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  1. Updated my highschool schedule, let's see what happened shall we:
    Old Schedule
    Class Per. Room.
    PE/Health - 01 - 206
    German 2 - 02 - 213
    GH Imp 3 - 03 - 231
    CP English - 04-05 - 206
    Lunch - 06
    GH History - 07-08 - 107
    Band - 09
    CP Chem - 10 - 235
    New Schedule
    Class Per. Room.
    PE/Health - 01 - 206
    GH Chem - 02 - 222
    GH Imp 3 - 03 - 231
    German 3 - 04-05 - 206
    Lunch - 06
    GH History - 07-08 - 107
    Band - 09
    GH English - 10 - 203
    As you can see, I ended up taking all gifted honors classes
    and dropping the CP classes. As a result, I had to take German III instead of German II which friggin rules. At this rate, if I take double gym next year I should have plenty of open schedule in my senior year (3 periods?). This leaves me the option for early release. r0x0r.

    Anyway, I took back Megaman Network Transmission today. That game was...well hard as shit. I eventually gave up and stopped playing it because of this. I was thinking of picking up Soul Caliber 2 tomorrow. If not then maybe during the week.

    Scuba Steve was talking about using the metroid stuff to make a single player map, I was thinking that might be cool to help him out with. He also brought up Megaman which made me grin =] I dunno, it just seems cool that I could possibly work with someone else who will do the work they say they will (glares at an aussie!).

    Speaking of australians, Britta's friend Chris came over her house tonight and was tormenting deathz0r over AIM. I think he started to cry. Heh, it ended up being really boring over there. The kid is a skateboarder and he was all like "omg punk music!!" and I was like ._. l0lz The rest of the night was cool though. I ate all of Britta's mashed potatoes and I had to climb through my window to get in.

    Not much else in my head right now to put in my blog so...I'm off!

    1. deathz0r


      He didn't make me cry, unless you mean the other way around...