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  1. So, final version of the map, not going to modify it anymore, I had just enough fun playing it, I hope you'll like it, peace and see ya :) https://www.dropbox.com/s/nk06bqgvx4gelx9/GREYTALL2.wad?dl=0
  2. Hey man, thanks for the reply! Thats really good idea, tomorrow I get straight to it. Not much of a change, just some texture modifications and/or bug fixes.
  3. So, here is another version of the map, I took different approach, hope you will like it. I could upload screens, but I'm too lazy to do that, just play it :) https://www.dropbox.com/s/nk06bqgvx4gelx9/GREYTALL2.wad?dl=0
  4. Well, I've been posting there like 5 replies, but seemed like nodoby cared..
  5. I've been asking for map 18, can you at least let me know if I have a slot?
  6. Hey guys! After you didn't like what I built, I worked hard on different approach today. I'm working on open area bossfight, and exit is planned for E1M8 slot, so I hope we can get it there. Anyway its short, but intense and I think it's gonna be great finale.
  7. Actually, at least there is time for me to modify that shitty maze to something, thats much better.
  8. Sure, glad to hear that :) and i can change the title, thanks for letting me know, cause yes, I'm not native speaker.
  9. Well, sorry. I really thought I did good job with using the textures. I mean, if you place greytall above, Its so bloody ugly. I thought map worked out pretty well. I tested ammo, worked for me, dunno why didnt work for you. And of course you have to fear closed space, I mean, every noob can fight on terrace. Still, I can try to modify it, but I dont know if there is enough time, so ill try to do something with it tomorrow and send you final version in the evening.
  10. Hey guys! :) I've been working hard today, so map is ready, I did what I could with that limitation, I personally was having fun playing the map, hope you will too :) DL: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6kfhkijdgrr17x3/GREYTALL.wad?dl=0
  11. Hello, doom lovers! I wonder, if you are enjoying new game! Anyway, those of you, who haven't forgotten the classic doom, I've been working on a single level WAD. I'm not a pro mapper, but I think, it'll do. Get hyped, It's here! :) Base on The Border of The Hell: The Keep of The Hell has fallen and Soldier managed to lock himself in a side room. He can die like a coward and unleash The Hellish Demons, or he can fight then back with everything he has and attempt to save the world. The choice is up to him.. up to you. This is kinda open beta, still not final product, I may do some changes according to your feedback. I know map is a bit sneaky from start, but I hope you'll find your way. Some photos: After finishing the map, please, send me PM with feedback, or write a reply on this thread. Enjoy the map :) Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/oi1txmh95yxnv07/Base%20on%20the%20border%20of%20the%20hell.wad?dl=0
  12. Libor_john66

    Single level WAD, releasing during summer

    The WAD is up guys, play it and tell me your opinion, I'm looking forward to it! :)
  13. So, I'd like map 18, seems still free.. is it okay?
  14. Is there still free map slot? I think Im pretty good mapper, and I would love to join project like this..
  15. Libor_john66

    Single level WAD, releasing during summer

    Yea, I'll think bout it and maybe I make some changes...