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  1. Salahmander2

    WADs for Arcade-styled/Score-based Gameplay

    Super Sonic Doom is score based as well. It's a bit dated but it's pretty fun. While I'm at it, would Stronghold be considered an arcade style gameplay?
  2. Salahmander2

    The Cyberdemons's Eyes

    What did Porky do to Picky?!
  3. Salahmander2

    Golden Souls 2 Warpzone Addon

    Hey guys! Decided to make a small addon for Golden Souls 2, it's a warp zone, influenced by Super Mario World's Star World, just minus the world skipping shortcuts. Speaking of shortcuts, there are now shortcuts on the world map that allow you to go back to a previous world. Also note, there are no level skipping shortcuts added. And for another Super Mario World influenced addition: These are the red dots for the world map. Like the red dots, any level with these mark that a map has more than 1 exit. Lemme know if you have suggestions or pointers! Happy coin collecting! Note: This must be loaded after Golden Souls 2. GoldenSouls2_WarpzoneAddon.zip
  4. Salahmander2

    List of Doom WAD Fan Remakes

    I know of the E2M4 remake you were talking about. I believe it is E2M4 redux. There is also Doom 2 Meets ZDoom. But it's unfinished and most likely not gonna be worked on. It's interesting, just unpolished in spots as expected for an unfinished mod.
  5. I noticed Memento Mori didn't get a mention either, not even in the runners up, though to be fair, I vaguely even remember any maps. Though 31 on the first one would probably had gotten a mention if a lot of others didn't make it, albeit would've been more infamous.
  6. Salahmander2

    When did you find the Map Markers useful?

    I knew about them, but since I use a textured automap, the numbers are kinda hard to see. If it had some sort of marker that stood out more, it'd be a great big help.
  7. Salahmander2

    WADs that use default Doom 2 textures?

    I swear to god it used a different texture for the Icon of Sin? Unless it now uses the stock textures.
  8. Salahmander2

    WADs that use default Doom 2 textures?

    Oh yeah of course, I do suddenly recall there were a couple in the final level alone.
  9. Salahmander2

    WADs that use default Doom 2 textures?

    Except for one sky, I know Going Down does. And it's put to awesome use as well.
  10. Salahmander2

    What do you consider to be the most annoying game mechanic?

    Actually thinking about it, over tutorialing. Like it's nice to know some mechanics and how stuff works, but when it's restricting, and you're starting over again, it's a piss take.
  11. Salahmander2

    What do you consider to be the most annoying game mechanic?

    FarCry's stamina mechanic is horrible, runs out far too quickly and with the scale of some of the levels, it really doesn't do me good. And the stamina gets used while jumping, just what?
  12. Salahmander2

    Worst Maps in Your Favourite Megawads?

    Community Chest: Map21. Seriously. Map can go fuck itself. It's confusing and just so crappy. And to add insult to injury, it had to be a filler map didn't it. CC2: Map16. Crappy filler map. CC3: Atlantis Rising. Too narrow and some awkward jumps. Good music though. CC4: Map04. Okay map. That's it. Hell Revealed: Map08. Kinda dull really. Alien Vendetta: Map11. I don't mind it but it's just not for me. Deus Vult II: Map03. While I DO like it, trees do hamper navigation some.
  13. Salahmander2

    Half-Lifey WADs?

    Not sure if this has any relevance but Super Sonic Doom actually has an area based on some parts of Blast Pit. It's a fair recreation.
  14. Salahmander2

    Anyone scared of water monsters in video games?

    This asshole! There's only 1 in the entire game, but he's so well hidden and by the time you find out. Death.
  15. I find them irritating enough to fight, but after fighting them a lot recently, I find them horrible when they're infighting, while I find you get some degree over how many Lost Souls there are around when you're fighting them, I dread it when they're infighting, even worse that no monster targets them in the first place.