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  1. The gladiator from Quake 2 It was years ago... I remember being really scared every time I heard its alert sound (it sounded like "aitah!!!" or something like that lol), since I knew he would destroy me very quickly with its Railgun... good times XD
  2. LUISDooM


    Great! I always wanted a mod for DooM that swapped the maps ala Duke Plus, this one gets very close. Just finished the first map "RAGNAH"... Very disorienting lol
  3. She is Uni from Hyperdimension Neptunia, a JRPG game series. On topic: Getting ready for the annual penguin reunion. :P
  4. Kneel before the mighty Alarm Clock Man!
  5. For PC, Raze for Build engine games I mostly do my "source port gaming" on android, so these are the ones I use the most: FTEQW for Quake (via Quad-Touch) ECWolf for Wolfenstein 3D Xash3D FWGS for Half-Life Rott94 for Rise of the Triad (Even if the controls are a mess :P)
  6. Ultimate DooM: ALL episode 1 maps DooM 2: Map 23 - Barrels o' Fun TNT: Map 12 - Crater Plutonia: Map 31 - Cyberden
  7. Unreal Tournament 2004, Nep Style.
  8. LUISDooM

    What wads do you play on the go?

    Been playing Back to Saturn X on HNTR through Delta Touch and it's very enjoyable (Currently on MAP 15). Other wads that I find good to play on the go are: DTWiD 1/LE/2, Enjay DooM 2, Switcheroom, Zone 300, DooM 2 Reloaded, 2002 a DooM's odyssey, Wonderful DooM, Darkening Ep1, Reverie...
  9. LUISDooM

    Your favorite doom songs

    ^^^Fart concert at Doom's Gate lol
  10. Your soul... looks delicious! :P
  11. LUISDooM

    Favorite Racing Games?

    My favorite one is Burnout 3: Takedown, the best game in the burnout series IMHO. Close second comes Crash Team Racing for PS1, I remember nobody couldn't beat me on splitscreen multiplayer... good times XD
  12. Finally, a Duke 3D source port that let me use custom music without using these annoying ".def" files, and it even supports GZdooM's looping oggs! Been playing through Episode 2 of Duke and the game plays and feels way better than any other port I've tried recently. A big thanks to everyone involved in this project, you guys rock! :D
  13. LUISDooM

    Delta Touch on Android

    Just tried and it works on LZDooM and all GZDooM versions, even on v1.9.1... Are you loading it with some other mod?
  14. I carry my color palette everywhere I go.
  15. The most violent rock, paper & scissors match I've ever seen...