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  1. Ralphis

    John Carmack's biggest mistakes?

    re: Quake 2 being soul-less and forgettable. All of my friends with computers in the late 90s had Quake 2 and loved it. I bet if I talked to them about it today they would reminisce fondly about our time playing it online together. I imagine that there are many of these people out there but none of them are the type that spends time analyzing and litigating the history of these games on a forum dedicated to an even older game. Very similar to the "SNES was better than Genesis" arguments.
  2. Show the player a torch lighting in a non-interactive way before they get to this area. Make it clear that torches can and will be lit up. Then drop them into a small area where they are forced to perform the act in a very simple scenario. Create more difficult scenarios outside of this area once they learn the mechanic. This is the tried and true zelda method
  3. With the advent of multiple new standards for classic Doom format mapping, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a comprehensive resource that covers this information quickly. The intent with this thread is to pull information for the new standards together and make players aware of these cool new features, modders to get an idea of what is available to them, and source port authors to test these additions to their engines. If you have a resource or release that is not listed below, please post and I will attempt to add it timely. DEHEXTRA What Is It? DEHEXTRA is an extension for DeHackEd patches. It is not considered a new lump, but an extension to the existing DeHackEd framework. It provides a significant increase in the number of things and sprites that can be utilized, in addition to the inclusion of 2,910 new states or codepointers. New states can be used to: add new map object types add new non-replacing monsters add new non-replacing decorations add additional frames to existing actors for smoother animations Knowledgebase DoomWiki Article Doom Retro DEHEXTRA Spec Sheet Doomworld DEHEXTRA Thread ZDoom Wiki Article Releases Using the Feature Black Ops (Smooth Weapon Mod) - Conversion of "PerK's Smoother Weapon Animations Enhanced (Black Gloves Edition)", by VGA. Experimental Mixed Bag Salad - 5-Map pack featuring extended dehacked features, by Redead-ITA. Pact of the Damned - 4-Map pack featuring new monsters and a modified arsenal. By Blue Phoenix. SMOOTHED (Smooth Monster Mod) - Conversion of "Gifty's Smooth Doom ZDoom", by VGA. Tools DECOHack - Part of DoomTools editing suite. Uses a DECORATE-like language scheme for creating DeHackEd patches. By MTrop. WhackEd4 - Can read/modify any Doom Dehacked patches for versions 1.9 and up. Supports modern feature sets, including DEHEXTRA. By Exl. DSDehacked What Is It? Specification and standard aimed at removing several limitations as imposed by DeHackEd. It is an extension to the MBF21 specification regarding raising the limits of things, states, sprites and sounds in DeHackEd, but it can also be supported separately. Knowledgebase DoomWiki Article DSDHacked Spec Sheet Releases Using the Feature Tools DECOHack - Part of DoomTools editing suite. Uses a DECORATE-like language scheme for creating DeHackEd patches. By MTrop. MBF21 What Is It? MBF21 is a modern spec built on top of additions made to the Boom and MBF line of source ports. It introduces a range of new features that seek to improve the capabilities available in levels and mods. Some of the key new features include, but are not limited to: New actor flags, exposing a whole ton of previously-hardcoded actor behaviors (e.g. splash damage immunity and boss death triggers), plus a few new things like ripper projectiles and low gravity Weapon flags, make your weapons silent, customize autoswitch-on-pickup behavior, etc. A lot of new DeHackEd codepointers, with up to 8 customizable args. This allows mods to feature custom weapons and monsters easily Granular control over monster infighting and projectile/splash damage susceptibility (e.g. you can make barons and knights infight, or make imps immune to cacodemons and barrels, and all sorts of funky combinations) A proper "ammo per shot" field for all weapons, not just the BFG Improvements and additions to sector and linedef specials Extension of MBF's OPTIONS lump. Allows wad authors to set a series of variables that affect engine behavior. Knowledgebase DoomWiki Article MBF21 Information Page - Includes specifications for both editors and source port authors Doomworld MBF21 Thread Releases Using the Feature Ad Mortem - 18-Map Halloween themed pack featuring new enemies and weaponry. By 4chan's /vr/ board. Axolotl - 11-Map Pack. Cool blue and purple palette. By Xyzzy01. Fun With Platforming - 3-Map Pack demoing some of MBF21's features. Focuses on "aerial experiences". By Kraflab. Heretic Invades Doom - 2-Map pack bringing Heretic monsters and weaponry into doom. By Harpax. Herschel Spaceport - Single map with new weaponry and custom monsters. By Moustachio. Judgment - 33-Map megawad. Modifies existing monsters and adds new ones as well. By Rayziik. Lunar Laceration - 9-Map episode on the moon! Features 5 new enemies and modified weaponry. By finnks13. NoReason's Speedmaps 3 - 33-Map pack! By NoReason. Temporal Tantrum - 19-Map pack with 6 episodes and new monsters. By Brxyz, EnragedEggplant, Lunch Lunch and WashingMachineEnthusiasts. Zzul Bases - 4-Map pack Tools DECOHack - Part of DoomTools editing suite. Uses a DECORATE-like language scheme for creating DeHackEd patches. By MTrop. UMAPINFO What Is It? UMAPINFO is a cross-port standard, designed to allow engines to read a lump containing meta-data associated to levels (such as their name, music, sky texture, par time, etc.). Knowledgebase DoomWiki Article UMAPINFO Specification - via PRBoom+ Github. Releases Using the Feature Fork in the Road - "10-Map" pack made to experiment with the added flexibility provided by UMAPINFO. Each map has multiple exits leading down different paths. Dead But Dreaming - 12-Map pack in a occult setting. By Doomer Boards Krew Pact of the Damned - 4-Map pack featuring new monsters and a modified arsenal. By Blue Phoenix. Tools UMAPINFO Designer - By JadingTsunami.
  4. Ralphis

