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  1. LUISDooM

    What country are you from?

    Buenos Aires, Argentina \(^o^)/
  2. LUISDooM

    [Released] ConsolUX - a console-themed UI add-on to GZDoom

    This is great! Just tested it and looks amazing, I always wanted to have the pickup messages on the lower left part of the screen! Using it along Demake Shaders gives it the ultimate console Doom look: While it works with custom classes (I'm using one), I had to choose it from GZDoom's menu, since ConsolUX defaults it to DoomGuy and doesn't give an option to change it. Despite that it works great, Nice Work! :D
  3. LUISDooM

    [Released] ConsolUX - a console-themed UI add-on to GZDoom

    Looking good! Having the pickup texts on the lower left part of the screen just like the console ports looks amazing! Looking forward for the PSX DooM/Final DooM themed status bars :D
  4. LUISDooM

    Worst way to die in any doom game

    Having low health, and while being too focused fighting, a stray fireball hits a barrel that I didn't notice it was behind me...
  5. LUISDooM

    Most satisfying sounds in classic Doom?

    I usually use PSX Doom sounds. My favorite ones are: -Pinky's death -DSSLOP (so creamy) -Arachnotron death/active sounds -Mancubus pain sound -Rocket Launcher firing sound -BFG charging and BFGBall explosion If talking about PC Doom/Doom II sounds: -Revenant active sound -DSSLOP (even more creamy) -Archvile active sound
  6. LUISDooM

    So, how old are you ?

    Just turned 34 last month XD
  7. The maps I've played today are for Doom. They were played with GZDoom g4.6.1, HMP difficulty and Doom (strict) compat mode. The first map is called "MELANGE.WAD" from 1994 by Kenneth S. Forte. Replaces Doom E2M1 This one is a small and simple map in every aspect, texturing, boxy and undetailed rooms, but compared with other maps from the same era, it is pretty well done. It also has some confusing progression, since the blue key is hidden in a secret, but there is a little hint that can help getting it. The other secrets are not that generously hinted like that, and they are a bit well hidden XD The monster placement is not that hard too, since you'll find lots of Zombiemen, Shotgunners and imps with a Baron and Caco here and there, but they dont bring too much challenge given the generous ammo count. A short and simple early map XD Screenshots The second map is called "Mike's 1st" from 1994 by Mike Lata. Replaces E1M1 A nice old map that, given the time, is pretty good for a first attempt. The architecture is simple and mostly boxy, like most maps from the time, but the texture usage is a bit random, but gives some variety to the different sections. The progression can feel a bit confusing with some unmarked doors and the most important, a unmarked hidden lift (that happened to be just behind the starting point) that was essential to progress. Despite that, it has it's moments, like a section where an horde of Imps start teleporting into the room, it quickly gets crowdy in there XD A bit confusing but fun early map :O Have some pics:
  8. LUISDooM

    Do you own any old game consoles/games

    I own a PS2 Slim, a PSP3000 (pretty worn out but still working), a PSPGo (in good shape), a XBOX360, a 3DS (Half working, top screen gets purple stripes on 3DS mode, but it works well with DS games) And recently got a PS3 Slim.
  9. Today got two Doom 2 maps from 1995. They were played with GZDoom g4.6.1, HMP difficulty (a bit pointless since both maps don't have difficulties implemented), Doom (strict) compat mode. The first map is called "Getaway.wad", from 1995 by an unknown author. Replaces Doom 2 MAP01 A bland map, made with, as the author states, the old EdMap map editor. The whole map has the default editor textures everywhere (except at the exit) and there isn't any height variation. It feels a bit empty at first, with long halways and weapons thrown all over the place, but once you get on the teleporter at the end of the the first section, the chaos starts. On the next section youll find lots of monsters cramped on big halls, 6 spidermasterminds, lots of barrels that will make "Barrels 'o Fun" feel ashamed, oh and a Cyberdemon too. But with some infighting, you can get all the monsters to kill eachother pretty easily and finish the map almost without having to fire a single bullet. Nothing else to say, just a forgetable old map. Have some pics, to see I'm not lying :P The second map is called "Below" form 1995 by "Sonny Wasinger (CONDUCTOR)". Replaces Doom 2 MAP01 A pretty hard big map with some near impossible situations. It gets pretty challenging from the start, with a small teleport+switch hunt, that you have to get while chainsawing lots of demons. After that section the map only gets harder and harder, but still manageable. That was until I reached certain part where, after pressing a switch, you open a room with 7 cyberdemons inside with no place to move, cover, and the worst, having an active invisibility sphere! (waiting for it to fade didn't help XD). After dying enough times (I lost count at the 15th death) I just turned on god mode and continued the map to see how it continued. I have to say I wasn't pleased of what I saw: more switch hunting with confusing progression, sections unfairly full of monsters and not having the weapons to fight them (I got the SSG and Rocket launcher after playing half of the map), fake walls on weird places (cages in example), weird texture choices (MAP31/32 textures anyone?), texture misalignments everywhere, Wolfies SS... It's a shame, because I liked some of the map's ideas. Even if they were put on a confusing way, they would've worked better if the monster count was lower or at least, the unfair encounters were better balanced. Some pics "Below" (Haha! got it? That's the map's name too and... oh forget it...)
  10. Today I got a nice map for Doom 2 fromthe old good 90's. It was played with GZDoom 3.2.5 (Delta Touch), Doom (strict) compat mode and HMP difficulty. The map is called "The UAC Deimos Weapons plant" from 1997 by Jon Jansen A quite big and interesting for that time. It consist on a large tech base weapon facility divided on several sections: the ballistics production/shipping/testing area, the explosives production/testing area, and the chem/nuclear/bio weapons area. All these sections are connected by an air-duct system that, even if it feels a bit maze-ish at the start, it's not that complex to get lost on it. Every section is also nicely designed, ranging from some kind of launch facility, to a nice shooting range (my favorite section). Monster count is moderate (139 on HMP) and, even if it had some of them on tricky places (like barons inside a small spaceship-like building), it doesn't get too much difficult. The wad also features some custom textures and, for some reason, it replaces the Imp active sound was changed with Quake's quad damage fade out sound. A good and fun map, IDGames was nice with me this time XD Some screenshots:
  11. LUISDooM

    someone help me

    Just downloaded this and tested it with its default settings and it works fine on my end... Since this mod uses 3D models, it needs hardware rendering to work properly. Maybe your hardware isn't enough to run it? You can try to posting your PC specs...
  12. LUISDooM

    Hangar or Entryway?

    Hangar. It's great gameplay wise and I love it's design. Also D_E1M1
  13. LUISDooM

    It's Cirno Day

    The ones I remember are a NES SMB hack called "Final Strikyu", it has new levels and custom music. And a Megaman 2 hack that I can't remember the name (I played it years ago) where you played as her on it. You started a level at the top, and you had descend some screens avoiding Quickman stage insta-kill lasers. After reaching the bottom, you got a small ending cutscene. I remember it was very tough. XD