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  1. Oh boy. Got myself a Retron 3 to replace my NES which is now having trouble playing games for some reason. I know the Retron 5 is out but I heard it had a lot of problems so ye. I bought a Game Genie to stick in the game slot because it's somewhat difficult to pull out an NES game from the system and I fear it will overtime damage the cartridge. However the SNES games are easy to pull out. Can't say much about the Genesis slot because I don't own any Genesis games. Overall I think this is a pretty good product.

    Oh yeah I forgot to mention I didn't bother trying the controllers that came with it because they felt super cheap and everyone said they were trash anyway.

    Here is the Retron 3 hooked up and playing SMB3.

    1. geekmarine


      *ahem* Excuse me while I drool lustfully at that box of NES games you've got sitting there. I've considered on and off getting one of those retro systems, but I'm always worried about games that might not work perfectly (I know there are issues with at least some games using features of the NES that haven't quite been perfectly reverse-engineered). That said, for the time being, I'm quite happy with my current NES, though I think if I ever wanted to start collecting SNES games I might consider getting something like this, partly because actual SNESs tend to be more expensive than NESs, in my experience.

    2. Canofbacon


      So far every game I own I have gotten to work on it. Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt and Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt/World Class Track Meet didn't work until I got the Game Genie put in there. After that it worked fine. I think I saw someone say that Castlevania didn't work for them, but it worked first try for me, even without the Game Genie. It seems like every Retron 3 has different games it can and can't play. Weird.

    3. fraggle


      Nice. I saw these advertised a few months ago; it's good to see a positive review of them.

      These things are just missing the Master System IMO.