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  1. From my post at ocremix.org

    Hey everyone. I'm sure you're all sick and tired of Ice Cap remixes by now, but I made one for the same reason everyone else does (It's addictive). You can grab it Here.

    Also, a few weeks ago I made a doom medley. I think it's as close to complete as it's gonna get, so I'd like some feedback if possible. (People seem to hate commenting my music). Grab it Here.

    Anyway, feedback is always appreciated (especially since I usually get barely any).

    Same applies. Download please thanks k bye

    1. DOOM Anomaly

      DOOM Anomaly

      I am placing a comment for the Ice Cap Zone Remix Dee-Lee. :D

      Personally, I like it, seeing as I love pretty much all Sonic music, its in on my good list because it has the beat, Ice Cap does have an awesome beat for techno, As does Lava Reef. In my opinion, this techno beat to it is good, it has the original tone and beats to it just like the orginal through out pretty much all of it and still carries a great beat when it carries in its own path. I really found the part around 2/3 through with the slower higher beat playing the beats slowly was neato and how it then kind of went to the standard beat with nothing else. :D Also seeing how you said you haven't done much techno makes this even more neato. :D I love it. :D Hurray for Sonic Music! :D
      Great job, Ralphis and thank you for sharing this. :D

    2. Ralphis


      Thank you for commenting ;)