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  1. Allow me to come here and whine about the relationship that was Britta

    Recently we were fighting, yes. Did she have the right to break it off? Just as much as I did. Now on to my personal opinions of recent matters. First off, her buddy Will. Yea, the guy who lied to my face and said he wasn't trying to start any trouble. Britta informed me that he was trying to get with her. There's also one more guy who I'm not going to mention, because I think he's an all around good guy. So yes, Britta has some other guys that both tried to get with her right under my nose that she also lied about. Talk about trust.

    She claimed that she didn't want a long term relationship, well it was a nice time to tell me, no? I mean, let's wait over a year and a half to do it. I'm a little bit disapointed, seeing as how I enjoyed being around Britta and her family. Eddie is a pretty cool guy, he'll ignore me now though. It's only natural that he sticks with his sister. So Britta went out and blabbed about us breaking up to everyone apparently, which even got back to me. Hooray for humility. Why am I making this update? Because I'm looking for some answers, possibly some advice.

    Do I still love Britta? As much as I probably could. But that's irrelevant. She needs 'space'. So, as of today, that's what I'm giving her. Space. I don't know what the hell she's thinking trying to come up and talk to me. If she wants to talk to me, she knows what she has to do. If not, tough shit. I put a hell of a lot into her, probably a lot more than I should've. But I shouldn't say that, because deep down I loved her as much as I could. That's a lot by the way.

    I'm not trying to say I was the greatest guy in the world. I hope she finds another few good guys if that's what she wants. Would I ever reconsider getting back together with her? Probably. I just need to vent a bit, because after getting hit in the face with a bag of bricks you'll probably want to say a few words. At the George M rehearsal last night, Jimmy said some line about how you put so much work into loving something and then you get thrown out, or something along those lines. I guess that's pretty much what this is right now.

    Everything this year has gone wrong, horribly wrong. Fortunately, its always come back to me. My mom was practically considered dead and ending up being one of the first people ever to survive the fatal disease she contracted. My college fund was blown and everything went to shit. Fortunately, my dad is now making a very large sum of money per year that could put me through college thrice. My cat was assumed dead after a disapearance. Fortunately, one night she showed up on my bed. And now my love has left, so hopefully my streak continues. If she won't look into me again, I hope I can find someone that can provide me with the same comfort that she did for such a long time. So that is what I have to say. Perhaps not very thought out words, but words nonetheless.

    Taken from another weblog btw

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      Life aint nothing but bitches and money

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      Heh, I've never even had a girlfriend.