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Everything posted by Salahmander2

  1. Salahmander2

    Worst WADS?

    UAC Labs by Eric Harris. Bad enough the level being shitty but made by someone from the Columbine Massacre?! Defintely one of the worst for sure.
  2. Salahmander2

    Post Your Controversial Opinions About Doom

    Only controversal opinion I have is Memento Mori is absolutely boring.
  3. Salahmander2

    How old is everyone here?

    29. 30 in November.
  4. Episode 1: SKY1 Episode 2: SKY2 Episode 3: SKY3 I rest my case.
  5. Salahmander2

    Anybody else not date?

    I used to use dating apps like POF, Lovoo and Tinder (Ugh) few years back until I met my other half on a chatroom. I honestly don't miss the online dating days. Though if I was single, I probably would've given Match a go, sure, you have to pay, but it probably would mean less time wasters too, I had tons of time wasters.
  6. Salahmander2

    Favorite final boss in a video game?

    Giygas definetly makes the list for me, the fact you also break the fourth wall to finish him is a brilliant touch.
  7. Salahmander2

    What should be DOOMified next?

    Heh. I actually tried to make a mod with similar gameplay, it was very broken.
  8. Salahmander2

    Games You Hated But Played Anyway

    The original Street Fighter, the controls in the game is just so horrible, along with some bizarre mechanics like not attacking mid step. Sagat really threw a load of cheap bullshit. I was raging for sure, but somehow I made it. Fuck that game! So glad Street Fighter II actually ruined the shit out of the first one!
  9. Salahmander2

    How bad is American Health Care?

    It's one of the biggest turn offs for me moving to USA for sure, just the shear amount for a simple doctors appointment alone is bad. Stuff like that is why I'm grateful we have the NHS (I'm British), but even people believe it won't last too long.
  10. Gathering resources is a major one for me, especially when I wanted everything back then.
  11. Salahmander2

    All About The Simpsons

    Who could forget Bart the Daredevil. The humour in that episode is top notch. Especially the famous scenes at Springfield Gorge. Even better that it was Matt Groening's favourite episode.
  12. Salahmander2

    What is your most cherished memory?

    My most cherished memories has to be the last 3 months of 2016, I went through a very bad family situation prior, but I started by walking from one town to another, but I wanted to push it further, and walk through about 4 towns without stopping, I almost couldn't walk but didn't wanna give up, it felt like true strength. Another was playing through Golden Souls and it really helped, made me feel a bit better. Having a massive fest on watching Whoisthisgit's vids with takeaways really felt special. Having a playthrough of Tormentor667 mods, along with an awesome work do at a global buffet, and a very sweet family house party and a lovely Xmas really made the final quarter of 2016, one of the best memories I ever got to make.
  13. Salahmander2

    Has anyone done this before?

    Doom II Meets ZDoom also has something like it.
  14. Salahmander2

    voted labour

    British politics these days is getting fucked up. It feels like they're trying to find dirt on the opposing parties and forgetting what they stand for and what they bring to the party. It's very unprofessional in my eyes and it pretty much put me off voting. Then people wonder why people don't believe in voting. I just can't wait for the general election to be over. Just so my Facebook newsfeed isn't full of wannabe politicians. Though for the record. I can't bear the thought of Boris being in No 10.
  15. Salahmander2

    Games of the Decade

    I've barely played any new games that came out in this decade hilariously enough. I do have a few though. Doom (2016) though not fully played through it. Unless you don't count a port, then I'd happily say Radiant Silvergun for the 360, can't get enough of it. Black Mesa is a perfect example on how to do a remake, and Xen looks so stunning! And Rebuild 3, so much fun! Spending a week reclaiming a epic sized city is brilliant. Sonic Mania, great nostalgia trip with homages with plenty of innovation still, absolute blast!
  16. Salahmander2

    Saw It as a Kid, Didn't ID it 'til Adulthood

    I remember seeing something mum had on her PC, I remember a bunch of evil looking faces spinning and scaling around, was freaky but still stayed on my mind for many years... Until 2014 where I discovered, it was Second Reality! The music also somehow stuck, though I once heard it in an Unreal Tournament custom map.
  17. Salahmander2

    Things that mappers do that annoy you.

    Exits that aren't signed or don't have geometry/decoration/texturing implying an exit or anything like that really irritate me, press a switch and bam, the level is suddenly over. It's not fun to me. And also, timed secrets that you have to race to from the start at the level, I hate it and it's so annoying especially if it's my first time playing a map.
  18. Salahmander2


    Yes, especially back when I started mapping and all that.
  19. Salahmander2

    Mapping regrets?

    I regret never finishing projects. Mainly due to wanting to start over so it feels somehow fresh. Or just plain running out of ideas. The sting is especially bad if I've made a playable alpha or given a rough release date. I've only ever gotten 2 Doom projects released, both of which half counts as it was a community project. And another because it was an addon to a released project from someone else.
  20. Salahmander2

    What's the best NES games you've ever played?

    Super Contra Castlevania Gradius II Megaman III Summer Carnival 92 Recca Ninja Gaiden II Lone Ranger Metroid Guardian Legend Double Dragon II
  21. Salahmander2

    Christmas songs you hate

    Fucking seriously?! Given I worked at B&M before they changed the music thing, they had this on CD and was the first track. My line manager would sometimes start the song over to deliberately piss me off!
  22. Salahmander2

    Do you do any drugs?

    Nope, was offered to try Magic Mushrooms once though. Apparently according to my mum, because of my ADHD and Aspergers Syndrome, taking hallucinants will seriously fuck me right up.
  23. Salahmander2

    Former Papa Johns CEO eats 40 pizzas in 30 days

    I can probably do half that number of the small Chicago Town microwave pizzas in 30 days if that counts. But large pizzas?! That's impossible even for me.
  24. Salahmander2

    What's the best Nintendo 64 games you've ever played?

    Doom 64. One of the few N64 games I played. I loved Cruis'n Exotica as well.
  25. Salahmander2

    Does anyone care about midi music included in maps?

    Oh hell yeah. There are times I wish the first 2 Community Chests having more midis in (especially 1). It can make all the difference.