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  1. LUISDooM

    What was the first Doom source port you have used?

    JDoom. I was amazed by the dynamic lights and to be able to look straight up/down with mouselook, without seeing the screen stretching up and down. I remember it running really choppy on my crappy notebook back in 2006/08, even on lower settings lol Nowadays, I play it through LZDoom at a cute and crispy 262x163 resolution
  2. My steam profile is https://steamcommunity.com/id/LUISDooM/ I don't know if it counts, but here is my GOG profile too https://www.gog.com/u/LUISDooM I don't play multiplayer (I may want to in the future), but anyone can add me if they want :P
  3. I save a lot, and always use G/LZDoom's autosave feature at the start of the map as a backup, I never pistol start (I used to do it with PSX Doom when I was a kid, I don't have the patience I had then), It helps to keep the game fun for me. I don't want to train to be "teh best Doom Player" or feel the game as a chore, I just want to have fun with it XD
  4. Death Egg Zone Act 2 from Sonic & Knuckesis my all time favorite. I use it as alarm and ring tone lol My second one is "Odyssia Forsaken", the song of the last dungeon of Death End Re;Quest. I even use it while playing Doom (like on E1M8 maps and DII late maps) The Last one is "Exceed!" from Trails of Cold Steel, this song has so much energy XD I have a lot more, but I'll stop here
  5. LUISDooM

    Voxel Doom Releasing Today

    Editing the version string on zscript.zc can make it work on older versions, like this: I managed to make this work on GZDoom 3.2.5 (the second to the oldest GZDoom version on Delta Touch) and it works fine. Before editing, I had the same error as you, but it said "only 3.2.4 supported". You can try this: -Open "chello_voxels.zip" -Open "zscript.zc" with a text editor -Go to line 11, there will be a sting that says "Version 4.8.2" and change it to "3.2.0" (or lower). Save the file -Test the mod again on your GZDoom version and cross your fingers :P I can't guarantee it will work, but hey, it won't hurt to give it a try :D
  6. LUISDooM

    Voxel Doom Releasing Today

    I've been following the mod's progress here and on youtube, I'm so glad it is finished! Just tested it on Delta Touch through LZDoom and it works great. These Voxels look AMAZING, the love and detail you put on these is incredible. Great work! Congratulations on the release! :D
  7. I would BFG or Rocket'em all, since I'm playing continuous 😎 Nah, I'd go with the Shotgunners, for their weapon drops and they tend to hit hard most of the time.
  8. I just finished and man it was great! At first, Just by the name, I thought it would be one of these "jokewads", but I'm glad I was wrong. I had a blast this map, it was a great adventure. Hope to see more maps from you! :D
  9. LUISDooM

    What country are you from?

    Buenos Aires, Argentina \(^o^)/
  10. LUISDooM

    ConsolUX - a console-themed UI add-on to GZDoom

    This is great! Just tested it and looks amazing, I always wanted to have the pickup messages on the lower left part of the screen! Using it along Demake Shaders gives it the ultimate console Doom look: While it works with custom classes (I'm using one), I had to choose it from GZDoom's menu, since ConsolUX defaults it to DoomGuy and doesn't give an option to change it. Despite that it works great, Nice Work! :D
  11. LUISDooM

    ConsolUX - a console-themed UI add-on to GZDoom

    Looking good! Having the pickup texts on the lower left part of the screen just like the console ports looks amazing! Looking forward for the PSX DooM/Final DooM themed status bars :D
  12. LUISDooM

    Worst way to die in any doom game

    Having low health, and while being too focused fighting, a stray fireball hits a barrel that I didn't notice it was behind me...
  13. LUISDooM

    Most satisfying sounds in classic Doom?

    I usually use PSX Doom sounds. My favorite ones are: -Pinky's death -DSSLOP (so creamy) -Arachnotron death/active sounds -Mancubus pain sound -Rocket Launcher firing sound -BFG charging and BFGBall explosion If talking about PC Doom/Doom II sounds: -Revenant active sound -DSSLOP (even more creamy) -Archvile active sound