    YouTube is removing dislikes.

    As someone with a relatively large channel, I don't see this as a big deal. Very few social platforms have a dislike button. When I go to a restaurant and don't care for it, I just decide not to go there anymore. Seems like the same principle applies here. If you don't like a video just move on from it and patronize the creators that you do like. Spending any significant time thinking about how much you hate certain media is not a healthy way to live.
  5. Ralphis

    Cacowards 2021 Mentionation Thread

    +1 Rott!Zone for MP award +1 Auger;Zenith +1 Heartland
  6. Ralphis

    Just saw the new Bond movie, ask me any questions

    FMK: Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry
  7. Ralphis

    List of megawad maps with monster counts?

    @RjY awesome! Is there anyway to get this information in a tabbed format so it could be pasted into excel? or csv, etc
  8. Ralphis

    Single-player or multi-player?

    Join the Odamex discord. There are many people on there that love playing Classic Doom and I'm sure you would be able to find a game. A lot of very nice people on there: https://discord.gg/rFG4AAJJ2E
  9. Ralphis

    Coop game with a given number of lifes?

    You can do this with an odamex server by setting the variable g_lives to whatever value you want. g_lives 1 = 1 life. g_lives 10 = 10 lives. etc
  10. It's the movement and general gameplay curve. It's insane. There are maybe 5000 people on the planet that like Q3's bunny hopping physics and swear that it's what makes Quake's gameplay so great, but it makes it totally inaccessible for new players. You need to be able to feel like you're actually improving in some way and if your first 20 games end with 0 kills, why would you want to keep playing? I find Doom's multiplayer to be more accessible because of the SSG. New players will still get crushed by veterans, BUT they can at least get a handful of kills and feel some sort of progress. I got 5 kills this game, then 6 the next. I think a modern game that is easier to pick up would have a shot, but every new arena shooter seems to be a Q3A clone with an additional gimmick. Drop the bunny hopping, simplify movement, make the weapons more powerful so you have a chance to at least get lucky, base gameplay around map control instead of item control.
  11. Odamex: 8 points GZDoom: 1 point I have many ports installed but 99%+ of my time playing Doom, either single player OR multiplayer, is on Odamex. I will rarely use GZ if it's to play a wad specifically built for it. I use Eternity and Zandronum as well when a particular wad (either sp or mp) calls for it, but not nearly enough to put them on this list.
  12. Ralphis

    My Doom pixelart

    Have you ever considered doing some pixel art weapons for use in-game?
  13. Ralphis

    Updating source port family tree on Doomwiki

    Skulltag was also born of csDoom, at least in the pre-GZ versions. It functions as though a lot of that same code followed it into the ZDoom 2.X based versions.
  14. People are on Odamex every single day! Typically coop/survival servers, but most people can easily get a duel by sitting in a server for a few minutes. The top CTF players, some of which are from the "ZDaemon Peak" of the mid-00s, also play on Odamex in the World Doom League. Most games are organized on the Odamex Discord. Odamex has played host to almost all of the high profile multiplayer events over the past two years including Decino's 40k subscriber special where over 200 players were in a server at once (which produced one of the best multiplayer clips of all time), John Romero's recent deathmatches, and the Doom 2 tournaments in QuakeCon 2019 and 2020. There are players but it isn't 2004 anymore. Most people aren't willing to sit in a server for more than 60 seconds alone to get a game going. Join the Discord and it's very easy to get a game started.