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  1. Well I went out and picked up some rentals today. I got Nightmare on Elm Streets 2 and 3. 2 for comedic value and 3 because it rocks. I also picked up Mario Golf 2 for gamecube so I could play it with Britta and my brother. It's pretty fun and addictive, and I always win =]

    I just got done marching band camp on Thursday. It went for four days and was pretty intense for being band camp. Surprisingly, I was promoted to a squad leader. Most band members don't get this until they've been in the band 3-4 years. I was only in it one year before I was promoted. That = Totally Awesome. Anyway, on friday the land went to a lake. Me and a fellow low brass member had fun playing keep away with a football against some middle schoolers in the lake. Then some fat kid started choking me and I think I died or something.

    I still haven't gotten my sophomore schedule yet. I don't think we're getting them because there is a teacher shortage or something. Hopefully everything goes haywire and we get an extra 2 days off, which would result in a 4 day addition to my summer vacation. I intend on going into the school and getting my classes changed to higher courses. Somehow, in my freshman year, I was demoted to standard classes which I'm definetely above. Only thing was I didn't think I had a voice then so I didn't say anything about it. Now though, I need to correct their faults. Oh well. Anyway, that's my blog for today

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      If friends aren't instruments then keyboards n a saxaphone n can't 4get tha percussions n woodwinds! BiG BaND 4 LiFE! GoTTa LuV it!