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  1. Salahmander2

    Community Chest 2 Level Order

    Upon watching DoD's episode with CC2, combined with looking at opinions on maps in the DWMegawad Club on CC2. I was thinking, if you had to change it's level order, what would you change it to? I was thinking about it last night and for sure, I would definetly swap maps 5 and 10 around. And maybe as a bonus, what maps from CC1 would you put in? Love to hear people's opinions.
  2. Salahmander2

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Community Chest 2

    About that hole. It wasn't so much about height miscalculations. In older ZDoom versions, the Archie's blast would send you much higher than normal, high enough to reach that secret, but after a specific update, it became the Archie jump you know today.
  3. Salahmander2

    Runners-Up for Top 100 Wads of All Time?

    Well the closest we got at the moment is arguably the missed Cacowards, but I'd love to see something like it nonetheless.
  4. Salahmander2

    Megawad Main themes/Anthems

    Thinking more about it, the intermission on Hell Revealed is kind of it's main theme considering it's a godsend to hear it.
  5. Salahmander2

    Megawad Main themes/Anthems

    What exactly would you consider to be the musical anthem on some Megawads? I'll start, everyone knows what CC2 would be... Mucus Flow of course. And for CC4, possibly will get people disagreeing, but Icicles (MAP10) is a strong contender for me.
  6. Salahmander2

    The Dean of Doom series (companion thread)

    Speaking of Whoo's map, has there even been a bugfix for it at all? Be nice to have a tie breaker for the dunce cap after all. :P
  7. Y'know with all these pointless bumps (feel free to call this post ironic), I'm outright surprised this thread hasn't even been locked yet.
  8. Salahmander2

    Doom Mods and food.

    I'm not complaining at it. It makes the food taste better surprisingly.
  9. Salahmander2

    Doom Mods and food.

    Kama Sutra happens to have one on my end; Spicy hot wings from a takeaway. Hard to imagine without it.
  10. Salahmander2

    Doom Mods and food.

    It is very strange for sure. It could be the autistic side of me with these kind of traditions haha. I did have a feeling I'd be the only one.
  11. Salahmander2

    Doom Mods and food.

    Basically am I the only person that gets reminded of a particular mod when eating a certain food, or having a tradition where you must have a certain food when playing a specific mod? I'll start with a few... Scythe = Subway 1Monster = Crispy Rolls and Coca Cola Community Chest 2 = Chocolate Pop Tarts and Lucky Charms Hell Revealed = Dominos Pizza (Formerly Pizza Gogo but changed due to moving) I'm very interested in hearing if anyone else does/has the same.
  12. Salahmander2

    Community Chest 3 Black Rain

    You will also need the NMN texture set as well.
  13. Salahmander2

    Community Chest 3 Black Rain

    @esselfortium is another person that worked on that map as well. More the detailing of the aforementioned part.
  14. Salahmander2

    Community Chest 3 Black Rain

    Hiya, saw on the proper Doom Wiki that the map was originally meant to be longer than before, has there actually been a WAD of that particular version of the map?
  15. Salahmander2

    Most delicious maps

    How in god's name has this map not been mentioned yet?!