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  1. Well my girlfriend is going to Germany for 2 weeks in a day. What will I do to pass the time?

    I was thinking of working on some doom maps or something. I have the option of actually finishing doomkart with zdoom 2.0 now, it would be a hell of a lot easier than if i would've done it on 1.22. I was also thinking of redoing Zeldoom a bit. I sucked really bad at mapping when I released the first demo of it and I could really make it feel alot cooler now. Of course the only problem I have when making these kind of wads is getting decent textures.

    On non-doom related stuff I was thinking of working on my mini-Zelda game done in a Final Fantasy style. It's almost done really, I just have to finish up my final dungeon. Of course the game is only one dungeon a small overworld but whatever. I would work on my original RPG but deathz0r isn't online enough to finish the story so we can start working on resources.

    I also figure that, since I have an outside life now, I might go out and hang with my homies but it's rather hot outside. That basically means I'll be going to my friend's pool. It's great having friends with pools since you dont have to goto dirty public pools cluttered with ignorant wiggershit.

    This might be the longest post I've ever typed

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      Someone at least flame me