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  1. The following is a list of multiplayer related Discord channels. If you know of other channels, please post them and they will be added to the OP. Channels are "official" unless otherwise specified: Engine Centric Channels Odamex (Unofficial) ZDaemon (Unofficial) ZDoom Community Channels The Sentinel's Playground UniDoom World Doom League (WDL/IDL)
  2. Cool, good luck
  3. Doom isn't metal and it never was - it's blues. The majority of songs in the Doom soundtracks are blues.
  4. I actually disagree. I prefer the music of the NES version because the songs end up sounding more creative when using only 3 voice channels.
  5. Quake 3/Live in a nutshell
  6. You have 24 empty forums for games that are decades old and the most likely outcome is that nobody is going to post in them. Sorry to burst your bubble, but you'd be better served taking your enthusiasm to more established areas that you are interested in.
  7. I always felt bad for the mutant dog in the Fly 2 as well. Good effects in those films
  8. Gremlins
  9. Looks nice but I'll echo dew's concerns, as well as saying that, on a personal level, I hate transparent lighting like the one around the flag in Map01. For a lot of people that have older computers and use software modes, those sort of "light fog" effects can drastically slow their computers down when they're found in bulk. Source: me having to remove a ton of them from WDL compilations because of people flipping out about them. I like the grass on the map01 shot, it makes the room POP.
  10. As a non-programmer, I found @Graf Zahl's zscript example the easiest to follow. It clearly lays out exactly what everything is and what it does. As far as actor and thing definitions, that format (or a very similar one) would be my preference as a mapper/modder.
  11. As I told you already, I love this map. Scaling the pit and getting involved in the fight up top is really one of the most interesting "intro sets" to a map I've played and the copious amount of zombiemen shuffling around everywhere requires a heightened sense of your surroundings
  12. 7 - dwango5 6 - Icarus 6 - Scythe 2 6 - Tei Tenga 6 - The Adventures of MassMouth 6 - Elf Gets Pissed 6 - Urban Brawl & Dead of Winter 6 - Double Impact 6 - UDMX
  13. Chiming in to agree that the player sprites are one of the most "iconic" aspects of Freedoom, as well as one of the best sprites. Would hate to see it go and seems like a wasted effort when there are so many other things that could be focused on
  14. Looks interesting but I don't see any ice Theme Privacy Policy Community Software by Invision Power Services, Inc.