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  1. I´m playing this with the PSX TC resources and it´s an epic win. Great job.
  2. First of all, thank you all for make the Lost Levels addon for PSX DooM TC , since it was my first doom experience when i was 11 and it was (and still being) my favourite game EVER. @MayorRawne well, i´ve cleared all PSX DooM and PSX Final DooM (and i still doing it with the psx tc) many times with pistol starts on ultra violence when i got bored, since with prior level´s equipment the game was become really easy. Ahh, i remember the frustration of getting killed really quickly, or near of the end of level and starting it ALL over again... Good times. Well Thank you To all mapers again for this amazing convertions and hope to see more and more maps for the PSX DooM TC.