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  1. Played around 300 wads, still looking for treasures. Maybe 'll do a top 101

    1. Icarus alien vanguard, not all lvl, 20 :-))) but who made it, 17 ( the hard one, with the containers), 28.
    2. murderous intent, lovely gameplay, design above average.
    3. slayer, one of the best
    4. cabal, 1-6, interesting and intelligent. 4 is memorable, impressive.
    5. Phobos2, the best of Ritenour.
      Stark atmosphere, exceptional
    6. Galaxia, beautifull overall better then earth maybe.
    7. Earth, the first level I played from him, wicked, first one is the best, original and clever but more details please
    8. fiffy 6, 5 stars from dr crypt? No way, good design, but unbalanced, uninteresting gameplay. Reol made better wads than this.
    9. crusades, not bad but stopped somewhere,
    10. lost mines, interesting but too much goodies. Old school
    11. artifact, ambush and riverdeath, hm, really good, riverdeath isn't easy, ambush is hard.
    12. moon2000: Beautiful, abit too easy.
    13. warcade 5: The start is the best part. Interesting -fast play
    14. Death tormention 2, hm not so good. Don't get it people like this one.
    15. skull, an easy one of sailor, too short. His worst wad, me thinks.
    16. waterfront. Maybe the multiplayer screwed it. Too short, uninteresting interiors, however the port is really well.
    17. Perdition's Maw, too easy, stylish maybe boring for sure.
    18. darken2, don't like the textures, really don't like them. Some great levels but I can't love it
    19. darken, idem ditto, but levels are abit less.
    20. eternal, couldn't believe doomwads could be so good. But why o why make it so hard to progress.
      Adam Landefeld
      MAP02 "Tower of Hell"
      MAP15 "Celebration of Evil"
      MAP16 "Guardstation"
      MAP21 "Fire and Stone"
      They feel like outdoor maps but all take place in very huge cages featuring castles, towers, bridges, rifs but also underground stuff where space is limited :-). Dungeons and Castles, somehow it reminds me of a roleplaying world, it's abit too beatifull for hell. His levels are tense. Ennemies are coming in waves, triggered behind you and alot of rooms are designed around an encounter.
      There's alot or reiterating and that's great cause the scenery is great. He makes extensive use of height differences and attacks. Especially Guardstation and Fire and Stone suffer from lack of resistance, the right ennemies but too less of them. CoE is better and it's a gem and plays better when you don't use the ssg, but take it, you'll need the ammo.

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    2. Colusio


      Well I'm a basrad cause I didn't like vrack, vrack 2 don't know yet, thinking I'wasn't ready for it yet. Anyway, it's not a top 101 now. For the moment it's just a list of levels I played and comments in international bad english.
      Does anyone know who made level 20 of icarus alien vanguard?

    3. Ralphis


      Fredik's Ego takes 20 HP damage!

    4. Grazza


      Coldfusio said:

      Does anyone know who made level 20 of icarus alien vanguard?

      I'm sure you could look it up somewhere. From memory, it was called War Temple and it was by Rand Phares.

      Info here.