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  1. Well, I think I made a pretty good deal the other day. I got a GBA off a kid in school for 15 bucks and a pokemon crystal for free. I'm having fun so far, but I think I'm gonna buy one of them flash carts so I can load up my saved roms. It's really a pain in the ass having to play through pokemon a third time.

    Sort of pokemon related, I have a coder for Fachtier sort of. It's going to be dreamcast exclusive probably since the engine he's writing is dreamcast exclusive. After he's done writing HIS engine, we'll begin modifying it so we can work on Fachtier. woo hoo. I have an idea of battling by saving your Fachtier via Memory card. It should get interesting. Go play udm2 jerks!

    1. kain


      i sold my dreamcast with 200+ games along time ago.

    2. Epyo


      Kain lies unless he buys 6 games every month.

    3. Danarchy


      Epyo said:

      Kain lies unless he buys 6 games every month.

      I have a friend who bies like 6 games a WEEK. Then he beats them all. It's a bit frightening.

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