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  1. Ok cool. So anyway, I start driving tomorrow. Isn't that friggin insane. I've been around here since I've entered middle school and now I'm going to be driving. Next thing you know, I'll be graduating. It's the wierdest thing looking backwards. Anyway, the classes are 6-9 every wednesday. So that should be fun...(cough)

    Next up, Marching band was cool. Yesterday, we went to two local schools and did instrument demonstrations. Me and Andrew (fellow trombone player) did the best presentations performing I dream of Jeannie improved and then transitioned into Lassus Trombone. Pretty cool stuff.

    Word is a megaman compilation disc is on its way to the cube and ps2. Needless to say, I can't wait. Here are the features I've heard:

    10 Mega Man games on one disk –
    Mega Man 1 through Mega Man 8

    Two never before released in the US Mega Man arcade games: Mega Man the Power Battle and Mega Man 2 the Power Fighters

    Additional content – Unlock hidden original artwork, producer interviews, footage from the original TV commercials, anime videos and information about the entire franchise

    Updated soundtracks

    I can't friggin wait.

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    2. Ultraviolet


      pregnant with worms said:

      normally this would be true, but kain is a motherfucking P I M P!

      *smacks forehead* What was I thinking! BLING BLING! I'm tired of tha mothafuckin' jacket always sweatin' mah gang while I'm chillin' at the shack and for what... maybe cuz' I kick so much butt -- I kick ass, or maybe cuz' I blast on some dumb niggah while I'm playin' wit' da' triggah of an Uzi... or an AK, cuz' da' police always got somethin' stupid tah say...

      Whoa. I've almost got that song memorized.

    3. Zell


      Ralphis said:

      Drummers are the DUMBEST people in the band. If you take their IQs and square them, they'll equal out to a rock's. period.

      im a drummer in band, but im in swep. Both suck ass tho, so i guess om the not the dumbest person in the band :P Its fun, but my teacher is a btich :/ I just like heavy metal, thats why i play the drum ^_^ i really wanna play the guitar tho... :D

    4. Ralphis


      I meant our band