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  1. What's with those (you) guys? I mean anytime a "girl" comes around a messageboard almost every member flocks around and pulls the internet pamper shit. I think it's pretty pitiful myself. They get all mushy and retarded over these chicks online and the next thing you know that chick has a dick and says they're dead! Don't worry though, it gets worse. I remember there was this time I was on these messageboards and some crazy webmaster saw that this new girl joined the board. I forget their names. Anyway, he started pampering her and giving her custom titles and man was it bad. The point is, if these guys are so willing to be open and flirty on the internet, why not get your lazy "anti-social" asses up and meet a girl that isn't behind your firewall eh?

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    2. Julian


      Ultraviolet said:

      Whoa, I didn't know you were bisexual.

      Well, I already publicly stated it on #doomroom back in the days during a conversation with... ahem... Kat. But I guess no one realized I was serious.

    3. Grazza


      geekmarine said:

      Ack, what is it with people and unintelligible titles? God, it's like a plague around here. I mean, with Ralphis and Grazza, it was like back-to-back nonsense. Ugh, I've gotta go lie down.

      I was jealous of Ralphis's title, so I chose the most absurd DW quote I could find.

    4. Jenblaze


      The Merovingian said:

      Now to end the Jenblaze "affair":

      did you guys think he was serious... aww come on... i would have hoped you guys realised thats not a way to seduce a female... thats what pm's are for:P honestly though... i dont take much of what you guys say seriously... i take most stuff with a grain of salt be it good or bad. there was only one time something bothered me but i got over it because i realized the person saying it was a complete dick. so yea:P and plus i would NEVER take advantage of a mod liking my phisical attributes...

      *secretly goes and sends julian a pm brainwashing him with sweetness so he can make her a mod too*