweapon Facility

    Got a big problem on MAP01 on non UV difficulties, the SSG Zombie in the generator room is supposed to trigger another wave of monsters after killing him, but he's not flagged to appear on any difficulty below UV. Edit: Also, while I'm at it, the recoil feels really off, it happens a good few frames after firing the rocket launcher and the SSG, works better right when they're being fired. Otherwise, this is a great mod!
  7. Personally I'd prefer a new list myself, with both stuff pre 2019 and stuff 2019 onwards. It would feel a lot more fair...and more interesting. Course they got the honorable mentions from 2018 to go by as well.
  8. RichardDS90

    Underrated WADs

    Don't want to make a new thread but I'm seriously surprised I've never heard anyone bring Oripathy up. Right shame as it's gameplay really hits the spot, and the maps are very entertaining, always felt that Origamyde could imitate mappers to a degree, one minute, emulating Mouldy, next minute, putting his own spin on Skillsaw. But it still manages to have a consistent feel. Also can't wait for the sequel, Origamyde has even released a few maps that will be in the sequel ans they're brilliant!
  9. RichardDS90

    WAD(s) where you've changed your evaluation

    Good Morning Phobos was one such example, I weren't enjoying it too much on my first time and gave up on MAP10 or around. I came back to it the second time, played it to the end and really enjoyed it a lot. To be fair in between the two playthroughs, I tried out the levels that got honorrolled by the Dean Of Doom along with a couple of the winners. Machete is surprisingly another that had a similar case, but without trying out a few random maps in between playthroughs. Alarming how I didn't enjoy it too much the first time considering I'm quite a sucker for Scythe and similar mods.
  10. RichardDS90

    Fire/Flame Skybox Textures

    Have you tried the PSX firesky? I believe there is one with a complete black background and another where the black is transparent.
  11. RichardDS90

    Your Dream Games

    An Epic Battle Fantasy game that combines all 5 games into one mega world, enemies, weapons and armour and all but with EBF5's gameplay. Maybe even taking sone loose influences and music from the spinoffs. But of course, some new parts too, be the best of all worlds.
  12. I swear to god you are some sort of machine! I look forward to trying this out among your other recently released projects!
  13. RichardDS90

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Epic Battle Fantasy 5, I swear to god I am absolutely obsessed with that game at the moment. The fact I'm doing it on Epic difficulty is a good sign I'm getting an early funeral! I will always see the game as the Earthbound of Final Fantasy!
  14. RichardDS90

    What's your opinion on TikTok?

    I absolutely refuse to get TikTok, I can't stand it. My other issue is it feels very poorly moderated with content, like with half of these so called "challenges" which kind of encourage anti social behaviour, okay granted, YouTube would probably have those types of contents as well, but at least to my knowledge, it's fairly well moderated with stuff like this, especially with the flagging. Hell, I even once heard there was someone on TikTok who even made a video about what UK shops you can easily get away with theft in. Total bollocks.
  15. RichardDS90

    Wads with Wolfenstein 3d themed levels?

    I know for a fact Whispers Of Satan and Doomed Wars both do. The former has one level with tons of secrets! 1Monster is another that does, I believe it has some Wolf3D textures not in the Doom2 IWAD.